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Hey there! I'm slightly worried that I will somehow miss the call to submit my words for my "most creative name" in the book! I get swamped in trying to keep track of the info. Can you specifically send out an email calling for that submission when you need it? (with a REALLY obvious title so I will notice?!)

Glad all is going so well with the Kickstarter!
Cheers to you piling through the chaos!!!
1 month ago

For more information about Everyday Artisans
and our unique approach to Bread Making
visit our website

To be notified when our Kickstarter goes LIVE
visit Everyday Artisans Video Kickstarter
and add your name to our Contact List!
        Happy Bread Making!
3 months ago
Oooh, pretty tight! I can surely get you something decent by Sunday night. Will that work?
3 months ago

We are working on an upcoming Kickstarter video project for "EVERYDAY ARTISANS - A Common Sense Approach To Breadmaking". It's instruction that involves simple measuring of ingredients (rather than weighing everything out) to make amazing Artisan Breads that can be created in any home oven. I'd be happy to add a picture rich PDF of the recipie we've developed for a simple Whole Grain Sourdough (or just regular bakers yeast) that is slow rise, phytate free, gluten reduced pizza / bread dough.

What's your time-frame? When do you need the material?
3 months ago

Comfrey surrounding the pond off our Ferrocement Patio

Ok people, so if you haven't heard of Comfrey you are in for a serious TREAT!
INTRODUCING, the much coveted and sought after…

Russian Comfrey BOCKING #4!

Why Bocking #4, when there are 21 varieties of Comfrey? First off, it's some of the EASIEST greenery on the planet to grow- You can't really kill it (which is why you DON”T want the varieties that propagate from seed!) But honestly, why would you want to get rid of a plant that is a Beautiful Landscaper (complete with pretty purple flowers mid-season), the first to leaf out after winter and the last to fade at summer's end, EXTREMELY hardy, UNBELIEVABLY USEFUL, drought resistant, can be planted from any piece of root or crown cutting and harvested several times throughout the season yet quickly replenish itself!? Also, unlike wild and common Comfrey, Bocking #4 is a domesticated, non-invasive variety. But what you REALLY need to know is what this plant can DO FOR YOU!

*Right about here I'm obligated to tell you that… I'm NOT a Medical Doctor ( IF you thought I WAS) no, I'm just the mother of 8 healthy kids. I am *required by law to tell you that my statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease for you, but rather, to inform you what this plant is capable of and some common forms of application. Don't mistake the “slow action” of herbs for “no action” (when you consider that herbal treatments are HEALING your body- not just masking symptoms, it's easy to understand that they are MUCH FASTER ACTING UPON YOUR HEALTH THAN DRUGS). *This is an FDA required disclaimer.


-It's an excellent landscaping plant (if you harvest when mature and allow it to re-grow), can be helpful with erosion control, is EXTREMELY drought resistant, with roots 8-10′ deep.
-This natural hybrid is an extremely low-maintenance crop, resistant to rust and has very few problems with pests or disease.
-Perenial in USDA Zones 2-9. Originating in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia, it is cold hardy to -40, and can survive up to 120 degrees.
-Seeds are sterile and it does not send out invasive runners. (It will eventually widen and propagate new plants around an established plant- which can be divided to replant elsewhere.)
-You can replicate and divide from any single, 1″ piece of root or crown (crown pieces will leaf out faster than root pieces) and it can be planted ANY TIME the ground is not frozen! (For real- just stick a piece in the ground a couple inches below the surface and it will grow!). 1 caveat- it can take full sun, and is shade tolerant, but needs some sun to thrive.


The non-invasive varieties that are low in Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PA’s), can be extremely useful as fodder & fertilizer. For a complete summary on the many Uses of Comfrey as Fodder & Fertilizer, read here...


A WORD OF CAUTION: Bocking #4 is the only variety I would use for medicinal purposes (as well as forage) because of the low to nearly non-existent level of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in the leaves.Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids may be damaging to your liver.

-The many varieties of Comfrey have been used for centuries to treat a variety of pain and inflammation related issues including muscle, joint, ligament & tendon problems, inflammation, bruises, skin ulcerations, wounds, burns, eczema, psoriasis, bees stings, spider bites (including brown recluse) staph infections, bedsores, tumors, shingles, athlete's foot, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, varicose veins, gout, sprains, strains, and bone fractures.
For more on the External & Internal Uses & Applications of Comfrey...

Comfrey contains a special substance called allantoin, which is a cell proliferative. In other words, it makes cells grow faster. This is one of the reasons why comfrey-treated bones knit so fast, wounds mend so quickly and burns heal with such little scarring. Additionally, it is rich in calcium salts, mucopolysacharrides and calcium, all of which encourage rapid growth of cells and tissue repair. The qualities of these elements that regenerate cells also serve to neutralize the cell-inhibiting action of the Pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

Allantoin, the same substance that helps to regenerate cells, is found in the placenta of a pregnant mother which helps the baby grow rapidly. After the baby is born, allantoin is also found in the mother's milk — abundantly at first and less so as the child grows.


The biggest issue with Comfrey is the possible presence of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PA’s) which may be toxic to the liver, and it is important to note that the various strains of Comfrey differ GREATLY in the amounts of PA's they contain! All Comfrey has been labeled unsafe for internal use by the Federal Drug Administration. For more on the controversial USDA studies and possible negative side effects of Comfrey...


-Topical application of comfrey can actually cause a wound or puncture to heal so quickly on the outside, that you have to be careful that it was well cleaned or debris and bacteria could be trapped inside causing infection.
-Internal use of comfrey tea should be guaranteed pyrrolizidine-free. I am personally limiting my intake of Comfrey to Medicinal rather than food substance.
-The root contains 10-1000 times more Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids than the leaves (depending on the strain).
-As always: Do your own research!

►RIGHT HERE!← (includes shipping & money back guarantee to leaf out)

SMALL ROOT CUTTING- 10/ $20.00, about 2″- 3″, LARGE ROOT CUTTINGS- 6/$18.00, about 3″- 4″, CROWNS DIVISIONS- 3/$18.00.
These can be planted in spring, summer and early fall.

Planting stock is shipped via U.S. Mail. ALL plants are non-GMO & pesticide free and come with our money back guarantee to leaf out.
Tip: If you're trying to propagate new roots, one awesome way to do it is put a comfrey plant in a milk crate container, set it on the ground until the plant is established, then pull it off the ground, leaving lots of new little roots in the row.
1 year ago

These are our Promo, first run shirts. Nice quality, 100% Cotton, Indigo color (sort of faded deep steel blue/grey), with the "Abundance" Design. Run a bit small on sizes for Men's and Women's alike, we've noticed.

The point of the REGENERATION-T is to Encourage, Support and Celebrate Sustainable Skills! We will have a Voting Contest on our website SOON (hopefully within 2 weeks), to narrow our Designs down to the best 6-8 for our upcomming Kickstarter. We will be offering all Final Designs in several colors as well as the full range of sizes, including children's. For our first run shirts we are only offering basic Men's and Women's sizes to give people an idea of the finished options. Additionally in the Kickstarter we will be offering Custom Design work/ Custom Logo creation + T-shirts for Permaculture or Sustainable Groups or Businesses.

Let me know if you have any other Qs!

1 year ago

We are FINALLY live with our Permaculture T-Shirt Contest/ Giveaway!

Get your own "Abundance" T.

ENTER HERE Contest/ Giveaway

More Power to you all!
Kristie Harper
1 year ago
Soilcrete appears to be more for a thick application like soil stabilization.

Ferrocement is all about a VERY thin application of cement to a framework (armature). The framework provides the strength and concrete adheres the whole thing together providing an impermeable (and extremely durable) barrier. I don't think soilcrete would hold up well in this type of application.

Basalt mesh would most DEFINITELY be a good armature.

I'm not familiar with aluminum silicate cement. A good trial would be to create stepping stones out of both and test durability. I'd love to see results of that if you do any trials!