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Interesting the mention of wood ash, given how commercial picks are often in burns the year following a forest fire. (BTW, when will they learn morels popping the spring after a burn is nature's way of commencing reforestation. I've never heard anybody say there's anything wrong with, or such a thing as overpicking of morels. Sad the lack of sense of stewardship in this so called society.) Anyway, I wonder if the ash itself feeds morel growth or is the burning heat what instigates morel growth? I know this is sorta chicken/egg question. But not really, I believe the wood ash with a little biochar itself is effective...but maybe not as effective as ash made from a an actual burn in that place over the summer before, but will still work somewhat, at least. Thea, if you're having a periodically wet spring you could have a controlled burn of that hopefully small area. I suggest that reluctantly cuz i've seen larger fires started from controlled burns got outa control.   Thanks, Ogre Nick
3 weeks ago
Hi Jocelyn, "They" have termed the mycelial mat that undergirds a healthy forest the Wood-Wide Web and likened internet traffic to brain activity -- the real intranet. "I'm just saying" this fits well into the signature theory of herbal medicine:
Good luck to us all keeping our heads on straight in this bent right outa shape upside-down whirled weirld:
1 month ago
'thought of, but didn't have any & was in a pinch tho found a brush and half-assed water pressure got enuf stuff of the surface. Cuz i realized i was being...i dunno, unrealistic, given how when i started in the cleaning process i realized it didn't matter to get the air stones fully clean/clear as they'll still work, which is all i need, not optimally. Sorry for any sillymess,  Nick
1 month ago
So far just gonna disconnect the tubes and brush clean the outsides, but suspect that forcing my not ideal pressured water thru them is gonna do much to clear the clogged micro-ish holes. Any stay fresh ideas?  Thanks,  OgreNick
1 month ago
I believe Permaculture should give a enthusiastic nod to Regenerative Ag. Cuz it doesn't seem to me like Organic makes the Permy cut now, does it? When we consider the parameters within which soil regenerates (seems would be the basis for Regenerative Agric.) don't organic practices fall short, as I've seen so much monoculting (rows of same ol', same ol'...). A new Regenerative level of organics anyway should accompany the Green Collar job shift that would come with a Green New Deal, another thing I'd think we'd be hot onto pushin' for so there'll be a tomorrow! ! & ?,  OgreNick
2 months ago
The problem with unnatural medicine is it's too unnaturally convenient, too easy to pop a (usually, a permutation of motor oil) pill or lie there and be carved up while you sleep (surgery). There are two main ways to take lion's mane, in an aqueous solution or ethanol (tincture). I would think powdered should work too, but here read  But yeah, good point that natural medicine works thru digestion, so improving that may be best. Cooking the mushroom is important too. If you get it dried try rehydrating it and cooking it with ginger, cumin and such which makes foods more bioavailable, rather than cooking it into meals, overcomplicating for the digestive system to handle. But cooking isn't needed if making an alcohol tincture. Best 'o luck for speedy recovery,  OgreNick
3 months ago
There's a youtube video where Stamet's posits (hasn't tested) that combining lion's mane with niacin and psilocybin mushroom in microdose level will mutually synergize. Makes sense cuz the flushing of the niacin yields better transport of medicinal qualities to the cells. ...So would with alcohol. Isn't it the case the vasodilating effect of alcohol is one good reason why alcohol is used in herbal medicinal tinctures, no? Does anyone know how little, i'd guess it is, alcohol it takes to trigger that effect of optimizing transport, if all else is functioning kinda normally, at least? Big diff is niacin is Vitamin B3, while alcohol is like machine fuel, if being critical.  Thanks, OgreNick
3 months ago
Thanks, it's just this "polar Vortex" is partic intense this year. Goin into big smoke (city) tmrw and will see what kind of deal i can get on heating pads. Happy & Happenin' Spring, OgreNick