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Thanks for sharing this dialog of your project!  Looking forward to hearing about your progress - good luck with it!
1 week ago
Great questions!

Carrots benefit from even moisture when germinating (and don't need light).  I've learned from others to sow shallowly, water in and then lay a board on the surface of the bed to keep things damp and moist.  After a few days, I start to check for seedlings, and remove the board as soon as they are seen.  These sorts of seeds tend not to persist for years in the soil; for them it's go and grow.

Lettuce seeds (and many other kinds of small seeds) require for light for germination, so sowing them shallowly (and not covering) is important.  Even moisture can be harder to maintain but it still helpful!  Note that many weed seeds fall into this category; they lay dormant in the soil and only germinate when brought to the surface (hence one advantage of no-till).

Large seeds have greater stores of food and generally benefit from being sown more deeply.  Beans, peas, corn etc here.  For these sorts of seeds, the greatest risk is being eaten before they germinate!

Good luck and keep trying new things!
1 month ago
Seed saving and sharing these varieties would be a great way to preserve her contributions, particularly since they no longer seem available from her directly.
Amazing - 7 ft tall!  Please post another image when they are in pod.  Wow!
What a wonderful palette!  Brightened my day right there!
2 months ago
I have a bed about 20 years old that has been fading on me.  I think the crowns are too dense and need to be split, but have been warned it may require a backhoe to get them up!

I also started to have problems with asparagus beetles a few years ago and that coincided with the decline as well.  I think those are under control (hand collection and cleaning up the seeds in which they overwinter) but that might be a contributing factor in my situation.
2 months ago
Welcome!  Check out in West Cork. has another interesting set of listings.  

I have never ordered from either company but have followed their listings.
3 months ago
What a fabulous log of your exploits, accomplishments and dreams.  Inspirational!  Thanks for sharing it with us!
3 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:Awesome!  Whereabouts is it?

Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne PA

3 months ago