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Recent posts by Ken W Wilson

Mike do your figs just die down to the ground and then grow back or do the roots die too?

You should be able to grow figs in in TN. What varieties have you tried. I’ve had a Hardy Chicago in the ground about 5 years. It freezes down but grows back 8’ and produces some the same year. It’s not real productive, about 30 last year. If we ever get a milder winter and it doesn’t freeze back, the mature wood should be a lot hardier the next winter.
1 day ago
The type of grass you are planting into and it’s condition is going to make a big difference. I don’t think it’d ever work too well with any kind of sod.

Why don’t you want to till it? You could just smother it with mulcph this summer to be ready next spring.
1 day ago
Thanks, Bryant. I’ll try top dressing. It’s been a couple years. I might try moving some plants to a new bed too.
I planted cucumbers and dill a few days ago. It’s very dry. I’ll have to water them until they’re up. I planted sweetcorn about a week ago. It’s up good.  I’d like to plant more fall crops, but it’s too dry.  If we get rain, I’ll get to work.
5 days ago
Can you get a closer picture?

That’s interesting! For some reason I thought they were a sterile hybrid. I’m in MO, so I haven’t had much reason to research them.

I wish I could find an edible banana that would grow here..
6 days ago
How hot has it been there? My cousin used to raise a 1000 acres of cucumbers a year. He said when it’s too hot that they just make vines. If it cools off, they’ lll make lots of fruit.  He seems to be right from what I’ve seen. I think the blooms just get too dry too fast. Hand pollinating could help, but not having bees may not be the whole problem. There are lots of pollinators besides honey bees too.

If it’s not hot there, then I’m all wrong.
1 week ago
They are actually called squash bugs. They can build up huge populations. They’ll move into your melons after they’re done with the squash. I don’t know what to do about them. My chickens wouldn’t eat them. I pretty much quit growing zuchini because of them.  I’m trying some squash varieties that are more resistant this year.
Does it have milky sap?
1 week ago
I think it’s a milkweed, but there are many varieties.
1 week ago