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Recent posts by Nick Dimitri

I'm harvesting purple skinned sunchokes & have an upcoming market. Are they verboten? Or is it they just don't yield as much, cuz I can almost safely assume that?  Thanks, OgreNick
1 day ago
I picked some rosehips yesterday thinking they'd look good along my fenceline. I'm about to dry them, but need I stratify too in order to get a good germination rate next year?   Thanks,  Nick      BTW, I probably have the same question for many seeds, like is this normal for zones with harsh winters to stratify?  Then I'm also freezing after drying peach & apricot seeds. It seems the drying then freezing cracks the seeds open, so does a natural scarification.  Does this rhyme with other's experience?
5 days ago
Can or should tepory beans be soaked & inoculated before planting?  Plus, I doubt a dry inoculation would work, or do they even need inoculating?  Are they legumes?  I know they're native to Nor Amer, but how different are they from the beans we're used to?
3 months ago

Hear here!  After all, isn't this Permies site about Permanent Agriculture, which implies sustainable?  Plus....

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:Tires are a question mark. Some think they're brilliant and others worry about offgassing and leaching. Maybe it depends on the age and weathering. I'm not familiar with the hard science on this, or indeed if any has been done. I'm a big fan of recycling, but personally I would tend to look at other options for food production.

  ....I'm positive that tires are no longer natural rubber, but likely a molecular analog of rubber made from, likely, petroleum itself, which is endocrine disrupting and burdens the liver, including the one who lives.
3 months ago
If you want to make raised beds & dont mind taking a step down to reach them & don't mind doing some digging, then huggeling can bring your garden produce within easy reach.  I also like the one pic'ed using fencing & rocks, or straw for potatoes. Good luck with it all, neighbours too. Nick
3 months ago
Hi, Thanks for replying.  Now do you think Dr. Bronner's soap is as effective as what I've heard used in gardening called Safer's Soap?  I've never even seen it written down, but that may be it.  May your Spring be springy,   Nick
They're on mostly my basil starts, so it looks. They're brown. Then when try to pick them off, they squirm incessantly, of course. Just wondering if I've identified them right. I bet they're not even a millimetre in girth. I suspect I have this problem from leaving them dry for too long, watering too infrequently? Much Thanks,  Nick
I'd like to plant them in a good spot, feed it & water it right, so it can feed me sooner than way later. Much thanks for knowledge about this.   ?,  Nick
5 months ago
...& even freezing thru tender stages of food plant development, maybe even specific to zone 5?  So i googled thinking a hit multiple jackpots from URL description but only one of top 3 pulled thru & i bet only partially. The plants I'm looking for are regular veges, greens, flowers, medicinal herbs that can make it thru frosts & even somewhat deeper freezings during early tender stages of development, but by flowering stage no threats of frost, usually. Tho we have experienced up here (CDN Rockies) a few Junuaries & even at least one Julyuary. Talk about scrambling words, but they do refer to climatic reality.  Thanks. Let's all grow what we can to re establish dwindling food security. Thanks, mainly for a list.  But posterity will thank us all for averting climate chaos. Here's the winner of my search string:
5 months ago