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Recent posts by Phil Gardener

Get a little penetrating oil on things and make sure you can move the lever and disassemble to get access to those washers and o-rings before you buy replacements.  There might be a reason it was discarded, and then again it might be quite serviceable!  Good find!
1 day ago

Jennifer Richardson wrote:Did ten more minutes today, for a total of 20 minutes so far, and there is visible progress! Today I boxed up a truckload of stuff for charity, and am beginning to see a difference in the area near the door. It is really encouraging that so little time produces noticeable results.

10 minutes a day and the stuff goes away!  :)

Keep up your progress!
2 days ago
Welcome!  Have you looked into Stark Brothers in MO?  They don't list anything on their website about not shipping to MS.
1 week ago

Ian Peartree wrote:Didn't go through the whole list, so I hope this hasn't been posted yet...

This use to stump me when I was a kid.

Eel fork?
1 week ago
I've made pasta with both a classic hand-cranked roller set-up and a Philips extruder.  The Philips (which I got second-hand) is easy and quick, and quite versatile with different dies for a variety of shapes, but is a bit of work to clean after use.  They are apparently quite popular in Asia.  I'm looking forward to incorporating vegetable purees into my mixes for taste and color and also would be glad to hear about things folks have tried.

Pasta made with duck eggs sounds great!
2 weeks ago
Welcome to Permies!  Where are you gardening and what are your interests?
2 weeks ago
There is a special, low cost book rate for shipping printed materials in the US via the USPS.  Slow, but now it even comes with tracking apparently.  Is that an option for Canada Post?
2 weeks ago
You want to do a mail merge from software like Open Office (free!). Basically, you set up a spread sheet or list of your information and then put data fields onto a page that mimics your labels, and off you go!

(Google mail+merge+open+office to see info, instructions and even videos of how to do this!) :>)
2 weeks ago