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I use this little lifesaver to get ticks off our dog. It's very cheap and easy to use. It basically slides around the tick, then you lift the tick up really quick before the tick gets wind off what your doing. I out the website and more info below. Good luck.


Tick Key - The Easiest To Use Tick Removal Device On Earth. Our Tick Removal Device was made to be placed on a key ring for easy access. It is designed to remove ticks so that disease does not spread during removal and so people and pets would not squirm while trying to pinch, pull or prod during tick removal.
1 year ago

R Scott wrote: I still can't get a crispy pickle, though

We're busy lacto fermenting and recently learned there is an enzyme present in the ends of the cucumbers that naturally helps it decompose and the new seeds grow. Cut off the ends and also adding an Oak or Bay leaf is supposed to help with crispiness too. We're doing both and hoping for some crispies!
3 years ago
Hi! Yes, Jason can be the official ant!

Shooting to be up there in about a month....mid-July or August. Tying up the last loose ends, then it's Montana or bust! Both of us will be working on the pod casts before arrival.

1) Mailing address? Is it best for us to get a po box in Missoula for mail?
2) Are we allowed to do any hunting or snare trapping on your private land (or our little acre) without any license or permits? (All the hunting bureaucracy made my brain do flip flops, lol)
3) Are the bows and arrows, I've seen in the photos, made at Wheaton Labs? The bow kinda looks like the ones I've seen made from old skis. Either way, very coolio.

Thanks for this amazing & affordable opportunity to grow, in more ways than one! Looking forward to diggin in the dirt!

3 years ago
Hi to everyone! We are Brooke & Jason Northrup, just sent our $1200.00 over to Paul.... super excited to be an Ant! I think we are spot #11? Got lots of pod casts to get going on now:)
3 years ago
How do I find out more current information on the Ant Village, if you are you still taking 'Ants' for your contest & how much is it to sign up? Thanks.
3 years ago
Hi. Portland,OR is like CA in many ways but cheaper. Its by lots of water, many flowing rivers,mountains, on the WA border. I was there for 2 weeks last Fall. It felt a lot like the Bay Area/SonomaMarin where I live. Very pretty, a little cold but manageable. There is a new tiny house village there . East Oregon and Northern Idaho are some other favs.

PS You can get water from the air! Check into a simple technology called "Air Wells". Its all about collecting water that is present in the air (even in the driest places) via dew and fog forming at night and morning, etc. The way you 'take' the water from the air can vary...It can be made from plastic netting stretched out, put up (kinda like a plastic net fence in the air) with a gutter at a slant connected to the bottom of the net. The dew/fog/water hits the netting and drips down into the gutter, into your pipe/collection container/underground cistern. You will be amazed at the amount of water people are collecting in one day only! Also Ive seen another method using a big plastic sheet or glass, positioned at a slant and they use a squeegie type thing to pull the water down into the collection containers at the bottom in the morning. Check on Youtube and Pinterest! Some methods are fancier, some are more simple, they are all getting water from the air! Take care
3 years ago

Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker and Soup Maker - with All Stainless Steel Inside

Found this on www.NaturalNews.com.

Makes coconut milk and I'm getting one soon.

Here is the coconut milk I'm using until I make my own....
3 years ago