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Recent posts by Johnny Gisson

Craig Dobbelyu wrote:Looks like honeysuckle to me too. I cut a lot of it out from under our productive trees. I've never seen anything eat it and it spreads pretty fast. I cut them as close to the ground as possible just after they flower. I suppose once it was dead and dried out you could use it as dead hedge material. Maybe chip it and mulch with it?

When the leaves are young they look a bit different than the older leaves. Fooled me to think it was a different plant.
I didn't realize this was honeysuckle. That is one of the most invasive plants I ever seen.
I will cut them down now before the berries wind up in the soil!
4 years ago
It has been identified by a horticulturalist as a Asian Honeysuckle.

Amur honeysuckle

inedible and invasive
4 years ago

edith zahn wrote:I'm sorry, I don't know how to put a comment in a white quote box so that I can ask a question about it, so I just copy and pasted the comment:

"Thekla McDaniels wrote:
I have prickly lettuce at my place. The goats love it. It is nutritious, though bitter. I put a leaf or two in a green smoothie or salad. The prickles are for real. If when weeding I get a grip on one of the stems, a prickle can break off in my skin, and when that happens it is a several month process for the skin to clear the prickle.

Now a days this rarely happens, because it's a painful thing to live iwth in the pad of my thumb or finger for that long. Currently I have a couple in my knee. Sonce they do not make gloves for knees, and the prickles get through the heavy denim jeans with reinforced knees, I guess the solution is to get in the habit of kneeling only on a pad.

Thanks in advance to any who want to suggest knee pads. I don't find it possible to wear those all day long for the moment when I kneel to pull an out of place plant."[/color]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My reply/question is: I have that plant growing at my house and never knew the name of it, only that it was edible, so I was excited to see the name of it ("prickly lettuce"), but I'm confused - mine look EXACTLY like the pictures but the prickles aren't sharp - don't hurt at all. Could the prickles be nothing but show in one climate and stabbing in another, or are we talking about two different plants (??)


It looks to me like dandelion if it isn't lettuce.
I have bought dandelion in supermarkets sometimes that looks like that.
there are different types of dandelion with different looking leaves.

4 years ago
It is invasive I got many of them that need to be cut down and it grows sky high as well. Too bad it has no edible purpose.
4 years ago
I think it is a honeysuckle bush.

looks pretty close to me.
4 years ago
I went for a walk in the yard and saw this berry bush.
The plant is about 10-12 ft tall.
the younger leaves have a cloth like texture and the older leaves are shiny and smooth.

4 years ago

Spencer Davis wrote:Got off work late last night and wasn't able to get a pic but did get one today. Here's a closer look...I ate one today that was a darker red. My guess is raspberries.

They are raspberries!
4 years ago
When I planted my bare root canes over a month ago I found a small sprout connected to the roots under the soil on one of the canes.
It was so fragile I broke the root from the stem laying it down on the ground.
I planted the tiny root and the stem/leaf part separately thinking it was a total waste of time. I completely forgot about it and now I walked past the spot a week ago and see new growth!!
That is amazing to me. Still don't know if it was the stem without the root or just the root.
It was only a few inches long I honestly cant believe it grew.
Raspberries are tougher than weeds!
What a beautiful sight!!!

4 years ago

steve bossie wrote:every year i top dress last years mulch. i put compost then cover w/ chips every spring over last years compost and chips. breaks down to a nice black soil the plants love! i keep the compost and mulch at least a few inches from the canes.

4 years ago

steve bossie wrote:i have very rocky clay soil. i find peat w/ vermiculite is the best amendment for berry plants. i use the promix from lowes. fluffs up the soil and add some acidity, which most berries like. compost and gypsum helps too.

The man from the nursery told me to use my clay soil mixed with pea pellets and bar chips..
so far things are looking good on my new Anne canes! multiple new shoots!!! I will post some pictures.
4 years ago