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uggg...I hate trying to describe myself. * last updated spring 2019 *
I moved to 40 acres of raw land with an existing pond in the WA Okanogan Highlands 3 yrs ago. I have been busy observing and making trails.
I am planning to start building a house this year. Though I am probably going to hold off on planting anything until I finish building a house and just work on infrastructure.
I am looking forward to finally put into practice the ideas I have without having to compromise due to it being someone else's land.
Some history and background about me.
I have traveled and lived most of the continental US. So have a decent grasp of the different areas of the US. As a kid I preferred going into the woods to play over going to a park or friend's house. Still I will almost always pick nature if given the choice.
I worked trail maintenance in the Cascades and that was likely my most favorite job ever. I lived, worked, and played in the forests of the Pac NWet. I learned a massive respect for pack goats during this. As they hauled the majority of our gear up the trail every day. Amazing smart animals and I can't wait to get my own goats to enjoy.
I lived and worked at Arcosanti for 4 yrs in AZ. Including managing their 15 1/2 acres of edible and medicinal landscaping. A fun place to meet lots of wonderful people and pick up skills. I have spotted at least one other Arco alum here who I know. Who lived there previous to my time, but who I did meet and hang out with several times both at Arco and to go see him in Prescott.
Pac Northwest, east of the Cascades
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Recent posts by Devin Lavign

I often download anything over 10 min usually using which also has a setting for audio mp3's
3 months ago

Lisa Sampson wrote:A good mandoline.  Not the musical instrument but the bladed slicer.  Just watch your fingers.  Good ones are frighteningly sharp.

Just an fyi there is a safe mandoline, here it is on Amazon

* edit to add I got this last year for my Mom who gave up on the dangerous kind, she loves it
3 months ago
Just want to add that sponges and dish clothes are the dirtiest things in a house. Seriously look it up.

To reduce this boil them often and replace regularly.
3 months ago
yep I got a used one from craigs list and when that died I got a new one.

If you have a woody place they are probably the most important tool
4 months ago
So I figured I should put my youtube channel up. Though right now I am taking a break because I had a stroke and talk a bit drunk sounding. I was never very active but was just starting to get in the swing. There are some vids of Wheaton"s Lab stuff.

John C Daley wrote:Aaron, is it normal to have a power outlet next to the wash basin?
I am thinking about possible electrocusion with the water around.

Yep it is pretty normal. Though typically they are GFI outlets. These days most things are powered. Razors, toothbrushes, etc...
5 months ago

Jordan Holland wrote:My best recommendation is a large dog!

There is a stove company this rates it stoves by how many dogs they replace.
5 months ago
A decent youtube channel is which is 2 families though recently they lost a family member.
5 months ago
A big recommendation would be wool blankets. You can find point blankets at a good price sometimes. Though I would recommend Alpaca wool wherever possible. A good place to look is I have their Banderita blanket which is 50% Alpaca 50% Merino. Alpaca is softer, warmer, and lighter.
5 months ago
Most homes are not built to turned into earth sheltered. I would be very worried of a house built in the 1800's.

Think about how much earth weighs. A lot! Not counting snow load. So berming the sides or worse putting on the roof can be dangerous.

Earth sheltered homes need to be especially designed to take heavy loads. Most homes designed to stand without earth are not made to take such weight.
5 months ago