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Phenotypically the offspring of the purple leaved cultivar were a mixed bag - showing a variety of leaf shapes and shades.  I got the best germination by scarifying the seed coats.  I suspect the ornamentals were developed more recently from crosses than most of the clones grown for eating, and that may be why they may bloom and set seed more readily.  The year I grew those out was a poor year for all my sweets (too much rain and things rotted in my clay soils) and none were continued.  Crossing the ornamentals with some of the standard varieties to restore fertility, like you are doing, is a great approach.  It is likely there is a lot of genetic diversity locked up in these varieties as they all are clonal rather than stabilized, open pollinated lines.  It is nice to see the progress you are making with these!
I routinely keep sweet potato tubers for two years - that has saved me after poor seasons twice now in the past two decades.  I haven't tried to stretch them to three, but two is never a problem.

I get a modest amount of flowering on several traditional varieties in my garden here in SE PA and limited seed development in longer fall seasons.  The common purple-leaved cultivar grown as an ornamental (not typically grown for eating but its tubers taste fine) flowers well and sets good seed - it is self-fertile (not all varieties are) and would be useful as a pollen donor/recipient for anyone trying some crosses.

Hi Reed!  Glad to have you posting on Permies!
3 volumes of 100% alcohol to 2 volumes of aloe vera would be needed to achieve the minimum 60% (3/5ths) alcohol content recommended by CDC for DIY hand sanitizer.

Many DIY recipes use 2 volumes of alcohol to one volume of additive; that results in a 67% alcohol content (2/3rds) for an extra margin in case of evaporation during storage.
2 weeks ago
Just a short cautionary note - japanese knotweed is rich in oxalic acid, and anyone who have suffered kidney stones in the past should limit their intake of foods high in this compound.

Just in case you decide to try to eat that big patch to the ground!  :)
3 weeks ago
A really great looking socks - amazing to see the tech (and care) that goes into these products!
4 weeks ago
Those sox look wonderful!  Welcome to Permies!
4 weeks ago
Jumping for Joy!
1 month ago
I just decided this was a good time to order a bunch of new (to me) old books!  Weaving, crafts, pottery.  Support a used book seller and stock up!
1 month ago
Willow water to enhance rooting? I haven't done this but am looking forward to hearing about your experience.  Good luck!
1 month ago