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Well, lists it, and the price seems good, but their shipping estimates seem totally off target!  Are you looking at ceramics supply places?
23 hours ago
Just seeing Joseph "hanging out" with his sunflowers sure brightened my day!  :>)
I see carpenter bees working a variety of flowers in my gardens but don't know the extent to which they are pollinating them vs. other bees and insects.  However, with the collapse of honeybees in many places, including my area, they are likely to be providing an important service.  

I also have cases of large bees that will "rob" flowers of nectar by piercing the base of flowers to get to nectar, but am not 100% clear on the identity of the true culprits.  
1 week ago
Interesting idea, but I'm wondering if those right angles might restrict the flow?  Seems like a straight run should be best?
2 weeks ago
Thanks for posting your experiences.  Glad to hear this all works well - propane seems the way to go, particularly for a back-up generator that gets used at rare intervals.

I've been watching at the HF generators for a while - anyone else running these on propane and experience fixing problems when they occur?  
2 weeks ago
Looks great!  No doubt being planted with some fertilizer got things off to a strong start.

It will be interesting to see if the next generation comes true to type, or if you see a grab-bag of diversity because the original seed was a bee hybrid between two distinct varieties.  Squash and pumpkins have separate male and female flowers, so out-crossing is quite likely (depending on the size and diversity of the original planting).  Either way, you seem to have the genes in there for great yield, good taste and disease resistance, so it will be interesting to see where things go from here!
2 weeks ago
I had a redbud that was even larger (about 4" dia) that had some significant damage last winter, and someone "helping out" cut it off at the base.  It sprouted multiple shoots this spring which I will thin now that things are going dormant.  The biggest question will probably be to train as one trunk or multiple leaders.
3 weeks ago
Excellent job!  So happy for you - nothing like a functional stove for the holidays!  Thanks for your persistence and problem solving ability - you are going to be a great member here so keep coming back!
3 weeks ago
Since it sounds like something is restricting the flow of gas, the issue could be with either regulator (or a problem with the line coming from the tank - did you check for kinks or sharp bends?)  The one at the tank is a high pressure regulator that steps things down, and the one at the stove is a low pressure regulator that drops it a second time to feed the stove with the proper pressure.

Based on your photo, the stove regulator looks properly set according to the manual (note the LP marking showing in the plug).  It may be difficult to confirm it is operating properly without a pressure gauge.  Are there markings on the regulator at your tank?  I guess we also should have asked earlier if this stove worked properly in this setting in the past, or if this is a new-to-you installation.  If the tank regulator doesn't drop the pressure enough for the stove regulator, that might cause an issue.
3 weeks ago