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since Nov 16, 2015
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Quebec, Canada
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Recent posts by Michelle Bisson

Since you plan for this woodchip berm to be moved in the future, once moved, the ground will be free of weeds/grass underneath it so you might like to plan now what you will plant there in the future.  The ground will be great for a garden bed.  I often will pile whatever mulch material I have available and put where I will want a future planting bed.
1 month ago
You could easily plant squash - lots of varieties and cucumbers.  No trellising is needed.  Winter squash is easy to store for the winter so it is hard to overplant it.  Create some pockets to hold some topsoil for your plants.
1 month ago
You might consider putting your hugelkultur where it could profit of gathering extra moisture from run off rain water.

For example, if you have 8 inches of rain annually, but you profit from the rain water run off, it might be équivalent to 20 inches of rain.
1 month ago
A tree can benefit by being close to a hugel culture bed especially in the desert if planted on the lower side of the hugle culture to profit from the extra moisture.  

Now you might want to make sure that you have walking space between your tree and hugel culture bed.  Also, the sun has a factor.  Do you want some shade from the desert sun on your hugel culture bed.

Best to choose plants & trees that are appropriate for your climate.

1 month ago
Thanks Mike and your team for your hard work keeping out the spammers!
Thanks for sharing your unique skills!

2 months ago

If the tree comes back, just cut back to the surface until it runs out of steam,  

This would be my approach.  You could put some kind of barrier over the stumps then the put the mulch to limit the new sprouts.  That barrier could be removed it if is not an organic barrier.

The stump will start to decompose once it is dead.
4 months ago
We live in a small village where everyone has to bring their bagged leaves to the local fire department backyard.  We are able to quickly gather about 300 bags of leaves this way.  It took three trips of about 100 bags in our trailer.

Collecting bagged leaves this way is easy.
5 months ago
Top off the garden bed with whatever mulch you have available.  If you have any dirt to fill in the gaps and raise it if needed then put that first then top it with mulch.
5 months ago