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Recent posts by Pearl Sutton

Jocelyn Campbell: Oooh, cool idea for all the bag makers! I think it would be neat to sell sets and loose sizes of useful bags! I'll keep that in mind, and pass the idea on to some others too! Me being me, and liking all the niches of things I use filled, I think I'd want some bags looser weave, some tighter, as well as different sizes, depending on what I wanted to store in them. Now you got me thinking about bag making again!
1 week ago

Marco Banks wrote:Everyone is suggesting a "push" solution --- push the cats out.  What about a "pull" solution? 

Can you create another bed somewhere else that will attract the cats away from your garden beds?  Is there a wasted space nearby just waiting for a nice load of mulch where you can distract/attract your cats and get them to crap there rather than where they are currently doing their business?  It might mean bringing in some sand as well as other finer mulch, but give them a destination that is more attractive than your garden.

And then, in 3 years, that space will be wonderfully fertile and ready for planting, while you move their poop bed to a new location.

I have always had cats, always had a garden, always done that, never had an issue with cats damaging my plants. 
My chickens, they are being more challenging about plant damage. "Berk berk, dig it up!" No! Bad bird!! They look at me all puzzled.....

And, incidentally, cats are territorial about where they poop, so just like box training them, if they poop someplace you don't want them to in the garden, toss it to where they are supposed to poop. They get the idea really quickly. Work with their instincts, not against them.
1 week ago
Hot day, way too much work, double knee braces, steel toed boots, sun hat...

Ah... But I can sling a hammock between a walnut tree and my tractor!! Green tea, green smoothie and a cool breeze.
First time I have felt relaxed in several years!!
1 week ago
I think, and I may be wrong, his idea was to make a big enough hole that it was sort of a pot for the trees, so they had enough strength to root into the rock as they got bigger. His land is rock, with about 6 inches of dirt on top. He made good sized holes (several feet across,) then got a load of dirt dumped and put it in them. At 2 years out from planting they were doing well, that's the last data point I heard.
3 weeks ago
Christopher Owensby: NICE work!! I love them!!

Some of my bags had pockets, or zippers (or zippered pockets)lace or ribbon etc. The upholstery fabrics were bought from a place that sold to upholsterers, we bought their small cuts cheaply that others couldn't use. Learned fast to not get thick fabric, makes lovely bags but not on my small machine. Details were scraps from my stash, or thrift store finds.

We were ahead of the trend curve, when we were trying to sell them, no one was buying cloth bags, they weren't cool yet, must have been about 2004. I hate sales and my health was really bad, she was REALLY bad at it, we weren't finding anyone who liked to sell who wanted to play, so we gave it up, I'm using the stock that's left for myself, after giving away a bunch. Have never managed to rip one. I carry tools in them sometimes :)
3 weeks ago
This is one of the bags I made, out of lightweight upholstery fabric.
Finished width: 20
Finished height: 16
Gusset depth: 5
Strap length: 31
All seams rolled under for neatness, reinforced stitching

I tried to write up how to sew them, but I'm not managing it, it's not complex, but I sew like some people breathe, and am waving my hands "just do this" and it isn't coming through in words. So here are pics, an inside out one, a shot of one of the bags full of stuff (seeds!) Sorry it's stitched with white, makes it hard to see what was done there. I have put 2 gallons of water in these bags, and it carries them. I haven't managed to kill any of them, and I have abused them daily for around 10 years now.

It's possible that looking up videos of how to make a messenger bag might be similar designs.
If anyone wants, I can try to write it up, it's just hard to explain easy to see things, and I don't do video....

3 weeks ago
I know a guy who dug holes for all his trees with a big heavy digging bar (like a giant chisel.) You slam it down into the rock repeatedly, like a jackhammer kind of, but by hand. Jackhammer might be easier :) His fruit trees are doing well. He back-filled the holes with good soil. He is very strong, and a bit of a maniac. I think I'd have gone for a jackhammer, personally.
3 weeks ago
I'll get some pictures tonight. Me and another lady made them to sell years ago. Turns  out people won't pay 10.00 for a cloth bag, no matter how well made when they can buy a crap one for 1.00 that lasts4 months before ripping. I had no energy to market them better, I'm still using them.
3 weeks ago
I have never been able to answer that question, as whatever animal I am doesn't seem to exist on this planet. When I played D&D when I was young I was generally an Algorian, a sort of cat like thing with all four limbs and very useable tail having hands with 4 fingers and 2 thumbs and retractable claws (so 5 hands.) (If you ever played, you know how you get one attack per round like "sword strike" I got 6: claw, claw, claw, claw, tail, bite... Kinda like the Tasmanian devil in the cartoons, you never knew what hit you so fast) The Algorians were also WAY smart (tended to be wizards) and cute :D 

I did a thing on Deep Dream a while back with a pic of myself, ran the results through photoshop till I liked what I got, came up with this. Not sure what I am, but not this tedious, problematic, in constant pain human body I inhabit.

Link to Deep dream if you want to play with it:  Deep Dream Generator
3 weeks ago
Hi Pat Chaney!
Welcome to Permies, and to permaculture!
Lots to learn on this site, if you are novice, read as much of the site as you can, it's awesome fun stuff!
4 weeks ago