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Recent posts by Graig Leclerc

Great answers guys !

I probably won't be planting this year as i'm focusing on keyline design but these are great ressources ( grimo, Badgersett, The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources tree facility )

The book seems to be a great starting point so it looks to me like we have a plan and solved this one

I'll try to post pictures for everyone so everybody can see the progress and get some motivation to act on their farming journey

Graig Leclerc

5 years ago
Hi my fellow permaculture goofballs !

I bought a farm last year and i'm in the process of installing a restauration ag. system.
The only thing ? I'm kind of on a budget and I really can't afford to buy trees at a nurserie...
That's a problem right !
So I tought I'd ask you guys for help !
This is actually my first post but I've consulted the forums for 6 months now and I know you guys are a
great bunch of people !

Here is a short list of what might interest me :

White oak
Korean bush cherry
automn berry
black berry
(I've got all the apple seeds Icould ever want so i'm covered on that ! )

Or any thing that will grow in a zone 4 climate
I would also like a chestnut but same problem ( ther are none in the supermarket, and even if there were I couldn't know if they'll survive the winter )

Some of them I can get at the grocery but since I don't know if they'll suit the climate I tought I'd ask your advice or help !

I do have hazelnut bush on my property but they are ''Corylus cornuta'' they go up to zone 2 but I haven't found any productive ones
Would the ones at the supermarket survive the winter ?

Any toughts or comments would be appreciated !

I would also be happy to pay shipping cost plus some extra if you guys would have something for me

Thanks for taking the time !

Graig Leclerc
5 years ago