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Recent posts by Bronwyn Olsen

Hi, I am very interested in a passive solar greenhouse design and want to know more of what’s in the book “ The Chinese Greenhouse”I also would like to know if this design is good for propagation of wood cuttings with the lesser swings of temperature? I do want to know what range of temps this design can maintain? Thanks for any answers here.
2 weeks ago

Victor Skaggs wrote:Hello, John!

I really like elderberries! So, I will be eagerly reading the posts on that topic.

I used to gather them in the southern Sierras, and I'd stand there eating and eating... yum.

I'd dry them still on their little stems, in clusters, in paper bags. Then they made an excellent addition to herbal tea!

Thanks for your work on this amazing plant.

Oops-not sure what I did.I wanted to say thanks for tip on adding berries to tea! I like to add syrup to my tea blends, Bronwyn Olsen
9 months ago
Colleen Mycroft, when deer ate your elderberry to the ground, did it recover at all?  I am now a bit discouraged to plant without protection?
9 months ago

Colleen Mycroft wrote:Hi John, seeing this topic up here is such a coincidence because last spring I almost accidentally ordered 2 elderberry bushes with my blueberries. They did fine until October when the deer ate the bush right down to the soil.
This year I ordered 6 more and I am much more intentional about wanting Elderberries. Our soil is pure sand and I am mixing some manure peat moss and compost to everything I plant. We have bees which I understand are happy to be pollinated by and provide a high quality pollen for the bees.
My question is what is the best mix for my soil to get the best outcome. Also I have read partly shaded and then in another thread I have read full sun.
I am Canada planting zone 4B.
Thanks a heap! Looking forward to reading your book!

9 months ago
Do deer eat these? And if so, does netting protect them? Some years I can’t pick berries before the birds when foraging for the berries. Other years of plenty I leave some for the birds. Anybody use netting?
9 months ago
Good information! I have not tried making a tincture yet! I am definitely going to try.
9 months ago
Thank you for sharing these links and information in this book. I have been making elderberry syrup for a couple of years from berries collected locally. I would like to grow them on my property. Anybody try growing them on hugel mounds?
9 months ago