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Northern temperate zone. Changeable maritime climate. 1000ft above sea level.
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Recent posts by Sarah Elizabeth

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.  

There is nothing like the feeling of learning something you can do to increase your self reliance. Being able to do this using natural processes and materials is even better.  

I will report back when I have read the whole book.
4 days ago

Maddy Youngson wrote: It was never an open wound that would be tempting to pick at, and in hindsight I may have overreacted a bit. It's eating and drinking. Everything is ok. I'm maybe still feeling guilty for keeping my 18 year old cat around for as long as I did, until she could no longer swallow properly. I promised myself I would eat any birds I raised long before they reached that point, both for practical reasons (avoid waste) and for welfare ones (quality of life over quantity...)

Most of the useful things I have ever learned with animals have come from situations in which I "overreacted".

It sounds like your cat was well cared for all her life.

We had to wait two weeks for our dog to be put to sleep after he became unable to walk.  I have no regrets as he was looked after the best we could until the very end.  
5 days ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
Another protocol that might work, is to taste the cotyledons of each plant, and cull any that are bitter. That works with cucumbers, and they are so closely related to squash, that I bet it works the same in both species.

Wow!  That is a great tip. You've just saved me a lot of work. Thanks Joseph
6 days ago
The person who came to mind when I read your thread is this wonderful lady in Normandy, France (she is English) who is incredibly knowledgeable about raising quail, feeding and dealing with injuries etc.  She has a holistic, organic approach.  Lots of great detailed articles and videos. I have learned a great deal from her.  

Holistic Hen (and Quail) website

Good luck with your injured quail.  
1 week ago
Thank Paul and dailyish team.

It was fun to take half an hour today to watch this for a little inspiration. One of the things I always enjoy about Paul's presentations is that he always appraises things kindly but honestly.  

My immediate thoughts were about how I could use the skiddables for alternative uses by closing in the sides or adding X or Y. This only happens when something is inspirational, so thanks.

P.S. I also like how Paul was using a dictaphone (I think) while recording the footage.  Nice stacking of functions and adding in redundancy in case sound fails etc.  I'm surprised more people don't use dictaphones  - they're great.  

P.P.S.  Are the nails, fasteners etc that are used in these structures ones that have been repurposed or a specific kind?
1 week ago
I went to the doctor yesterday to get a mole checked.

Apparently it was just an ordinary mole and I should have left it in the garden.
1 week ago