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Thanks Alicia

The cold water leaching worked very well, made some tasty pancakes and cookies with the dehydrated flower.
according to a Portuguese girl I met there are oaks that have the same leaves as cork oak, but have no cork bark,and they have sweet acorns!
I found some of those oaks, but they are rare. So I am experimenting with ways to collect and process the bitter acorns as efficiently as possible, for own use and as chicken feed...
1 year ago
Unidentified mushrooms in a cold compost pile? I would not throw in honey mushroom, or chicken of the wood, or any other parasitic fungi...
Honey mushroom for example does not only kill trees, but plants as well...
1 year ago
Answer to myself:NO
That would have been to good to be true. I just tried to cook with them.
Peeling,cooking for 15min, change cooking water, repeat 4 times, still bitter.
Tried another one raw. Also bitter.
I think the first one I tried raw that didn't taste bitter was an exception.
Sorry for asking stupid questions...

1 year ago
I tasted my acorns from cork oaks ( white oak ). They do not taste bitter at all. Can I use those without leaching or soaking in water?
1 year ago
When I drink raw goats milk within a day I don't taste goat, the longer you store It the stronger the taste.
I don't mind the strong taste, but if you do, make kefir from the milk, all the goaty taste and smell is gone...

Very interesting! I would love to have some of those. A very useful medicinal plant that irrigates your crops and provides organic matter to build soil.
Dr. redhawk, there are more plants like this one? I am all ear...
1 year ago
You could mix in some bentoniet where you put your earthing stakes in the ground...
1 year ago
This is not blossom end rot, or insect damage!
The cracks are caused by incorrect watering and are called Growth Cracks (drought followed by heavy rain or watering)
The other problem is Bacterial spot disease...
Length of the dark period...
Plant later, plants will be compacter than those planted in spring