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Recent posts by Ken W Wilson

I like my Oregon 40v.  I like the idea of handsaws if you have the time and are fit enough.
1 week ago
It smells good! I’m comparing to some McCormick. I think it already has more vanilla smell, but it does have more of an alcohol smell too. I will see what another month dies for it.
1 week ago
Are they frozen solid? If they are only partially frozen they are probably ruined. It seems like if they’re completely frozen, and you keep them frozen, you could cook with them. Just guessing though.
2 weeks ago
Seckel is my favorite.
2 weeks ago
It has 8 rows of LEDs. You can turn half on or all on. It’s not dimable other than that.
2 weeks ago

It just got here. It has no instructions at all. It’s bright! I like that you can turn just half the lights on if you want.
2 weeks ago
I guess indoor growing isn’t very Permie, but with LEDs it doesn’t seem too bad, and is probably better for the planet than buying fruit and vegetables from South America. I think? Opinions are welcome. I don’t know. Winter gets me down. Lights and growing things help me a lot. Also, I’ll probably be either on dialysis or getting a transplant within the next year. That may keep me from doing much outdoor gardening, at least for a while. I want to always be able to grow some things. Some other people probably have no other option due to space or health reasons. I’m not sure how efficient or inefficient it is to grow food this way. I’m trying to figure it out. This light should be delivered today. I’m trying to figure out how much area it will light up. I’m hoping to put at least four Earthboxes under it, about 60” x 30” for the four planters. Does anyone know if it will light that big of an area or maybe more?  

2 weeks ago
I forgot to mention that they make a 40v pole saw too.
2 weeks ago
I’d go with this: .
No maintenance. Seems safer that gas because it’s only running when you’re actually cutting. I think the pros all use chainsaw proof chaps. Seems like a good idea. I have an older model of the saw plus their hedge clipper and weed eater.

The pole saw would be a huge amount of work and take a lot of time.

Fire has been used to clear cedars. Of course, it wouldn’t be safe in many situations.
2 weeks ago
I think it might be choke cherry. They have those horizontal markings on young trees. I always wanted to make some jelly, but never got around to it.

I think they are supposed to be toxic to livestock, but we had them in our pasture. The leaves I think.
2 weeks ago