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since Dec 21, 2015
Just retired from something that paid the bills. Now my life really begins, enjoying the garden, hugelculture, and chickens. It seems the older I get the more of a tree hugger I become.
Zone 6b Sandusky, Ohio
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After WWII, My Grandfather and Dad went down to the Railroad yard that was near our Town and tore apart Jeep crates, pulled all the nails from the boards. All nails were saved, and straightened. While my Dad was in Europe (Battle of the Bulge) my mom bought a small lot in town and after the war they built my Parents first house. Years later my Dad secured a building that needed to be destroyed. So my brothers and Dad tore down that building and hauled the lumber home, by then we had a small farm. My "job" that summer was to pull the nails and straighten, putting them into a coffee can. piling up boards that were true 2x12's that were 16 foot long. Dad somehow found old telephone poles and we used them for posts for a Lean-to for farm equipment.
True to my upbringing, while working in a factory, the company purchased new equipment and was shipped in long lumber. I convinced them to let me take it, instead of the landfill. so back at it again pulling out the nails and keeping them, for construction of a shed that I had built. Now my Son has picked up the trait as well, and maybe in a few years, my Grandsons too. Funny that I read this thread this morning, because a car dealership in a town I was in yesterday bought an old Motel, and was tearing it down, hauling it to the landfill. Sad.
3 months ago
"I wish I had a lab filled with highly accurate instruments, rocket stoves, pellet stoves and a suite of high power thermodynamic and mathematical software."

So Donald, set up a "GO FUND ME" Account and get with it! I'll help with a donation, and I would think Paul would be interested in that as well, If he is interested in taking this to the next couple of levels. After all this can't be a Mickey Mouse operation.
" UL Listed" they do all kinds of testing for safety, and how efficient the product is. If going on a grand scale .....building a ship able core say, would it not have some kind of testing?
2 years ago
This is a VERY WELL DONE Video Series. Kudos to all that was/is involved! I enjoyed the clarity of the video's as well as the incredible knowledge that is given.
Paul, this should be pitched to the PBS stations across the country, having your own documentary, and the sales would go thru the roof!
2 years ago
Just by reading your postings I think you are just looking for the Akron area Permies.
I hope you get them from your area . Good luck in moving forward.
2 years ago
Hi Fellow Buckeyes
I wanted to post this from North Central Ohio, 10 minutes from the Sandusky Bay area.
A little bit about what's been going on around here lately. For most of the summer it has been very dry. The lawns here look like straw fields, but in the last week a good 2"of rain coming up from the Gulf Coast area
has blessed us and it looks like more on the way. The garden has suffered a little, but with 2 rain barrels that have helped ease the lack of rain some what. Last fall I built a Hugelculture bed and has already proved that
it has retained water for the tomato plants that are growing there. This bed is not like other Permies have built, it is a wooden box lined with rigid insulation (R5) large Poplar logs in the very bottom, filled with stump
grindings (wood chips mixed with dirt). In the spring fish meal, kelp meal, Lime and compost was added. Right now I have a very nice crop of tomatoes growing in there. I would like to post a few pictures, but I haven't
figured out how to do that yet.

2 years ago
Hi Steve,
I'm not in Northeast Ohio, however I am in North Central, the Sandusky area. I to am interested in the Permaculture movement.
I have a small garden along the fence line. I built a compost bin from used pallets, two rain barrels, and a Hugel culture bed.
You are located where?
2 years ago
I would say to write down what you eat daily. This will pinpoint what foods that cause inflammation.(bread, anything that has large amounts of sugar, cookies cakes pies) Then take those out of your diet. This may sound a simple, but it is a big deal.
I have had these tension headaches, and have taken all processed foods from my diet. I am always reminded when I eat the wrong things, such as when I attend a picnic, or a gathering, the headaches return with a vengeance. I try to think "is this few minutes of pleasure worth hours, and sometime days of pain? Also a good hot shower directing the hot water on your neck, and shoulder always helped me. Also a good massage in your neck, and shoulder area is worth the price. This may not answer your original question, but maybe getting to the root of the problem is worth your consideration. I feel your pain. I truly hope this is of help to you
3 years ago
Of course, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
3 years ago
#1 Land with water on it. Become self sustainable. Fruit trees, chickens, grass fed cows, and a big ass garden
#2 Some Gold, and more silver than Gold
#3 Buy stock in Tesla
#4 Tech stocks
#5 Don't tell anyone about it, if you know what I mean.
3 years ago
In my area, the residential homes rake their leaves to the curb, and the City/Township vacuum them up. If one would contact them, they would dump on your property? Tree service companies look for places to dump their wood chips as well. Worth a try. The more organic material the better.
3 years ago