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I’m all for experimenting, but I am wondering if you’re already using any space and lighting available in your home?

Led lighting is getting fairly reasonable.
Maybe try a few varieties of lettuce and kale? You could use shelves for layers with a light for each.  It’s a very interesting experiment. It’s going to be hard to pull off on the first try since you don’t know how much light and heat you need.  I think keeping the heat in without the humidity level getting too high might be the biggest obstacle.
I don’t have any related experience, but I suspect that cucumbers would be harder to grow this way than most other plants. They like lots of heat, light, and room to grow. I don’t know about the 24 hour light. Maybe timers and two lights with one black. Just a guess. I haven’t heard of any experiments with lighting.

Do you have a plan for ventilation?

I would be prepared with different wattages of bulbs to regulate heat. Maybe a timer would help with that too.
Autumn berry
1 month ago
What variety of figs, Dan?

If I ever get Chi fruit, I’m going to look into crossing it with a mulberry. I wonder if it’s possible?
1 month ago
Dan, your theory sounds correct. Every year it grows faster and gets taller. We had some late cold weather this year, so I’m not sure how big it will get.

I think the thickest new wood is about 1.5 inches. I’ve got about one foot of older wood, about two inches.

The older wood is supposed to be hardier but thicker new wood also seems to be.
1 month ago
How about updates on the chi trees?

Mine is very healthy but not growing very fast. It’s only about 2’ tall.  The Japanese beetles were near it but never touched it.  Hopefully, the leaves taste bad.
1 month ago
My Hardy Chicago is dying back each year. Last year, it got 8 feet tall and produced about 30 before freezing. It’s got about 8 trunks. I broke the tips off most of them to hopefully help more ripen before frost.
1 month ago
I don’t know much about this subject, but I was wondering if maybe the the variety of tree might be a consideration? Like if the big tree is a mature, productive pecan and the small trees are common, less useful varieties.
1 month ago