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Northern Germany (Zone 8a)
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i soak them until the label is soft. To get rid of glue hot water helps and you can use some veggie oil and a knife and/or steel-wool-sponge
3 months ago
what about "stone salt"? I m not sure how you call it, but it is a mineral salt from ancient seas which dried up. So it s from seas that are not polluted.

I like epsom salt baths and washing with a cloth and an epsom salt solution (air dry the skin, no toweling). I read that the body will dump excess acid into the basic water/Mineral-deposits through the skin.
For drinking water, I like to add a solution of Magnesium Chloride (Zechsteiner Salt or something). And I sometimes use some food grade clay powder in drinking water.
3 months ago
there are special hot air guns for weeding. they have a long pipe and kinda slider that you can move over the floor.

you might try to use a steam-mop. These steam appliances for cleaning floors. could you borrow one and try? I tried it at my parents paved paths, somewhat successfully. That thing did not have enough power to quickly cook the bigger plants but worked ok on the small stuff. So repeated using this would be easier, when you only have small weeds. It s easy work, like vacc cleaning carpets.
4 months ago
what about making paperpots for the corn starts? You could transplant the whole pots, once they have germinated. I think this would work well in a weedy, roughly cleared area.
4 months ago
nicole: what about direct sowing some more corn? maybe even from kernels for popcorn-making. i find that these sprout well. they should pollinate your plants and might help to produce bio-matter.

EDIT: ok, i should make some starts for corn myself. We did not have that much luck with the weather the past years.
4 months ago
just an idea. we have clay soil, but it s moist nearly all the time. to break up grass and weeds i use a garden claw (the thing with the horizontal handle which you turn and claws that dig into the ground). it leaves lumps. i assume that the chicken would be able to break them up smoothly. maybe keeping the soil wet would help?

4 months ago
you can build a greenhouse unto the hillside (halfway between walipini and earthship). then have a sealed area, like a compartment of the greenhouse (like with a sealed glass wall and glass doors) which leads to a small, dry part of the greenhouse. this leads into your cave... you can hide the door into the cave by building a wardrobe around it... it s common for people to disappear by walking through a wardrobe... to Narnia or something....

Instead of slip form stone you might use rammed earth, maybe mixed with some cement (like clay-soil-cement oder cement stabilized compressed earth blocks)

i think, you would need an electirc dehumidifier inside your cave, alongside with other measures to reduce air humidity

i still think, a camper would be the best option
4 months ago
mehmet, what about straw light clay / slip-straw?
4 months ago
another thought: what about tent in summer and camper in winter. Perhaps somebody has a camper for rent that he wont use in winter...

or what about a greenhouse earthship style?
5 months ago
hey mehmet and welcome to the forums,
can you get a permit for a shed, barn or workshop? that would be easier to convert to a living space than a greenhouse

Did you look into tiny houses on wheels? Or a camper/trailer or "camping truck"? Something mobile to live in...

5 months ago