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Recent posts by Joy Oasis

Take a look at Yummy Mummy Emporium youtube channel. She is Canadian naturopathic doctor, that extensively researches, and I found amazing info there, that I didn't know despite being interested in natural health for a while. She covers many topics on digestion. so very likely you will find something useful. In Gerd video she described person in a very bad condition, who was close to death, and just in a week he started turning around with diet and supplements such as aloe vera juice.
2 days ago

Anne Miller wrote:Thanks, Joy

Thant makes sense since it is 100% comfrey.  Do it have an oil feel?

A little towards it as it is thick brown liquid. Smell is not overpowering as I have it now under wraps on my sprained ankle and it doesn't smell to me, unless I got used to it, LOL. I am glad I had it because my garden is not next to my apartment, do I do not have access to fresh one right now.
2 days ago
First aid kit is a great idea. I think it has to have cayenne tincture as it might be life saving during stroke, heart attack, and any external or internal bleeding. I saw it stopping stronger bleeding from the wound within few seconds. It does sting for a bit, but it increases circulation, and that is great. I do not even like spicy things, but cayenne tincture is always in my bag. And I always have some capsules stuffed in case of infection or in case I start feeling colder legs or hands than I think I should (compared to my son. LOL). I avoid commercial made capsules because of the fillers.
2 days ago
For damaged nerves people use externally essential oils known to support and repair nerves: helichrysum and  frankincense. Maybe mix some in the herbal salve and use several times a day?
2 days ago

Anne Miller wrote: What oil did you use?

I would assume olive oil would be a good choice.  An oil that will go rancid would not be a good choice, like maybe coconut oil or sunflower seed oil.

Anne, actually it uses no oil, just fresh plant material cut up into 1 inch pieces and stuffed into the jar. It is more fermented herb, a bit like compost tea without bubbling and without water added. I put my on my sprain, and smell was not so good. Not as bad as anaerobic water compost tea, but not pleasant.However my is just 3 months old, it might change more in 2 years.
2 days ago

Cynthia Callahan wrote:in 1989 (about) I read an article about making a comfrey healing juice. it was simple to make, harvest comfrey, roll the leaves as tight as you could and pack tightly in a dark jar seal to keep out air. place the jar in a dark spot for 1 year. The resulting black liquid was then painted on the affected area, sprain, bruise... etc. I had made one batch and it lasted for over 5 years, I had good results, but I have not made it again. I am looking for more information on it. Does any one know the process I have described?

If you are still interested, there is a newer thread here about it, but it calls it Comfrey oil instead of juice. My is just 3 months old, but I am considering using it as I sprained my ankle.
3 days ago
So my comfrey "oil" is 3 months old, and I sprained my ankle today. So I am considering using it, even though obviously is nowhere recommended 2 years old...So far I have castor oil and DMSO on it, which helped with pain, but it is very swollen, and I will have to walk tomorrow. It does look like brown liquid already and became so little on the bottom, even though I stuffed jar full. I think I will use it, and start another jar, that hopefully will brew for 2 years.
3 days ago

leila hamaya wrote:also really dislike the taste of stevia! its too bad, i want to like it, but i find the taste horrible. the actual raw leaf isnt as bad, but its still not very good, IMO.

my favorite is agave, but many people say its not the healthiest and have concerns about it. but the taste is excellent. i am even trying to grow some agave cactus. honey is also a good choice, it has some healing properties, but one shouldnt have too much of it.

xylitol is the best choice for the healing benefits, and it tastes ok. you cant bake with it cause it wont react with yeasts, but thats why its so good for someone with a systemic yeast infection, like candida.

Stevia is tricky. First you want liquid stevia, because powder has additives, which usually are sugar in one form or the other. Then you want not to overdo, if you do, you will feel bitterness as it is coming fromt he green leaf after all. Add two drops, try it, add more, but just a drop at a time until you get a hang of it.
 Agave is worse than corn syrup -while they are both made with chemical solvents, agave has higer percentage of fructose than corn syrup does.
 Xylitol while has no calories for many people it raises insulin response the same way or even more than the same amount of sugar. Not sure about candida response, but something, that raises insulin can't be good. Erythritol in small amounts okay for most people, but for me it tends to give me digestive trouble. We used it for our own made gelato ice cream (by the way, best ice cream I ever tried -just cream, egg yolks, and erythritol sweetener.)

  Black walnut hull tincture can be also useful for candida. Use one dropper per quart of water you drink.
  For sugar cravings, take sugar regulating herbs such as cinnamon, opal cactus, gymnema, and almost any kind of dark greens. Teaspoon of powder should take cravings away, but best to take it at the beginning of the meal, way before you go looking for after meal sweets.
2 weeks ago
Please send daily-ish on the day it starts, so we wouldn't miss it.
2 weeks ago
I don't quite understand what are those badges? Search tags?
3 weeks ago