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Chronic reader, creative dreamer, a LOT of hand skills to make things real, intense health issues that limit my activity, but not my creativity or dreams. Moved to southern Missouri with enough tools and junk to build a life that might work well with my health. One of god’s gigglers, I punctuate with smiley faces and exclamation points when I type, and smile and laugh a lot in real life. (Often at things no one else understands.) And I both curtsy at people (even when wearing grubby work clothes) and purr when hugged, both online and in real life. “Normal” is not a word that has ever been used for me.
Been organic gardening all my life, and bought 4 acres that I have designed from the ground up. Making it happen is being the most fun I have ever had in my life, the best 3D jigsaw puzzle ever! Reading Mollison’s Designer’s Manual was like coming home, ah, THERE I am! A reality where I can use all of my multifaceted talents and skills!
Dumpster diver, recycler, second hand store shopper, I tell people I am attracted to rust and lace. I have violated every warranty I have ever met, I’m a tool using animal, and I use my tools to modify everything in my world. And it only gets weirder...
SW Missouri
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chrissy bauman,
I have merged your topic into this topic. I hope that helps.
I merged your stuff with the following thread. I hope that is okay by you.
Oooh, sauerkraut!
And I missed your morel bump! Oh my! I found a few, my first time! I made Morel Stroganoff... Oooh, yeah....
Apples make potatoes sprout by their release of ethylene.
"Ethylene is a natural plant hormone released in the form of a gas. It triggers cells to degrade, fruit to turn softer and sweeter, leaves to droop, and seeds or buds to sprout."
Apples and pears are both high producers of it, potatoes and onions are both sensitive to it. There are more fruits and vegetables that either produce it in high amounts or react to it. This is why you don't want to store apples in your root cellar too close to your potatoes or onions, they will start sprouting and won't last as long.
Storing fruit that was picked too green by apples makes them ripen, that's how grocery stores ripen things like bananas that are shipped green, they gas them with ethylene.

List from Food Science: Ethylene
Ethylene producing foods:
apples, apricots, avocados, bananas (ripe), blueberries, cantaloupe, cherimoyas, cranberries, figs, green onions, guavas, grapes, honeydew, kiwifruit, mangoes, mangosteen, nectarines, papayas, passion fruit, peaches, pears, persimmons, plums, potatoes, prunes, quince, tomatoes
Ethylene sensitive foods:
asparagus, bananas (unripe), blackberries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, chard, cucumbers, eggplant, endive, garlic, green beans, kale, leafy greens, leeks, lettuce, okra, onions, parsley, peas, peppers, raspberries, spinach, squash, strawberries, sweet potatoes, watercress, watermelon

Useful trait to know about!
I added  this to the "Kids" and "homeschool"forums. I don't play games, or have children, so I'm fairly useless  :D If you want it added to any other forums, tell me, happy to help!
5 days ago
Cool! I haven't seen a setup like that,but it's interesting to me, I'm into low tech/low maintenance/low finances solar and wind generating. Thanks for the links! Welcome to Permies, an interesting first post!
6 days ago
My apologies for forgetting to reply, I was reading responses as they came in, but had no writing time.
I ended up keeping the ones I had gotten, 150 ish, and not getting any more. I put them with my (drum-roll please!) potting stuff to use as tree starter pots! Thank you Su Ba!!

So to satisfy curiosity, the dumpster in question is at the local recycle place. The guys say they came in one morning to all this junk, and it wasn't a type of plastic they could recycle, so it hit the trash. They have no idea where it came from, and we had a good debate on it all. Besides the thousand or more tubes, there were packaging clamshells, stacked tight and hard, several thousand of them, yellowed with age, very specific about what went in them (and we have no clue what it was.) There were lids that did NOT fit the tubes, and possibly the most mystifying, thousands of plastic things, some in a box labeled "home base" that were baseball base shaped, about 1.25 inches across, the "home base" ones were blue, there were thousands of white ones too. Parts for some toy, only thing I could think of for them is they had a round dent shaped like a worry stone. Weirdness. Where all this came from, and why it was tossed to recycle in backwoods Missouri, we'll never know.

Baseball bases:

Looking at that pic, these were slightly askew, they didn't fit together nicely like the real bases would.
I didn't have time or space or energy to deal with anything but the tubes, and just stuck with what I had already dragged home.

Thank you all SO much for the ideas (condoms, ow, not THAT soft!)  (habit-trails! I love that!) I think they are a bit too soft for concrete work, I may try some though. A bit short for a good tone on a digeridoo, and wouldn't melt well to make the bell (pvc pipe works lovely for that though!) They DO make good swords, but I think I should not be arming the neighbor boys with new weapons.
Lots of good ideas, and I appreciate them!

I curtsy nicely at you all!! Thank you for playing!!
6 days ago

Dan Boone wrote:Until you ruled out Osage Orange, I was going to suggest that possibility. It looks very like how mine look when mowed and regrowing rapidly. The appearance is much shrubbier than an undisturbed Osage Orang sapling.

Zero thorns. All the ones I have seen have thorns from a very early age. Possibly I haven't seen thornless ones?

That plant, once it came up, hasn't been mowed. The space, before it came up, was just grass and flowers.
1 week ago
Carla: Rule out this list...

I don't THINK it's Hemp Dogbane, I am fairly sure I recognize that one, as I have a bunch of it.
Still could be a milkweed, I have several types that I'm sure of, it's none of them.
I'd love if it's Tick Trefoil, but I doubt it.
Still possibly Amur Honeysuckle, but doesn't look like the others I have ID'd.

Those are most likely suspects at this point. Or a tree I'm clueless on. Which is quite a few of them.
1 week ago
I think it's probably a tree. And I can't prove it, but I think I have seen the same thing in ditches as I drive, until they cut the ditch. So something rampant and rowdy. And it IS right on a fenceline, so bird planted is quite likely.  Trees close that I can think of (that I'm sure it's not any of them) Maple, walnut, mulberry, ash, pecan, plum, apricot, (that whole family of stone fruits) sassafras, oak, cedar, locust, magnolia, dogwood. Shrubs and vines in the area that I'm sure it's not: Japanese honeysuckle, lilac, peony, any of the bulb flowers, nothing in the Allium family, nothing in the mint family, nothing in the Solanum family, pokeweed, joe pye weed, Japanese knotweed, buckbrush, none of the thorny vines or berries, wild rose, Autumn Olive, Osage Orange.

I don't THINK it's Hemp Dogbane, I am fairly sure I recognize that one, as I have a bunch of it.
Still could be a milkweed, I have several types that I'm sure of, it's none of them.
I'd love if it's Tick Trefoil, but I doubt it.
Still possibly Amur Honeysuckle, but doesn't look like the others I have ID'd.

If I were still in NM, not looking at the leaves, only the growth habit, I'd say Ailanthus, (it's not, totally wrong leaves) just that rowdy happy easy to spread type energy. What is rowdy and energetic like that around here that I'm missing?

1 week ago