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Recent posts by Henri Lentonen

In fact in the second video with better zoom (thank you Satu Zwerver for filming it with good microscope) we see that there is very small spiral shaped bacteria in the culture, that moves very much also.

3 years ago
Here is couple videos of the project:

3 years ago

here is short video of this new kind of algaereactor I have been developing.


Here is more about spirulina in permies:

3 years ago
I Dont know what is the right word for this, but if you have time and space, it is usually good to pregrow the plants indoors first.

Then you can start the season already even of it is cold outside. It is good to use also little artificial light, it does nyt have to be strong but to adjust the photoperiod to 20 hours of light per day with timer.

Dont Grow them Too long indoors as with little soil space, it might trigger the bloom phase in Many plants already and you Dont want that, but you want them Grow good roots and Stem first. That is why it is good to use extra light, as photoperiod is the other one Main trigger for plants to switch into bloom phase.

Of the plants Grow Too Big and Too much roots just put them in bigger pot before the plant thinks, that it Has very limited space and starts flowering.

It is good also to use fan so they develop strong stems. Of there is no artificial Wind for the plants, they could get killed outdoors When they have not good Stem as the Wind breaks down their weak stem.

Remember to raise your soil PH for example with wood ash, as soil acidification is very problem for many plants couse of the Acid rain. Good to use seaweed formula to promote resistance to diseases and overall Growth.
I found this post but it was using moss as defense against slugs: https://permies.com/t/56307/moss-mulch

No reply to there, but I was thinking this otherwise, that you could use it as mulch.

It will use some of the water, but also I think it will be good that the soil breathes: so it will let the air exchange also under the moss.

But also, it will help to keep the moisture longer as moss is like a sponge, so when it rains it will also release the water to the ground a little bit when it gets dryer.

Also I think it would improve the microbes activity in soil and provide good place for bugs to live.

Has anyone cultivated live moss with plants, using it as mulch?

I am planning to do hugelkulture beds this spring, and was thinking that when the moss grows a blanket on the bed, it will help to make the soil more steady in case of heavy rain.

Also I think they are good biological filter, so the pollution from rainwater would not go directly to the soil, but has to first pass through the moss-layer.

Some links:

"Mosses obtain all their nutrients from the air rather than the soil, which is why it is able to grow on rocks!"


More on permies:



3 years ago
Sorry for bit offtopic, but in the end of article there is recommended articles which one say "organic is the key" and other says "organic is only one ingredient".

I find this a bit funny, that they change their mind so often.

3 years ago
Hi, as someone already mentioned wheatgrass it is very good since it comes up very fast.

And has alot of nutrients. Also can be grown in very little space & light even in winter indoors.



Spirulina, microalgae, is also a very good choice - with even more benefits!

It does require some extra adjustment for example high temperature (over 20 celsius is good, 35 celsius is optimum) and artificial lights (in winter) but in summer, you can grow it outdoors in open ponds.

Here is couple studies of giving it to rabbit feed (just scroll them as they have also other animals):



Here is a longer link of the spirulina and how to grow it, in case I got you interested!


3 years ago