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Recent posts by Dave Doyle

If I were in Britain, I'd select Dorkings or Sussex as dual purpose birds.

Some sort of Cornish Cross for meat.

How much land DO you have?
3 years ago
It's very consuming to produce 100% of your needs.
Sufficiency is the better course.

But you're telling me, you don't eat Marmite on buttered toast?!
3 years ago
Oh you poor dear.
Well, whatever males you happy

Pumpkins - also good for chickens.

Best of luck
3 years ago
Here's an aspect of food production to consider:
What form of carbohydrate will you consume?

Of your total caloric intake, your largest portion is carbohydrate. 2000 or more calories a day, every day in energy foods.


This is often the most challenging part of self sufficiency. It's one reason man adopted agriculture, to produce enough.

And have you considered NOT producing all your food?
There's a big value in putting part of your labor into tradeable/sellable goods or services.
3 years ago
Aside from their medicinal, herbal and credibility, theu make great cover plants for chickens.

A tenth of an acre offers plenty of room for a half dozen chickens, and they use roses as shade and cover.
Forage for like rape, leaf Amaranth,turnips, southern peas... these can be intercropped around the roses for both you and my chickens.
3 years ago
In temperate zones, as found through 90% of the US, its best considered an annual.
A hardy and persistent one, to be sure.
I made this on PREDICTABILITY more than anything
Its my first year actually growing it, so we'll see.
I'll have have three "seed" varieties next year.
3 years ago

Cj Verde wrote:Dave, I thought Amaranth was an annual too but apparently there are some types which are perennial!

It is an annual.
But its self seeding qualities bring into the realm of perennial, or more rightly, "re-appearing annual."
3 years ago
"...BTW, Millet doesn't really belong in this thread anyway, being an annual."

Neither does Amaranth, but I mentioned it because it's self seeding.
Here in the SOUTH, one of its many versions is known as "pigweed" and is considered an invasive nuisance.
3 years ago
Buckwheat is kind of a "standard" and millet is similar to Amaranth
Thick and tall with edible seed.

I chose Amaranth because it is also an edible plant, eaten around the world as a green.
3 years ago
How about amaranth?

It is nutritious, in both seed and foliage.
It isn't perennial, but is self seeding with zillions of tiny seeds.
The taller varieties offer excellent vertical shelter and shade.
It grows in the worst soil and is tolerant of drought.
3 years ago