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Recent posts by Ken W Wilson

Pill bugs like to eat the tips of my strawberries.
23 hours ago
If it is mulberry, you might find that you like mulberries better than goumis. There is a chance it’s a male mulberry and wont fruit. I’m not sure what the odds are. Does anyone know what percent of mulberries are male only? I have several that came up in my yard. I’m going to leave them all until at least one fruits. I wonder if I need a male tree too?  There must be some in the area.

Was this plant grown from seed? I have had mulberries come up in pots several times without planting them. They make millions of seeds and birds spread them everywhere.
1 week ago
It looks a lot like mulberry.

I wonder if the edges that were yellow died back and are now dead? Are the leaves crunchy or dry where the black is?
1 week ago
Your plans for planting berries sound great. I don’t think many types of fruit trees would be likely to produce more than a coupe fruits in two years. You could probably get good  peaches and cherries in 5 years.

I probably would plant fruit trees in pots. I don’t really like to plant dwarf trees, but in your situation, it might be best.  They don’t live as long and aren’t as hardy. You could plant standard sized trees in pots if you think you can plant them in the ground in a few years.

Blueberries seem to like Earthboxes planters. I’ve had one in a planter for three years.

Most other berries are really easy to dig up and replant when you move.

1 month ago
I have been thinking that a figXmulberry cross would be really interesting.  Fig pollination is difficult though. I’m not sure how it could be done.
When ramps are in season, there are usually several people on EBay selling them in larger quantities for food. I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t plant them.

1 month ago
I wonder why they don’t let you harvest fungi?
1 month ago
What part of the world are you in?
1 month ago