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since Jun 06, 2015
45 Year old former pot farmer, widower that embraces natural farming, ethical and moral living while walking the path of life.
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I liked to add predatory nematodes to my worm bins.  It helps keep pest in check and does not hurt the worms.
7 months ago
The following link has outstanding information.
Lacto write up - Very informative
7 months ago
I really like the CMH, Cermaic Metal Halide lights.  Dimlux as an example.

they are closer to full spectrum and the bulbs last longer than HPS lighting.  I prefer these over LED lights as the LED lights will diminish and need to be replaced where you can change the bulb in the CMH light systems.

Heat dissipation is similar in CMH to LED.

The main problem I have with LED is the light footprint and penetration but their are models that do a better job of that but is still pricy.  CMH is not cheap either.

A traditional MH, Metal Halide light is an option to consider as well as well as potentially HPS lights but these put out more heat. 
10 months ago
a picture would help but kinda of sound like calcium deficiency.

10 months ago
This gave me a treasure of a smile!

1 year ago