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Just retired from something that paid the bills. Now my life really begins, enjoying the garden, hugelculture, and chickens. It seems the older I get the more of a tree hugger I become.
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Zone 6b Sandusky, Ohio
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Has this thread died?
I hope not!

UPDATE on Hugelculture bed from 3 years ago. the mass has fallen from original height by about a third. guessing that the log has rotted and decomposed.
I have added more compost into the bed, last year.
This spring planted Cauliflower and one sweet potato slip that I had started. right now all is growing very well, and because of the cabbage loopers, I'll spray BT and then cover with garden fabric.
I've decided to build new compost bins this year, and when finished I'll post a few pics.
Last spring I built a raised bed, and filled with compost. I planted green beans and was a huge success. Last Sept. I planted a cover crop in that bed, and this spring I worked it under. (green manure)
Planted in the new bed potatoes, and tomatoes. As of this writing the potatoes have many flowers on top(I was informed that at this stage, potatoes need lots of water for tuber growth)
Tomatoes are 6' high and I had to add Lime to the soil because the first few tomatoes formed had blossom end rot. Fine looking tomatoes now, and looking forward to fresh good flavorful tomatoes soon.
Sweet corn has hit the roadside markets, and seems every year the price grows higher. $6.50 a dozen in my area.
2 years ago
While staying with Grandparents for a few days, Grandma made boiled cabbage, and a burger patty. no bun for the burger, she just didn't use much bread.(early KETO?)
I never had boiled cabbage at home, because Dad preferred potato over cabbage.
This evening meal....Boiled cabbage and a burger patty, and a small salad.
Takes me back to 1970.
2 years ago
Catie, Congrats on your progress! I know what I'm about to tell you won't be helpful this growing season, but help you next year.
I too am in zone 6b. On the shore of Lake Erie southwest of you in Ohio.
Last fall I emptied as much as I could, my compost bins, and added compost to top off my newly raised bed. I then planted (mid to late Sept.)cover crop, and now the growth is over a foot high.
A few days ago, went in and did the"chop-n-drop"method, then, like you added soaked cardboard. The plan is, all material will be composted, by the time I plant Tomatoes, and peppers in that bed.
Last year was two crops of green beans, which worked out great.
Usually in the Fall, beds would be covered with shredded leaves about four inches deep, but wanted to try this method so root growth would benefit the future crops. BTW, you know your on the right path when you see a big fat nightcrawler in your soil.
Always experiment and keep a "Garden Journal" so next year or three years from now, you can go back and see how successful your garden was, or(most of all) failures.
Keep up the good work, because there is nothing more satisfying than eating something you grew, or canned.

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
It's curious to me, that as we age, we learn that food habits that were taught to us by our ancestors and society are detrimental to us as humans, and yet generation after generation, we continue teaching those habits to our children and grandchildren.

Even though I believe that many of my family and friends have terrible eating habits that are sending them to early graves, I keep my mouth shut. Not my place to be telling other people how to live. If they ask, then I bluntly tell them my beliefs. They rarely ask.

When looking at old pictures of family members, I can't help but notice how thin everyone appears.
Because of the sugar OD that some of us suffer, I have to ask......Has the ingredients of the food we eat changed? Most, if not all recipes have high amounts of sugar, and maybe "Old recipes" used honey?
Perhaps that it's so plentiful at grocery stores.......Or (sorry for getting off topic) maybe people were more active, instead of "binge watching" TV, or playing video games.
3 years ago
Not sure how much sugar is in Sweetened Condensed Milk, but that is whats in a Pumpkin pie.
If I have a slice of Pumpkin Pie, I'm okay. not so with any other sweets.
3 years ago
Sugar OD is definitely a real thing. Until I figured this out, along with wheat, I would get so much inflammation in my neck/shoulder area, and a screaming headache. Now because of the Holidays, I have my Grandchildren over to bake cookies. They take the cookies with them and none are left behind. This takes a lot of will power. I tell myself that the enjoyment of these treats(for me) are not worth the pain. If I want something sweet, I'll get a handful of blueberries, and seems to do the trick. When younger we could handle these high carb treats, but a cruel joke has been played on us the older we get.
3 years ago
After WWII, My Grandfather and Dad went down to the Railroad yard that was near our Town and tore apart Jeep crates, pulled all the nails from the boards. All nails were saved, and straightened. While my Dad was in Europe (Battle of the Bulge) my mom bought a small lot in town and after the war they built my Parents first house. Years later my Dad secured a building that needed to be destroyed. So my brothers and Dad tore down that building and hauled the lumber home, by then we had a small farm. My "job" that summer was to pull the nails and straighten, putting them into a coffee can. piling up boards that were true 2x12's that were 16 foot long. Dad somehow found old telephone poles and we used them for posts for a Lean-to for farm equipment.
True to my upbringing, while working in a factory, the company purchased new equipment and was shipped in long lumber. I convinced them to let me take it, instead of the landfill. so back at it again pulling out the nails and keeping them, for construction of a shed that I had built. Now my Son has picked up the trait as well, and maybe in a few years, my Grandsons too. Funny that I read this thread this morning, because a car dealership in a town I was in yesterday bought an old Motel, and was tearing it down, hauling it to the landfill. Sad.
4 years ago
"I wish I had a lab filled with highly accurate instruments, rocket stoves, pellet stoves and a suite of high power thermodynamic and mathematical software."

So Donald, set up a "GO FUND ME" Account and get with it! I'll help with a donation, and I would think Paul would be interested in that as well, If he is interested in taking this to the next couple of levels. After all this can't be a Mickey Mouse operation.
" UL Listed" they do all kinds of testing for safety, and how efficient the product is. If going on a grand scale .....building a ship able core say, would it not have some kind of testing?
6 years ago
This is a VERY WELL DONE Video Series. Kudos to all that was/is involved! I enjoyed the clarity of the video's as well as the incredible knowledge that is given.
Paul, this should be pitched to the PBS stations across the country, having your own documentary, and the sales would go thru the roof!
6 years ago
Just by reading your postings I think you are just looking for the Akron area Permies.
I hope you get them from your area . Good luck in moving forward.
6 years ago