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Eli Sinayoko

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since Oct 21, 2015
Bamako, Mali
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Recent posts by Eli Sinayoko

Hi Anne,

Thanks for the reply !

Do you think basilic might be a good option as well ? It is really adapted to the land and climate, we even have some wild species here.
6 months ago
I dont know what is a moosage yet,  but I'd love to expand my knowledge about the subject.

I'll send you my email and my whatsapp number by private message so we can also call each other.

7 months ago
Hello Nathanael,

Fascinating project. A book dedicated to African realities is really lacking at the moment !

I really like your approach regarding focus on day to day, down to earth techniques that can be implement easily. Like you said   African farmers "want to know how to make sure this year is productive and next year can be more productive." , at least that is the case in my country, Mali.

I would love to be involve in this project, however at the moment it's a bit difficult for me to be active. I am most of the time in a rural area with no internet connection and no access to much electricity.
However in October I'll probably spend a few days every week in Bamako, Mali's capital, so I'll be able to be much more active.

In the meantime I'd love to have a chat with you Nathanael. I'd be glad to see your introduction's first draft.

Talk to you soon ! Hello to every one in Chad !

7 months ago
Hi permies,

I am in Mali a dry arid tropical country.

We use open air squat toilets in my village and the nearby area is invaded with grass. I wanted to know what type of plants I could plant in the vicinity (aromatic plants for instance ?) to replace this grass.
I am considering Lemon Grass, but maybe you'll have other suggestions ?

Thank you,

7 months ago
Hi Nathanael,

True, sweet potatoes leaves are a perrenial, but isn't there no risks at not rotating the area where I grow it ? Might the soil not be exhausted at some point ?
7 months ago
Thank you for the answers.

I think I will put in place a rotation :
- Artemisia
- Amaranth
- Sweet Potatoes
- Beans

and see how it evolves :p

I'll let you know :p
8 months ago
Dear all,

In the coming raining season I will start a small commercial production of several african leafy vegetables :
- Amaranth
- Sweet Potatoes Leaves
- Cassava Leaves
- Beans Leaves

as well as :
- Baobab Leaves
- Moringa Leaves
- Artemisia Leaves

I have a 2000 square meters area that i dedicate to intensive leafy vegetables production and Artemisia. It will be divided in three parts of approximately 600m2 :
- 1 Part of Amaranth Leaves Production
- 1 Part of Sweet Potatoes Leaves Production
- 1 part of Artemisia Production

My question was the following, Do you think it will be necessary to have a rotation ?
Is it necessary to insert some nitrogen fixing plants at some point in the rotation ? or
Can I just constantly rotate between those three crops knowing that I'll have several Nitrogin Fixing Trees (Leucaena, A.Albida, Gliricidia) in the near areas ?

Many thanks.
8 months ago
Dear all,

I am in Mali which is a dry arid tropic country with a 3 months moonsoon season once a year.

I have a 2 hectares fenced area and I am considering splitting the field in 3 areas :

- 1 Area as a Banana Crop Area
- 1 Area for Moringa Trees
- 1 Area for fruits trees that doesn't shade too much : either Guava/Pomegranate/Custard Apple or the 3 of them at the same time :p

Would you recommend any particular guild for all this crops ?

I was considering the following :

1) Bananas : Sweet Potatoes, Ginger, Curcuma, Lemon Grass ?

2) Moringa : Beans ? Something drought tolerant ?

3) Guava / Pomegranate / Custard Apple : Artemisia Annua, Citronella, Sweet Potatoes, Cassava

I would love to have your opinion on those few propositions.

Thanks a lot

Eli from Mali
9 months ago
Thanks to you both !

I'll try to identify the cash crops that brings a good price locally like you suggested Dustin.

Cotton is indeed widely cultivated in the country, but the price is not that interesting, and I am not sure cotton farming is good/sustainable for our soil.

As far as Lemon Tree Farming and Banana Farming, would you recommend some ressources that would help me plan a strategy to cultivate it in the most sustainable way ?

Thanks :p

1 year ago
Dear all,

Here in dry arid tropical climate , Republic of Mali (Western Africa). My family has a 24 hectares field. We have been able to fence 2 hectares and a borewell with a LOT of water (17 cubic meters per hour).
I wanted to know what you were thinking about my strategy for cash crops.

- Dry Arid / Tropical Climate (3-4 months raining season)
- Mostly Sandy Soil
- Lots of Shea Trees on the field (19 in the 2 hectares fenced area)
- Lots of Water : Borewell with 17 cubic meters per hour
- A 100 persons approximately in my family,  money is necessitated for educational purposes mostly (public school is terrible).

My strategy : - Split the 2 hectares in 3 :

- 1st part to grow lemon trees irrigated on a regular basis so they can provide fruits all year long
- 2nd part : Banana crops
- 3rd part : A root crop to take advantage of the sandy soil, Cassava would be one option but it doesn't require that much irrigation. Also considering niche that have some kind of a market here (strawberries, herbs, ....)

Regarding the non fenced remaining 22 hectares. Planning to build a living hedge little by little :
- Take advantage of the numerous shea trees already present on the field
- Plant many Cashew Trees as well (loves sandy soil i think, great in my climate)
- Plant some Custard  Apple Trees (loves the climate as well)
- Puts a lot of beehives
- Long term wise : plant some timber species  

My questions are the following regarding that strategy :

- Is there another cash crop particularly suited to my dry arid climate that I haven't considered here ?

- Is 3-4 cash crops enough ? Too much ?

- Is it a good enough use of the huge amount of water I have in my borewell.

- Are those crops (lemon, banana, cashew,...) going to adapt fairly well to my future climate ?

Kind regards,

1 year ago