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Recent posts by James Everett

Well we received another .6 inches of rain at the airport just near me so more or less got around the same.  I did get the chance to go out right after to see how the water was collected after the changes that I did last time to see how well the drainage is working.  I even did a video of the collection for reference in later times.  I do like that my driveway is starting to have less water on it after a rain and is being soaked in to the surrounding landscape.   I am ready to see what sort of vegetation will start to take off with all the birds that are starting to come in.

2 days ago
Not sure how much rain we got today as my rain gage had a hole so no water in it.  but there was a decent amount of water everywhere.  Seems the drainage trench did help as the driveway wasn't as full with water as normal.  But at least now I see where I need to improve the driveway and the drainage into the basins of it through out the way.
2 weeks ago

Michael Shwartz wrote:Just tuned into the section and saw the date of post!  Anything new going on?  Any updates?!  Has it all been smooth sailing?

Mainly waiting on the rains to hit and see the water collection in the new basins I dug back in November.  Haven't really had much rain a sprinkle or two lately but most going around or north of me.  but many of the shrubs and trees are coming back.

2 weeks ago
Gives me plenty of experimentation up here on the LLano Estacado/Permian Basin area to grab seeds and just plant around basins I dig and see what grows on it's own.
2 weeks ago
After work today I made a video showing the different basins and trench that I dug out with an excavator back in November 2023.  Still a windy sound in video but better then a normal day here in West Texas, all though one day I will get something better to record then my phone.  Now with the rain of may hopefully I will see these fill up.

2 weeks ago
Over the past few days I have been working on smoothing out the dirt around one of the basins I had dug back in Nov 23.  I am filling it up with water to give an idea where the water level is when it will crest over and flow into a bigger basin on the other side of my drive way.  My plans with the ring around the basin is planting a mix of pollinator plants and dove and quail feed mix.  I am also going to eventually put a few trees around the basin that will provide us food as well.  I have already broadcast some of the seen and now filling in wood chips to cover and help hold in moisture in this dry environment.
3 weeks ago
I would be great if this area was transformed into a forest rather then the Semi-Arid region it has become.  I am down here in Gaines County with 30 acres I have been working on when time permits, and my neighbor west of me is selling her 13 acre lot with double wide on it so I am hoping some one with like minded plans to green up this area and get more trees growing up around this area, that who ever it is that buys it up hopefully we become good neighbors and hopefully even good friends to help each other out and just enjoy life in the long run.  As for me I am going to be 47 in July and if I am not going to work, I am out here trying to improve my land for more self sustainability.  While looking to have more friends that would also like to help improve things out here and benefit from the food and resources that are produced.
3 weeks ago
Well this morning before the winds picked up I walked another property tour since I last did one in 2016.  I was going to make other videos showing the different areas that I dug out with the excavator that I rented for a week in November 2023,  that will come when the winds are calm enough again.

Update on myself now, I will have more time to work on my land now with a demotion at work.  Nothing I did wrong to get demoted, but need to be home more for my mom.  The week just before the new year we found out that she has stage 4 cancer and lost her job so now she is pretty much stuck here at my home now.  While trying to figure out how to handle all the changes with that I needed to have more time here for her and not have to worry about always being on call every other week and going in all the time for work.  It is such a relief that I don't have to really worry about a phone call from work as a supervisor anymore.  Hopefully with that major change I can do more here on the land on my days off and fix things up for actually growing more food here now and maybe stuff to help my mom get better nutrition.  With the new changes hopefully things will get better where I can eventually stay home with revenue made through other means and have to go work for the county jail anymore.

3 weeks ago
If your up for a West Texas ordeal.  I have 30 acres of land that I am slowly working on myself and my neighbor has her 13 acre tract up for sell that Hopefully a like minded person would buy and if they happen to be someone to become a good partner or friend would be a better deal.  I just know going about things alone is a slow process and I myself am trying to work less at my Jailer job and want to do more on my own property.  My dream one day is to have built up the sustainability up here and have my draw become a flowing stream again.  If interested for more information  everjams@aol.com or everjams@gmail.com are my emails.
4 weeks ago