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Recent posts by Ben Skiba

picture of sheep is during the sheepwalk from utah to arizona mountain.Some pictures of some projects i'm starting.Horse shoe coat hangers/salt and pepper holder,a project order for a latch for a horse trailer.Wood for a bucksaw packsaddle.Just been alittle I'm trying to make it a point to keep posting and document this wild life.Will make some soap soon for the open market.Trying to become financially independent sometimes I just wanna quit my job but Im trying to hold out as long as possible while getting my own businesses going.The constant struggle of an old soul in a modern world.I go round and round with this.Two types of freedom philosophy.There's the so much money you can do what you want independence then there is the moneyless manifesto.anyways keep chippin away permies you'll get there.
1 year ago
Could be used for battens or weaving or charcoal pencils.could make it into a wattled fence.
1 year ago

jackie woolston wrote:Hi Ben, I love your pallet yurt. I have a project that this might morf with. I have 4 old 5'x13' Gothic window frames, The pallets would be perfect to connect the window frames. The same shape idea, with pallets staggered with window frames. Probably need to stack pallets higher or shorten the old frames.??  Thanks for the awesome idea! Now I will be on the hunt for good pallets. I use alpaca wool to insulate buildings...recycle 50lb paper organic flour sacks, stuff with wool and do a bit of quilting to keep the wool from settling. These would fit inside the inner part of the pallets. I always build things in my head before I tackle them. I have been dragging these windows around since 1988. Where the glass used to be I think maybe twin wall polycarb might be easy to cut to the shapes...I want to find color twin wall for the upper cross potions. I love your creativity!
Best, Jackie

Cool I like the idea.I wanted to experiment with a little bigger sized version.maybe double the pallets.Could also lengthen the high of walls.i like the walls being low for some reason tho.But hey to each there own.You could cut the window frames with an angle grinder to make shorter or like your saying make them longer.I like the idea of using the alpaca wool.I think the walls our also good for Cob.Could totally ending being an adobe yurt/hogan.Awesome ideas.
1 year ago

Marc Dube wrote:Wow thanks for the update pics it looks great!

I took inspiration from this post and built one as a hunting blind. And somewhat portable as I built it at home and then transported it as 5 pallets, 1 door, and the roof to its final destination.

Yoooooo! Marc that's awesome i'm diggin he little window.Also Your joinery pretty awesome.Good carpentry skills.Ben law would be proud.
1 year ago
Wow I'm really digging all the idea's on this thread.I am long overdue for an update.I really like the cedar posts idea.I think with the cedar posts you could just put a canvas tarp on top.Wool blankets like a traditional yurt for insulation for cold or for heat.If yall go to yurts all things yurts there's a video I posted of a rocketmass heater inside a yurt.I think that'd be pretty awesome to heat with.Could also do a 3 inch stove. or just a small rocket stove. So I have still yet to sew the old jeans together for the canvas at this point for another model of this.I would also like the roof poles to some home be able to be put up and put down without screws more like a mongolian ger.I think this would be more classified as a hogan at this point.I plan to insulate the walls and ceiling inside.This has survived extreme winds.Without a foundation.I think hogans and yurts/gers because of there shape our stronger in the wind.the wind just kinda goes around or bounces off.It doesn't get caught like a sail like a square building would.Stay tuned for the next prototype.I'll post pictures when I get a chance.Feel free to post pictures of your creations any input is much appreciated.

1 year ago
This is epic.This is why I love permies.Thank you for sharing.
1 year ago
Yesterday I took a hike on top the mesa.You think the desert is desolate.But it is such a unique biome.On top the mesa is different then down below by the house.It is grassy.There our still junipers.Down by the river is completely different cotton woods,russian olive,different rocks,minerals.Up the road at my friends house is completely different farmland plowed,fruit orchards.A natural spring with a few surviving oak trees.Pictures of some wild horses.The tiny yurt/I call now the mini hogan.I am still in the works to sew blue jeans to make a canvas cover then it will be a yurt.I am also in the works to make another model since I made that one permanent .
1 year ago
It's not much but it's our home.My father in-law left me with some guidelines for our home.He said Nothing permit it must be able to move.So this was a challenge for me.My gears turned.How can I heat something with would but the structure is mobile?I kept looking at sheepherder wagons thinking to myself this could work.I also would love to have a yurt as to me this is the ultimate nomadic structure.I ended up going with the sheepherder wagon style.I found a trailer on marketplace for 1200.Drove it back with my truck.I then Connected it to the rv we were living in.I call it Navajo Meow Wolf.On a side note if your ever in Denver/Sante fe/Los Vegas/Austin Texas. Go check out Meow Wolf it's amazing art exhibit.So this is the solution I came up with.If I were able to build a permanent I would definitively go with strawbale or an earthen structure as I have seen first hand the capabilities.I have seen mike oehler structure's,wofati's,cob houses,and strawbale. They in my opinion our all warm in the winter if you have a heat source(I've seem some with solar gain that heat up during the day.They our all nice and cool in the summer.Why live in a tin can that's hot in the summer and cold in the winter?Make's no sense.Unfortunately I am stuck in some limitations at the moment.So This is my solution.Rise and overcome.To every problem there is a solution.Seems like for me I fail 9 times and get it right on the 10th.My dad always says I'm not smarter then you son I'm older then you.
1 year ago

Mike Haasl wrote:Looks like it might be time to build a travois or sled or something.  Cool outing!

That's a pretty cool idea mike.I haven't had any experience with a travois.I do have a harness i wander if it  would be better with a harness or a saddle.It would be interesting try both and see what happens for sure.

John C Daley wrote:Is this the additional product you throw on?
chamisa - an evergreen saltbush (Atriplex canescens) having brittle stems, yellow flowers, and winged seeds : four-wing saltbush.
: a rabbitbrush (Ericameria nauseosa) having flexible hairy stems and yellow flowers
: rubber rabbitbrush.

Yessir one and the same.I guess the biggest thing here is trying something.No matter what you decide you've got to give it a try.It may be successful it may not be but that's what permaculture /lifes all about.the coolest thing about permies is that there's alot of smart people on here who our supportive.Best of luck josh.
1 year ago