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I am a no-til, no-spray regenerative farmer living on 10 acres. My passion is to empower, especially city folk, to grow their own greens indoors. I have designed a set it and forget it micro green starter kit that took years to figure out. My advice is: Don't work any harder than you have to.
Hillsdale County, Michigan, zone 5B
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I have wormed my goats with Basic H for decades. I have seen live tapeworms pass the next day. I don't always see worms pass. Within a week everyone has a glossy coat. If I remember to give it to them once per month all summer, they stay in excellent physical condition with beautiful coats. It is good to give the mother Basic H water the day she freshens. I give my goats 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. This is the only water they get to drink for 24 hours. I use it any time. I don't have to dump milk. It works mechanically, not chemically, so worms are never resistant. I copied the dosage below off the internet in case you have a large herd.

"Measure out Classic Basic H for the animal you are trying help eliminate worms. For cows, use 1 cup per 100 gallons of water or 1/8 cup per 20 gallons of water. For smaller animals like goats and sheep the dosage needs to be smaller. Measure out 6cc. or use 2 drops per 10# of animal weight."

I have never used the small dose. I give the dose Joel Salatin gives his cattle once per month. Classic Basic H (the blue one) is still available. I mix one teaspoon per gallon of water.

I have never given my goats a chemical wormer. I tried herbal wormers in the past and also DE. Neither worked like I hoped. Basic H works every time. When people visit my farm they always comment how healthy the goats look. Keeping their worm load down is a big part of it.
4 months ago
I've been popping sections out of the paper of my black garlic and munching on them for snacks. I never thought I'd be eating garlic like this.
4 months ago
My black garlic is done! I vacuum sealed every bulb and my house did not smell like garlic at all the whole time it has been in my Excalibur these last three weeks. It tastes very sweet and chews like a gummy bear.
4 months ago
Mike--I read the Dr. Axe article. He says you can use a rice cooker. I suppose I could use my Instant Pot and when I want to use the Instant pot remove the garlic for a couple hours while my beans cook. What are the details how you are making your black garlic? Are you peeling it first? Are you using a rice cooker? How are you keeping the humidity high?

thanks. Marilyn, who is going to have more than a hundred pounds of garlic for sale for the market starting in August. I've been thinking of ways to preserve it in case it doesn't all sell as fresh cloves. Powdered black garlic is one idea. I wonder what anyone else here would do with a hundred pounds of garlic that didn't sell. So far I only thought of making garlic powder. Black garlic powder sounds very exotic.
5 months ago
They lost their growth factor. It doesn't take very much neglect for this to happen. All it takes is for them to stay in the same solution for a day or two longer than they can stand and then boom, they are pickled and you're done. They may continue to make water kefir but don't grow.

Another thing is that just like kombucha, the scoby grows the most toward the end of the cycle. So you will not see growth if they are not completing their cycle. That said, you cannot restore growth if the growth factor is already fried as you found out.

This is supposed to be a one time purchase but I replace them all the time. People go on vacation and want to know how to store them. Well that's like storing a dog. Don't feed the dog while he is in the refrigerator for a week and guess what? No, you take the dog with you or find a sitter. People aren't going to do that with something like kefir grains. It is easier for them to reorder.

I just thought of two other reasons water grains can lose their growth factor. One is in your control and the other one out of your control. Soap residue. Not everyone uses Dawn dish soap. You are asking for trouble if you change what you use to wash the dishes. Dawn is safe. The other reason could be cross contamination with other brews you have going in the same area. Yeast can coat the scoby and you are done. Different yeasts abound from kitchen to kitchen whether you are brewing or not. I'm guessing it was not your fault. But there is definitely a reason.  I only try to trouble shoot putting the customer through the inquisition when he wants to try it again. This is supposed to be a one time purchase.

5 months ago
This shelf changes from week to week according to what micro greens I am growing and have already eaten. What I want you to notice is how big the lettuce got in the back in just two weeks. This is Kratky hydroponics, no pumps or electricity needed.

Also notice the small two ounce cups in front. The small cup on the right has cress micro greens, which is a bit spicy. The small cup with the pink stems is radish. Radish micro greens are very spice. Think a radish X 10. I do not want so much radish flavor in my salad but I want some. I do not need a whole big tray of radish micros because I do not want to harvest a partial container. I want to harvest the whole tray every time. With this method, the container can be any size.
5 months ago
Here is the experiment that inspired the bread recipe trial.

This is what happens when you don't leave enough headspace in a soy milk water kefir grain recipe. This takes the expression "Your water kefir grains recipes will come alive" to a new level. So funny. Here is what I did the night before.

I blended 1/4 cup water kefir grains with 2 cups of soy milk and 2 tablespoons of sugar. That's it. The idea was to get a smooth pudding. In the past I left the water grains in there whole for something to chew. It got fermented but it didn't do this! The taste is lovely. Not too sour, not too sweet.

The container on the left was made the same way but with home-made peanut milk. I made savory oat muffins with the pulp.

The last time I blended soy milk with water grains I put it into a container that holds 8 cups. Two cups rose up past five cups overnight! At least it didn't go over. I'm having way too much fun experimenting with my oodles of extra water kefir grains.
5 months ago
I'm glad you like your water kefir grains, Judith.

I have so many that I think of a new experiment to do every day. After my explosion last week, I wondered if there is enough yeast in water kefir grains to raise bread. Sure enough. It tasted almost like sourdough. Delicious! I let the bread rise for precisely 24 hours at 75ºF.
5 months ago
After you get good at growing broccoli micro greens you can grow many other seeds with the exact same method. I like the set it and forget it idea. No daily watering is necessary. It took me four years to perfect the method and to figure out the very best growing medium. Soil would work but it is too dirty for me. I like clean. Other mediums work also, but I like free.

A window sill works just fine when it is time to let the micros turn green. You don't need lights.

In the picture there is some Kratky style hydroponic lettuce in the back. The lettuce absolutely needs to be under lights. The micro greens do not. I have the lights so I use them.

In the front row are:
Sunflower shoots
Pea Shoots
Cabbage micro greens ready to harvest
Broccoli micro greens almost ready to harvest. They get a bit taller than cabbage. You will be getting broccoli seeds in your kit.
Another tray of cabbage micro greens that will be ready in another five days or so.

Needless to say, I eat a big green salad every day all winter. And I grew it myself. Not only that the sulfuraphane content of broccoli sprouts is 40 times higher than in mature broccoli. Check out Rhonda Patrick on youtube. She will have your head spinning as she explains all the pathways how broccoli works in the body to prevent a certain disease I won't say here, but you can guess what it is.

I'd rather prevent than need some cure later. The fact that an ounce of broccoli sprouts is worth a pound of broccoli brings new meaning to an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Two teaspoons of broccoli seeds make one ounce of broccoli micro greens in 10 days. The one pound bread pan gives that amount. Thanks. Marilyn
5 months ago
Grow micro greens indoors, year-round for pennies. Simple set it and forget it kit. $15 including shipping. PM your mailing address to order.
5 months ago