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Chronic reader, creative dreamer, a LOT of hand skills to make things real, intense health issues that limit my activity, but not my creativity or dreams. Moved to southern Missouri with enough tools and junk to build a life that might work well with my health. One of god’s gigglers, I punctuate with smiley faces and exclamation points when I type, and smile and laugh a lot in real life. (Often at things no one else understands.) And I both curtsy at people (even when wearing grubby work clothes) and purr when hugged, both online and in real life. “Normal” is not a word that has ever been used for me.
Been organic gardening all my life, and bought 4 acres that I have designed from the ground up. Making it happen is being the most fun I have ever had in my life, the best 3D jigsaw puzzle ever! Reading Mollison’s Designer’s Manual was like coming home, ah, THERE I am! A reality where I can use all of my multifaceted talents and skills!
Dumpster diver, recycler, second hand store shopper, I tell people I am attracted to rust and lace. I have violated every warranty I have ever met, I’m a tool using animal, and I use my tools to modify everything in my world. And it only gets weirder...
SW Missouri
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Recent posts by Pearl Sutton

Vince Schultz: Welcome to Permies! Keep an eye on this thread, people sometimes respond for quite a while.
Always good to have people around who know solar, hope to stay to be part of it
3 days ago
One last comment on that fabric: made a curtain for a VERY drafty north window in my bedroom at the rental, it blocks it perfectly! Houston, we have a winner!! :D  The insulated drapes for our house will be made of this. I washed it in hot water, and it toned the pink down a hair, it's a bit tanner than it was.

3 days ago
I'm on the email list for Formidable Vegetable Sound System, a very fun band that does permaculture music, they have a song for each of the design principles! They just sent mail (Jan 20, 2019) they are touring in NZ, and are not getting people at their shows. The email says:

Hi Folks! Just a quick shout-out: We’re currently on tour in New Zealand, but we’ve only sold 2 tickets to our Auckland show and NO tickets to our Wellington show (in Naenae, Lower Hutt) in just a few days’ time.

Could you do us a massive favour and let any peeps you know around those areas about the shows so hopefully they can help spread the word and bring some crew?

That would be super super amazing!!!

love, Charlie & FoVeg

Auckland show tickets
Facebook event page about Wellington

They do a fun show! If you are in their area consider going, and spreading the word. Nice folks, doing good things, and doing it well :)
3 days ago
Ken Zemach:
Thank you! That makes sense :D
3 days ago

Ken Zemach wrote:
I applaud anyone's efforts to do home-builds as I love the can-do attitude, but from what I'm reading here, just don't think for a second that your build is going to be 'safe.'  I'm not saying that it's not going to work and possibly work well for years, but that doesn't mean it's inherently safe.

What WOULD be safe then? I can't afford (and don't want) a premade powerwall, I will need something of this ilk at some point, what IS safe? I read your post and all the unsafe things, what is left? What is a good answer? You have a LOT more experience than me, what do I need to look at?

3 days ago
So two wheeled, big wheels, scoop bucket with a mouth, thing. Not sure about the jack part. I'm visualizing... hm.. let me google..

That pic came from here: wheeled shovelNot sure how you'd dump it.

Hm. need to think on it. Need to get cornbread in the oven to go with the chili in the pot, cold day, yum. :)
4 days ago
I was reading a thread on heating driveways with a RMH, when I hit a post someone put that linked to a snow shovel
Rocket Mass Driveway post
I looked at the link, and OH MY! I want one!
Snow Wolf shovel

Not so much for snow, but things like compost moving, dirt rearranging,  gravel pushing, I bet I could fill a wheelbarrow if I thought about it. Shovels for those of us who aren't strong enough to lift things! I tend to shovel low and smooth, as little lifting as possible, this would make it so I could do the lift. And the wheel makes it pivot easily, I have a roofing shovel I use to get some leverage on things, but it's not real effective for most things I need to move around.

And if I could have the scoop part of the shovel on a pivot so it can dump, have I just reinvented a low budget small hand powered bulldozer? Is this a thing I can buy? Is it something that was common in the past? I'd LOVE to learn more about tech like this!

Kind of reminds me of a weighted water mover like the Egyptians used,

the idea of leverage that doesn't hurt.

Brainstorm me here, I need to learn about this!!
4 days ago
A strange off label use for one of my pressure cookers right now. My chicken coop is unheated, and I'm down to 2 chickens (good year to be a hawk, bad year to be a chicken!) so they can't huddle up warm easily. On cold nights I fill my pressure cooker to the top with boiling water, lid it, and put it in the coop. The high thermal mass keeps the coop warm all night. Weird, but best I can do right now. Short of moving them into the house :)
4 days ago
When you go to a charity auction (and chili cookoff!) and they are selling all kinds of neat stuff, and you get all excited when you are the winning bid for 15 tons of gravel, delivered! YAY!!
5 days ago
Saw a good use of vertebrae at a consignment store, thought of this thread :)
5 days ago