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I planted a lot of Musk Strawberries about 4 years ago. I planted them mainly for ground cover, but I was hoping for a few berries. I haven't had a single berry. I think they all came from the same place, but they weren't supposed to be they same variety. I planted 20 more today that are supposed to be mixed. Hopefully, I'll get some pollination eventually. Is anyone growing these? Any berries? Any suggestions?

They make great ground cover where they have partial or even almost full shade. The plants in full sun don't look good in late summer, but you can mow them, and they'll come back.

21 hours ago
Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better. I guess I’ve never smelled it fresh before. It’s not native here, so I’ve never cut one.

It really works a lot better than straw. It’s cheap too. 4 bags for 10.00 at Sutherland’s.
1 day ago
I’ve been using purchased,  no float cypress mulch on the strawberries in my Earthboxes for years. It works great and doesn’t blow away like straw. I expanded my berries to a 6’x12’ bed and two 30’ rows in the garden. I just spread 8 bags of mulch and got to thinking it has an odd smell. The package says cypress and other natural ingredients. No cautions or anything.  This mulch was a lot fresher than it usually is. I’m hoping this is just the smell of fresh cypress.  Does anyone know if cypress has a a piney but almost chemical smell? I emailed the company. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. If it’s got chemicals in it, I want to start raking it up. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t but I’d sure like to confirm that.
1 day ago
I bought a new desktop computer and Scrivener. Scrivener is going to take a while to figure out. It does sound worthwhile though. I need to watch some tutorials.

I joined two great Facebook groups. Writers Helping Writers and Authors and Writers Helping Each Other Grow. They are very active groups, and they really are helpful.

I think I’m retiring 6/30. I don’t have to decide for sure until 6/15. If I do retire, I think I might just jump right in and start on the fantasy novel.

1 day ago
Can you supply plenty of water? Do you have a good source of mulch? What is the soil like?

You can plant dwarfs closer if you keep them pruned and watered.

I don’t think you have room for a traditional canopy tree. Maybe a standard sized fruit tree. Really, I wouldn’t do that even. How about an overhead trellis with grapes or Kiwis?

Do blackberries and strawberries grow there?

I have a narrow strip between by brick front porch and my sidewalk. Everything baked there until I planted thornless blackberries. They grew fast enough to shade the bricks, so they didn’t get too hot. I also put Earthboxes and other planters in front of the bricks for shade the first year.  Now medlars and a cherry bush are growing there too. I planted morels underneath it all don’t know if it worked yet, but I’ve got some kind of white mycelium. Morel season any day now though!
1 week ago
I didn’t know that readers were black and white.

Do you use color for the print version and black and white for digital?

1 week ago
The color looks like a bolete species. Do they have gills or pores?
1 week ago
There are all a lot of things to consider.

I was a writing tutor in college, but that was a really long time ago. Since then, I haven’t written anything longer than a Permies post. I’m sure it will come back to me or I can relearn it. I think writing will be slow going for a while.
1 week ago
Thanks for all the help! You have all really inspired me to start something right away. I’m going to start taking pictures of my gardening today. Actually it will be a picture of the April snow on a fruit tree.. I’ll order a computer as soon as I can decide which one.

Reading about direct marketing on Amazon, has given me another book idea. I have a wide range of interests. I think my first book might be about baking rolls. I’ve developed a really simple recipe and techniques for making great hot rolls and cinnamon rolls. The book would be a complete how to bake rolls instruction book and also have a lot of possible variations. I’m not sure if it will be long enough to publish, but it sounds like it might work. It’d be a great learning experience and a lot less intimidating that starting a 400 page novel.

One thing that worries me about a cook book, is that there are so few ingredients in roll dough that there might be a similar recipe published somewhere. All roll recipes are going to have most of the same basic ingredients. I wonder if this will be a problem? I developed this recipe from just knowing the basic incredients and a general idea how much. I’ve tweeked it over many years. It’s mainly about the technique.

1 week ago

I’m glad I don’t need to buy a camera. I have a good iPhone. I guess I’ll start taking pictures of my garden projects right away.

I’ll try that program. Can you export directly from it to Kindle Publishing? I’ll probably end up with Windows on my new computer, but it looks like it comes in a windows version. My old Dell works fine, but they don’t make an OEM Dell battery or power supply for it anymore. I ordered replacements from Amazon, but they got recalled as fire hazards.

1 week ago