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Recent posts by Ken W Wilson

I have Nikita’s Gift hybrid. When fully ripe, I don’t like the mushy texture. They get very sweet. I like them a few days before they are mushy. This year I picked most when they were just starting to soften and still bitter. I dehydrated them. This took the bitterness out. Mixed with nuts, they make a great trail mix. They sometimes don’t have any seeds. Last year they had very small seeds. The fruits are as big as four American persimmons. The tree is very healthy. It’s had some fall webbworm damage.

I prefer the taste and texture of very ripe American Persimmons. I don’t have access to a good tree anymore. The fruits from the only tree I have now never lose their bitterness. I need to try dehydrating some. I need to find a better tree. I have a young, grafted, American planted. I think it is Yates, but I’ll have to check. No fruit yet.

11 hours ago
I’m in western MO. Not the Ozarks but not far.
12 hours ago
I think there are exceptions. I think pine is one of them, but I’m not sure.  You could crack a few and see if the insides look full and healthy.
1 week ago
Try eating your ice cream on Ritz crackers. Sweet and salty. Smooth and crunchy. It’s great! Not very Permie, but I guess you could make your own crackers.
1 week ago
Eggs are probably one of the easiest sources of fat and protein to grow.  I guess most places they could  be foraged a part of the year, if it was a life or death situation. A few eaten with rabbit would probably put off the starvation. I am just speculating.  I haven’t researched this subject.

Here, pecans and hickories would be very helpful.  I’ve read that the native Americans stored large quantities. They keep more than a year if they haven’t been cracked and are dry.
1 week ago
I don’t think I’d try to raise chickens and rabbits that far away. Even a great neighbor isn’t likely to be able to give them the care they need.

With larger animals, escapes would be a worry. Even healthy trees can fall on fences. Minor flooding can wash out a post.  Feeding them in bad weather like snow storms could be a problem.

I’d start with improving the land and planting trees and berries. Fish ponds are great. You could get into livestock after you know the land better and have a better idea of what problems can come up.

As far away from retirement as you are, buying less land closer to where you live could be more enjoyable. Even a vacant lot could be very productive, if there aren’t any codes keeping you from having a huge garden, rabbits, and chickens.

Can you raise anything where you live now?  I live in town and have a couple gardens, four chickens, and many fruit and nut trees but they’re all still pretty young. I have some land ten miles away that I’m planting trees on. It has a fish pond, and I raise bees there.
1 week ago
I give this seed source 10 out of 10 acorns.

Huge selection and fast shipping.
I give this seed source 8 out of 10 acorns. They sell healthy trees and have great service. I wish they would list the variety of rootstock. I’ve even called,  and they really didn’t know. I still give them an 8 though.
2 weeks ago
I had a breaker trip on the circuit my freezer was on. CFI circuits can be a problem with freezers. I had about 100lbs of beef in it. When I discovered the power failure, the meat was mostly thawed but had a little ice, so I figured it was still refrigerator temperature. The blood was really a mess. The meat tasted fine, and I used it all. I did make sure I cooked it well done.
3 weeks ago
Thanks! I think I’ll make either stew or gravy this weekend.

Do they go good with oyster mushrooms? I’ve got some growing in buckets. Maybe the trumpets would overwhelm the oysters?
3 weeks ago