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Recent posts by Ken W Wilson

I am doing Krtaky hydroponics in half gallon fruit jars. Microdwarf tomatoes, green onions, basil so far. I use artificial light but a sunny window would work.
3 months ago
Does anyone have any updates?

My seedless che from Edible Landscaping has been setting fruit for a few years.  I think they are getting about full sized and very light pink, then falling off while still rock hard.  Just dropped most of the fruit in the last week here in Missouri. It is very dry this year, but they drop every year.  Guess I will try watering next year, but I don’t normally water trees that are 15’ tall.

I don’t think a pollinator would help when they are getting so close to ripe?
1 year ago
I have one that is around 4 years old now. It has shade all afternoon. I cut the seed heads off as soon as I notice them. It hasn’t been very productive yet, but I think it is starting to adapt. It barely survived the first two summers.

I am in midwestern Missouri.
1 year ago
Do they have good drainage?  Too much moisture causes root diseases.  Some varieties are disease resistant.

Do they get too thick? Sometimes they need to be thinned out, removing older plants.

I usually move some young plants to a new location after 2-3 years.  I like to plant in early fall, so I don’t have to weed all summer.  I have gone about 8 years without buying plants.

I only plant day neutrals.  June bearers can take 9 months to a year to produce. If you have a late frost, you could have to wait 2 years for fruit.  
1 year ago
I made my first attempt at water bath canning pickled asparagus last night. All six jars sealed, but I lost some liquid. Parts of some asparagus are above the fluid level. Is this unsafe since they aren’t covered in brine? I used 50/50 vinegar with just a little salt and sugar.
1 year ago
How is your Korean Cherry doing? I have a recent post about mine.

They do grow slowly.
1 year ago
I will have to dig around for the tags, but the plant descriptions said the Korean cherry was the sweet one. I have one other. It is a bigger cherry but tart. It wasn’t one of the sweet Romance Series cherries.

I planted a very small Korean cherry plant and grows slowly. It’s about three feet tall and about three years old.  It blooms a little early for this part of Missouri. I covered it a few times this year and last. It has been very healthy with no care.

Not sure if this is where is bought them, but this is a good company.

1 year ago
Hopefully, this is a better picture.
1 year ago
Bean seed on the left was saved from October beans  (I think)  about five years ago. I don’t think they are runner beans, but I’m not sure.  I believe they are still a pure variety. About
three years ago, I planted some with another variety that I think were called Turkish runner beans.  The seeds in the bottom picture are the result. I think the Turkish beens were pure brown. All the seeds are a lot larger than than the October beans. Some are larger than either variety. The largest seed is much larger and has colorations from both varieties.

I only had a few plants in pots. It was too hot and dry, so I only have a few seeds. I think they were good varieties. I had some health problems and couldn’t take care of them.

Are these a cross of two varieties or two species?  I think at least one variety was a runner bean because I remember tubers. Should I try to keep growing them and which seeds should I plant?I don’t have much room.
1 year ago
Has anyone tried Korean bush cherries? I harvested my first handful last year. They tasted great, very sweet. It’s a bush, so it doesn’t need much space.  

1 year ago