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I didn't use any shampoo for about one year now and my hair never looked better. I wash my hair basically whenever I feel like as it doesn't become too oily now for a long time. I use very warm water as a wash, and then rinse with herbal infusion or decoction. Any herbs, whatever I have the most of.  I do use filtered water for both steps as city water irritates my scalp, even without shampoo.
  One thing I noticed is that if my herb mixture includes burdock root, it makes my hair very wavy/curly (I do have naturally on the wavy side hair). So much so as people have asked me, where I had my hair done, LOL.
1 day ago
Rhodes family just finished theirs, and now we will have one more family on the tour. How this one will be different?
1 month ago
Southwest School of Botanical Medicine has free courses in video lectures here:
They are free, even though you still need to register by email.
1 month ago

Stacy Witscher wrote:I'm not for or against raw as a rule. Some things I can tolerate raw and others not so much. In some foods, the nutrients are more available if cooked. As others have said, these things can be very individual. Fiber is something I need to watch, the daily recommended allowance of 25-35 grams a day works well for me, but anything over that and I'm in agony.  Many people make kefir with store milk. I would think that raw would be better, but store kefir is better than nothing,

I don't have Crohn's disease, but I have to ask, who doesn't rinse their dishes? Maybe those people who fill the sink to rinse all the dishes, and after the first plate, the rinse water contains soap? But this is more typical in a professional 3-sink system.

It can be, that minute amounts od soap still cling to the dishes. For example, some say to avoid glycerin in the toothpaste, because it would take 27 rinses to rinse all glycerin off, and it prevents our saliva from remineralizing teeth daily, which it supposed to do. Maybe it would take many rinses to wash all the traces of the soap?
2 months ago
Beautiful. I just hope they do not have extensive termite problem...
2 months ago
Looks very cozy and very good. I love so much light. Tile countertop is not my favorite though -it might be cheap, but it is very hard to clean and you will have to regrout it fairly often. I would choose something solid.
3 months ago
Amazing project! Very creative. I really enjoy watching your progress.
For what to grow look up winter gardening on youtube, but basically best things to grow will be greens. There is just one little thing - you had to start growing them in August...In winter they more or less stay alive under covers, but do not do much growing. But there is also inside gardening -sprouts, which grow to "maturity" in just a few days. Also, search Chinese greenhouses, they are insulated on one (or maybe 3) sides, and they possibly grow things in winter, not only keep them alive.
3 months ago
That sounds amazing to be able to make my own shoes. We could make our own Earthing shoes too. I might order just dvds, and see how many materials are involved to see, if it is something I am ready to do now.
3 months ago
Very interesting story. I did cleanse once in my twenties and felt so bad (just one of two times, when I felt like I am going to die), that I swore I will never try that again. I felt so sick, that I didn't even look, if I passed anything. I think there are gentler ways with herbs/juices, etc.
How do you ferment the turmeric?
3 months ago
My Dad had his gallbladder removed a few years ago. I never had official diagnosis of stones, however I occasionally dull pain and hard to describe feelings under my ribs, and when I was pregnant, I had pain from my son pushing (or so I thought) under my ribs. About a month ago, I was eating lots of chayote leaves (cooked and also raw in smoothies), and lemon (I like to put a quarter of frozen lemon in my water or a smoothie, including skin, seeds and all), and my usual herbal preparations and supplements. Possibly something else, but those might have contributed to me releasing the stones. Painlessly. The only reason I knew was because I kept going number two often and after couple of them within 15 minutes, I decided to take a shower to feel cleaner, LOL. While I was taking a shower, stone fell out, and I even thought it feel in through the window. We do have a screen, so that was not possible. I picked it up, and it was slippery, so I realized it was from me. I looked and took a stick and smushed it -it was like a hardish wax. I googled waxy intestine stones, and came up on info, that they are cholesterol stones and stored in gall bladder, but made by the liver. That's why getting the gallbladder out is not yet the end of the story. Not for very long, anyway.  Stone was not that small, and maybe I imagined, but my under rib area feels so much emptier now. I looked at my other stools for a while and saw several more stones coming out. One time a few -I could clearly see them as they were darker color than the stool and I pressed them with popcicle stick and they had the same consistency. Now the problem is, I am not quite sure, what exactly I did to soften those stones since I didn't do any official cleanse. However chayote leaves are one of the many herbs/plants that soften and help to pass stones.
   Here is what I have in my herbal files about herbs:
Liver/gallbladder herbs
Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus)- whole plant is used. Also great for migraines and dissolves stones.
Gold Coin Grass (Lysimachia christiniae, Herba Lysimachiae, Jin Qian Cao) can be found in almost all Chinese ancient liver gallbladder cleanse recipes, thanks to its amazing ability on dissolving stones and other health benefits. Besides of the compound prescriptions, clinically it is also often being used alone for gallstone removal. Lysimachia is a perennial creeping herb. Stems are delicate, prostrate, and 20 to 60cm long; surface is gray-green or reddish purple; the entire plant is glabrous or sparsely hairy. Opposite leaves are glabrous and with 1 to 3cm petiole; blade is oval, nearly round to kidney shape, 1.5 to 8cm long, and 1 to 6cm wide. Suggested gold coin grass dosage is from 15 to 60 grams in dried herb or 30 to 120 in fresh herb, in decoction or juice.
Ground Ivy , creeping charlie ( Glechoma hederacea) is also used to melt kidney and liver/gallbladder stones.
Bile salts and lecithin supplements miht help to disolve stones as well.
Fresh radish juice - start with 2-3 ounces by weight, and increase slowly to 12-14 ounces per day, before breakfast. Continue for 2-3 weeks at that dose, then reduce to 2-3 ounces again and continue until problems resolve.
Bogbean (Menyanthes trifoliata)- tincture -a droper 3 times a day. Also great for viral conditions (including shingles), regulating hormones. Can make strong infusion (1 oz of herb to a pint of water), take 4 tabslp.  several times a day. Keep in the fridge.
Kidney/gallbladder stones
Excess calcium and low magnesium, K2 and B group vitamin diet creates perfect conditions to form stones, especially where chronic dehydration is present.
Kidney Stone Recipe:
· Raw Apple Juice (if you can find it or make it – the less processed, the better)
· Dandelion Root (capsule or tincture)
· Goldenseal Root (capsule or tincture)
To dissolve the stone, take 8 oz of juice and a capsule each or herb (or one dose of tincture) every hour that you are awake – and nothing else to eat or drink. (You won’t be hungry anyway – this juice fills up the tummy, and kidney stones masks any other sensation.) If it is not a stone, these herbs work to heal the kidney or maintain its natural healing.
                          recipe from
Chanca Piedra
Jordan Princess Basma uses for kidney stones Silvery Whitlow-wort (Paronychia argentea Lam), foot of the pigeon in Arabic. She gathers a handful, rinses it with cold water and pours boiling water over it. She steeps it for a few mnutes and drinks it.  Pain is totally gone in 10-15 minutes.
Gromwell ( Lithospermum officinale)
decoction -- which consists of just two herbs -- Heart Vine (Tinospora cordifolia) and Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri)
Chayote leaves -make tea
Queen's Crepe Myrtle (banaba tea)
Lemon juice in water since it has citrate, that helps.
Cardamom seeds
Dandelion tea or tincture from whole plant
Garrya elliptica (coast silk-tassel, silk tassel bush or wavyleaf silktassel) great for gallbladder, kidney stone, and bile cramping pain. It can cause the duct to relax sufficiently to allow the stone, gravel or whatever else to pass with less resistance and pain.
Burdock seeds have often been used as a remedy for kidney stones and urinary calculi. Cook states they "are very serviceable in irritation and aching if the bladder, scalding urine, and urine charged with mucous and gray sediments." Colonial herbalist Johann Christoph Sauer, who wrote one of the first herbals in the "New World", stated that "The seed, taken in one-quint (1/8 ounce) doses every two weeks, will prevent stones in the kidneys and bladder."
"Herbs used for gallstones are dandelion, golden seal, mistletoe, yellow dock, oak, parsley, and wild yam."  Dr. Christopher
Hydrangea and marshmallow - hydrangea breaks them down and marshmallow coats them and keeps them from hurting as they exit.
Claudia Orgill from Healthy preparedness blog recommends:
Here are the three simple steps I do to eliminate the pain (and cause) that comes with having a kidney stone within 1-2 hours:

1) Take a magnesium pill - enough times a day to the point where diarrhea begins to occur. (Cut back on the magnesium once that occurs. You want to saturate the body with as much magnesium as possible for that first day.) You can also topically rub magnesium chloride oil over the area that is having spasms - or continually drink water from a glass full of water containing 1/2 tsp of magnesium oil.

2) Drink a mix of 1 part fresh lemon juice and 1 part olive oil. Drink 2-3 Tbsp's at a time - every 2-3 hours the first day.

3) Drink plenty of water to flush that kidney stone out.

3 months ago