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Recent posts by Amy Lynette

For anyone interested in what/where Kai is, he has a website/blog here  
3 months ago
Happy happiest 25th birthday Kai!  Wish I was there to celebrate with you
Aha, Kai!   It's not just because I'm your mom that I think your writing is amazing, and now there is proof!  ...and your artwork is amazing as well, which I really hope you are still doing.  Did you get the paint and pencils?

Please, for the sake of humanity, drop whatever you are doing and become a writer full time. You have a gift that MUST be shared.

Please, Please, Please keep writing either here, in a notebook, on a tree or wherever. The world will be a better place if you do.
Haha!  Yes Kai, you definitely need birds for when I come visit... just let me know when the guest house is finished   Ben and Evan, it was great to meet you!  I promise next time my dogs will be on their best behavior (which isn't saying much)...
Is the middle pic Gma's 'snow on the mountain", the one that says Aegopodium podagaria?  I sent you some mouse repellent made from peppermint oil, hopefully it does not repel flying squirrels too.  Do you have a floor in your house yet?  
Huzzah!  Now I can stalk your posts along with everyone else on here (but you still have to call me...)  and need pictures of the flying squirrel
2 years ago
I love it!! I might have to borrow him this summer to build me one....if I can get him back here -- he loves it there. I have been stalking this forum pretty much since he left CSU and decided to move there.

(also, tell Kai I want him to make you a chalk pastel if he hasn't yet -- i think he brought some of his art stuff there.. but i will send it if he didn't. Thanks for the pictures, and for feeding him -- he says you make delicious food!
2 years ago
This makes me insanely happy that Kai is still creating art - I have his art everywhere in our house! Thank YOU for posting pictures and letting me stalk my son from afar
2 years ago
Thanks for capturing everything, Evan. Kai is my son, and I stalk your blog for updates, since he doesn't love technology so much... though I probably could have lived without the picture of his knee wound
2 years ago
I appreciate so much all of your writings and photos, although I am basically stalking this site because my son Kai moved there and he isn't much into the computer or phone stuff so I thank you all for letting me know he is well.. and please let me know what is needed that I can send your way.
3 years ago