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Zone 8B/9A
Temp avg range 15 F to 100 F (cold temps are sporadically scattered through winter)
Avg rain 36 inches (plus or minus 25 inches)
Flood and drought both are common here.
Alkaline limestone/caliche based soil
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Just northwest of Austin, TX
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Recent posts by Casie Becker

I carry a full tote into work every night.  In addition to allergy meds, caffeine, pain killers, and chewable tums (and all of these have been needed by at least one coworker in addition to times I use them) I have heating pads, kt tape and regular medical tape.  Bandaids, saline, gauze, scissors, tweezers and antiseptic creams are in the company's many first aid kits. The only times I have needed more than these, I needed actual doctor's care.

Our medical cabinet at home is actually far more extensive though we have stopped short of John's level of preparation.   Mostly of my medical thinking goes into prevention. In case of burns I dig in the fridge for the mustard.  Half an our of plain mustard sitting on a burn and not only does it have less blistering, it's pain free and doesn't start hurting again later.
1 year ago
It depends where I am going.   Everywhere is phone, wallet, car keys and recently added reading glasses.

To my full time job I clip on an utility knife with spare blades, good snug work gloves and knee pads but I carry in a large reusable bag filled with two stand sized totes.  One for any kind of medical emergency that won't require professional help and one with a wide variety of snacks that could fill my lunch needs for several days.  If I shop after getting off work I pull the smaller totes out.  It finally has me consistently remembering a reusable bag that isn't already half full.  

I have resisted so far the temptation to buy tactical hair clips.  Just knowing they exist amuses me greatly.
1 year ago
The world is a very interesting place right now. We have a nice space for everyone to discuss positive permaculture solutions and experiments.

We have the cider press for interesting topics that tend to become divisive if not downright incendiary.
Gran thresher?  
1 year ago
I'm close to that line between snowy and dry.  Historically the almanacs long forecasts aren't much better than flipping a coin, but I have already noticed our weather resembles late to mid October more than what has become our normal early September. We're not even breaking 90s every day and we have several predictions of nighttime lows in the 60s over the next week.
1 year ago
The problem with urban deer herds is that without any predators the quickly outgrow the food supply.  They are often either malnourished from subsisting on the corn and other unhealthy choices people feed them or flat out starving. Venison makes the best chili and responsible hunting let's the deer live much higher quality lives.

There was just 1 obvious herd when we moved into this subdivision 10 years ago. I  always knew when deer hunting season started cause that was the only time you saw them in populated areas.  I don't hunt for some reasons that have nothing to do with objecting to the practice, so this was often my only notice.

This city is one of the fastest growing in the country and there are fewer and fewer places nearby to hunt. With 3 herds now, I am starting to notice them getting skinnier. They are always in people's yards even as people run and walk their dogs.  

There's nowhere else for them to go and without the irrigation or lawns and gardens there would be nothing for them to eat.  It's hard to object when they eat my roses if they don't have other options.
1 year ago this site has a tiny bit of info about growing and harvesting L. monogynum.  

This seems to be found naturally in rocky places and dunes in growing zone 8 and 9 with relatively cool summers because of sea winds flowing over arctic water.  
1 year ago
Interesting thing is wikipedia about the European perennial flax mentions that the native Americans used the closely related Linum lewisii to make fishing nets and twine.  They're both beautiful plants.  It's hard to find plants with such a gorgeous blue flower.
1 year ago
I was driving home this morning and saw a large light colored animal in someone's front yard.  I was marveling at the strange color of deer and worrying about its unusual movement pattern as I was having a hard time judging if it was about to leap into the road.  Then I realized it was a large dog.  I live in a medium sized city and there are at least three different herds within half a mile of my house.
1 year ago
Has anyone tried companion planting onions or garlic either before or with the potatoes?  I am wondering is their natural antifungal properties could reduce the pathogen load in the soi.
1 year ago