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As you collect eggs, store them "point down" in an egg carton. I've done ok with them at low room temperature (think of where the chicken lays them, in the shade)
3 months ago
I bought a pair of Bogs in 2010-11 or so.  The taller ones with neoprene uppers. On first walking through a puddle, I could see bubbles coming up out of what looked like a pinhole in the top of the boot. I contacted the company, they sent me a new pair of boots.
I took the new pair through a puddle, and could hear a popping sound afterwards- they had a pocket in the sole that pushed air out. I got another new pair of boots.
Now, I had THREE PAIRS of Bogs. I put two pairs away, and kept wearing them until they actually wore out. They never leaked from those initial holes, at least not internally. But by showing the company video of the issue, hopefully they did some checks on their manufacturing processes.
I just threw away the last pair earlier this winter, when the heel split vertically on both boots within a week. What do you expect for old rubber, they've been around for SEVEN YEARS.
3 months ago
Let me get this straight- you are expending one form of energy to create another form?  And while you are pedaling, what other tasks can you be doing?  I would go get a tape drive and build a wind power generator, and save the bicycle for food grinding or something.
4 months ago
Near where I grew up in Minnesota, there was the foundation if an old factory building.  I assume it was from the 30s or 40s. The walls were shoved full of cans and bottles- and the cans, despite being inside concrete, had rusted and caused the concrete to swell and crumble. Concrete and cob both wick moisture throughout their lifetimes.
I'd stick with using them as shingles. Why take chances?  If you don't fill them, they are empty spaces with one end open to the interior, so no insulation value. If you do fill them, then you haven't saved any material by using them, only given it a sense if structure that could be questionable in the future.
4 months ago
Oh God yes, Muscovies are more like chickens than ducks. Our Muscovy perched on the fence with the chickens, and when we had Swedish ducks she shunned them totally. She liked to drink from the hose but didn't jump into the drinking water and soil it in 2 minutes. And she built a nest behind the hay bales and layed religiously. I accidentally grabbed one if her eggs making friends eggs in the morning, no bad taste at all. Eggs were good sized, and sold for a premium for baking.
5 months ago
We've had roosters sacrifice themselves to a wandering dog to ensure the hens got to safety...
We've had roosters that made a nest, tested it out, let the hen try it, and when she wasn't satisfied, continued to fluff straw and pack it down until she WAS satisfied.
We've got tiny bantams that LOVE full size hens.
And somtimes they cluck loudly over a tiny piece of food, until a hen comes and gets it, and they strut around all proud.
11 months ago