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Raspberries are a very high value crop.  I’d at least give them a few years while you get some established in a more convenient location.

Are the producing good?
5 days ago
You can just let nuts fall to the ground. There are some simple devices to pick them up. I don’t know if they work. My trees are still young, so I haven’t needed one yet.  They sell these at farm supply stores here
1 week ago
I’ve read that spicebush bark can be used like cinnamon. I believe they are in the same family. Mine are too small to sample though.
2 weeks ago
Welcome to the forum! I’m afraid I don’t know any suppliers there. Probably, someone on here will be able to help you.
What part of the world are you in?
What part of the world are you in?
You might have 20 plants with roots tangled together in just a small clump. You can dig up the clump and plant one back. That way you can get a lot of plants and only sacrifice this years production from one or two clumps
I know of a couple of old apple trees in different loacations that are uncared for and have very little damage. I wish I knew why insects don’t bother them. Is there just a healthy predator population or resistant trees? I’d like to think that the natural predators would have things under control eventually. May it takes 30 years.

One is isolated and actually seems to be completely self pollinating. They can’t find another pollen source, anyway. Very tasty apples.  I need to get scions. Wonder if it’s too late for this year? I tried seeds last year, but they didn’t come up.

Has anyone tried the apple socks that you put on each apple? I can’t think what they’re really called. I will do a search.
1 month ago