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Zone 8B/9A
Temp avg range 15 F to 100 F (cold temps are sporadically scattered through winter)
Avg rain 36 inches (plus or minus 25 inches)
Flood and drought both are common here.
Alkaline limestone/caliche based soil
Just northwest of Austin, TX
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Recent posts by Casie Becker

Oh, the little purple cabinet started white with frosted glass and tiny hardware.  I lined the glass door with decorative paper, replaced the tiny hardware with larger knobs from another piece of furniture.   The copper detail on the drawer is an old experiment where I crotcheted one coaster out of copper jewlery wire. I just threaded the knob through it.
6 hours ago
Okay, here's the promised pictures.   Next projects are reuholstery in the living room.  That will be a learning experience.
6 hours ago
One of the time sucks that has kept me from permies over this last year was finally tiling my room.  It seemed a waste to get rid of the nasty old carpet and then bring back in the tired old collection of cast offs that has accumulated over longer than my adult life span.  

I accumulated most of this because I need and use it all. Pulling the old carpet became a several month process of me using every spare moment to refurbish every piece in my room. I feel like the end result is better than the furniture looked new, and I even have some pictures to prove it.

I know I am not the only one doing things like this, but somehow we're not talking about it in the forum. I'm going to take some time showing off.  Feel free to chime in with your own creations.

6 hours ago
Pearl, I think I want to be you when I grow up. 

As for a alternative to the word upcycled, I usually say refurbished.   Unless something is being put to a completely different use (the dustruffle/petticoat) repairing and upgrade just seems like sensible upkeep.
6 hours ago
I've added this question to "gardening for beginners" to give it additional visibility. 

I think the official word for the in ground storage is called heeling in, it might help you research more.

In my climate this is prime planting season for trees and perennials because they will focus on developing strong roots all winter long to better survive our harshest season. It may be completely reversed as far north as you sound.

The discussion in this thread may be relevant to you. I expect to see a more knowledgeable response after mine, but it's somewhere to start.
7 hours ago
Those remind me of the smaller shoots on many plants that will form into complete branches when there's enough distance  (through pruning or natural growth) from the main growing tip.  Apparently the growing tips of many plants excrete a hormone that keeps potentially competitive branches from developing too close together.
8 hours ago
I think this kind of conversion is very doable in houses built with a "mother-in-law " plan.  We've got a nearly identical layout and have converted the garage into more living space.  We continually joke about adding a galley kitchen and second exterior door to that area.  Depending on where we put the dividing wall, we could comfortably house two complete families.  Your story might be just the push we need if there's ever a point where we're not using the complete house. Right now it's a good size for three generations.
8 hours ago
I think bugs is the category you are looking for.  There's also pollinators, honey bees and maybe even nibblers in some cases. Most people aren't applying a scientific distinction between bugs and other insects in their yards.
I don't want to derail the whole post, but I suspect a lot of the companies that practice the policy of matching each sale with a donation in kind, are run by people who had the same dilemma that you're struggling with, Bombas socks, for instance. Maybe something in that line would be a workable solution for both selling your dragons and making these high quality toys available for less affluent households.
3 days ago
So now I'm curious about whether the old technique with the water gallons even works. We've never had an empty enough freezer to try it ourselves.
6 days ago