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Recent posts by Ken W Wilson

What is the planet like? Is the gravity the same as the Earth? What about wind speeds? Storms like ours or more massive? Rainfall?

Slow growing trees tend to have stronger wood. Maybe these trees are extremely ancient.

If they need to get that tall for some reason, you might need to explain how they survive until they get tall, unless the height is just for pollination or seed dispersal.

2 days ago

That’s just a guess. Don’t use them without a better ID. I can’t find a good picture of the leaves.

I didn’t know cola was a tree.
3 days ago
I wish they weren’t out of perennial leeks. I’ve been wanting to try them.

Not sure if it was a good idea, but I just got my order of a pound of shallots for 10.00 shipping included. Unknown variety. They are big and very healthy. I think they were meant for eating and not planting. I plan to plant them.
3 days ago
Oh I see the link. I’ll check out the sale.
3 days ago
The Egyptian onions are pretty competitive.  A few cultivations might be enough. More would be better.  Also depends on if you start with little top sets or established roots. After a year or two, they’ll compete a lot better. My grandparents had an old established patch about 4’x8’. It did fine with just mowing around it.

I don’t think the potato onions can take much competition. I would plant them in the garden.

Where was the sale?

3 days ago
Someone told me a layer of sand would work. I haven’t tried it.

Has anyone has successfully used carnivorous plants for pest control indoors? I’ve always wanted to try it. I did some reading on it, and it sounds like most types need too much humidity. I wonder if  a terrarium with the lid off part of the day would work?
3 days ago
If that’s a silver maple, you may have too many roots even in the open area.  They have an unbelievable amount of shallow roots. Other maples may be like that too, but I haven’t had to deal with them.
4 days ago
Trying to post the pictures again.
5 days ago
I plan to harvest my medlars tomorrow for the first time. It froze last night, but I think they’ll still need some bletting. Has anyone cooked with them? I’m hoping for about 5 pounds.

I’d like to make medlar butter the same way I make pear butter. Cook, press through a colander, add sugar and spices a little at a time until I like the taste,  then cook it down. I prefer things not too sweet. Will this work? I’ve seen recipes with lemon juice. Is that needed for water bath canning? They seem pretty acidic.  I probably won’t get enough to really need to can it. I’d like to learn what it tastes like with just a little sugar before I decide what else to put in it.

Does anyone have any suggestions or a good recipe?
5 days ago
They look pretty good. Sometimes no seeds, but I haven’t cut them yet. I’m trying to send pictures, but they aren’t uploading for some reason. I’ll try again later.
5 days ago