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Recent posts by Joy Oasis

Zone 10 in Los Angeles, rhubarb grows well here. It does have red stems, but not sure of variety as I got the divided roots.
1 year ago
I prefer to use waterpik machine with some iodine added.
1 year ago

Gary Numan wrote:I've tried to plead my case over the years as to what I believe belongs in a first aid kit.  I got arguments.

A first aid kit is for *emergencies*.  Stop the bleeding.  Stop the allergic reaction.  That may be it!

Others over the years, in multiple forums, recommended things like Pepto Bismol, burn cream,  nail clippers ... stuff that belongs in a bathroom medicine cabinet.  With that and related stuff, the first aid kit would quickly become large and unwieldy, and it'll take longer to find the QuikClot.  (It's hidden under the Drownproofing pamphlet!)

A first aid kit, I've concluded, is a personal thing, and most folks want an all-encompassing kit, 100+ items.  

I guess that depends how we define first aid. Diarrhea can be deadly. Heat attack and stroke can be deadly. So remedies for those in my opinion have to be in the kit. Plus having bad pain is an emergency in my opinion too.
1 year ago

Jane Mulberry wrote:I like the style because I hate anything fitted over my tum and bum and don't mind looking like a fat, aging, boho (since that is what I am!)

But a lot of my friends who prefer either a more classic or more sporty style wouldn't wear a dress like this, either.

I don't like fitted either. I just would prefer not to have a cut at the waist low or high as it is not comfortable and very unflattering to many.
1 year ago
THank you so much. Then I will buy from your website.
1 year ago
That linen dress would be nice except that I do not like seam at the waist at all. Most linen dresses ready made have them, probably because it needs less fabric this way.
1 year ago
Would love to read the book.
Just would like to ask, if we buy from the above website instead of amazon, then we get pdf, not kindle right? I am asking, because I possibly would like to print some pages with practical advice, which we can't easily do from kindle version, but can from pdf.
1 year ago

Richard Quintano wrote:How did you find the right hori?

Just find Truly Garden hori on amazon.
1 year ago

Anne Miller wrote:  Hopefully, everyone will use the links I added and there will be lots of happy folks with new Hori Hori knives by Truly Garden...

Thank you, Anne. I am one of those people. Just ordered it.
1 year ago

Gail Saito wrote:Patrick....the link you provided took me to a hori hori knife, but not yours!  I eventually found yours and am excited to try it.  Thanks for the discount!

Would you, please, give us the link to the right one?
1 year ago