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Recent posts by Bryan de Valdivia

I'll give it a try. Thanks Tom!
1 year ago

their associated features- whether there's a claypan impediment to water movement, suitability for hay and other agricultural crops (I know blackberry, elderberry, and most common garden vegetables are on there), and suitable tree species for the soil type.

Hiya Tom, I'm located in Boone County and would find that information mighty useful. Had a look a the site though, and seems like there are hundreds of layers available, and no idea where to start. Do you happen to know offhand what layers would give the information you've described? Or know a good way to get it?

Thank you!
1 year ago
If you plant Ground Hog or Daikon radish in late summer and let it winter kill - to open up clay soil. Would you have any trouble planting a vegetable garden into that plot in early spring? tillability, nutrient lock, other issues?

In Missouri, zone 6A.
1 year ago
Looks interesting. Once I've got the time I'll have a look at the 14-day trial, but gonna have to time it for when I've got free time as 14 days seems a bit rushed to give it a good shake out.
Worked perfectly for me. Clicked on buy prompt that appeared over the video, redirected to paypal. Logged in and approved the purchase. Redirected back here and can now see the video.
2 years ago
thanks all! I think I get it now.

I'm drawing the water off the top of the system as it were, and not the bottom.

If that makes any sense.
2 years ago
Thanks guys! And I don't mean to be ungrateful, but are you sure on that?

Reason being, I'm thinking of the elevated tank being 275 gallons, and the ground level tank being some 2,500 or 3,000 gallons.

Where does the PSI come from? That is, how much of the PSI is generated by the weight of the 275 gallons pushing down on the other 2,500 ?

Or imagine it was only a 1 gallon container at the top of that water tower, seems magical that the PSI would be the same as if it were a lot larger mass up there.
2 years ago
I'm stumped.

I'm trying to design a system with an elevated water tank that feeds into an intermediate closed tank at ground level and then on to an irrigation pipe.

The reason for the elevated water tank is increased PSI. The reason for the intermediate ground level tank is increased water holding capacity without the added cost of an insanely heavy duty water tower.

My thinking is that if the intermediate tank is closed, the PSI at the end of the pipe (X), should be computed from the difference between the bottom of the tower tank and the end of the pipe.

Is that right?

2 years ago
Thank you, that explains it. I reread the Earth Shaping and Water Management section, and while I see talk of swales, keyline patterns, etc., I don't quite see what you're talking about here. Think that must have come later as you said.
2 years ago
Matt, what do you think of the idea of using your castable core process with this cookstove? Do you thank that would work from a performance point of view? My reason for the change from insulated bricks being finances - at least, I *think* it'd be cheaper to make it with a castable core. Soft red bricks for the outside I've got plenty.

Thank you sir, great work you do!
2 years ago