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Recent posts by Jessica Winters

If its not too late yet, I'd love seeds from "Little Yummy" and OCM-21. I have quite a bit wet ground too. Thank you very much for offering.
I'm in ohio,, I don't get on here very much but I can try to remember to check messages.
90 acres in eastern TN sounds pretty good eh! I think its been waiting for decades for this purpose. Finally, it seems the time has come. I think the future sorely needs it. I think we all do.

I call it 'Conscious Living' because I think we could all do better to be Conscious of our actions upon others, our Earth, and ourselves.

I love many people, but none of those people can be a part of the community that I envision (they are not able to leave their current lifestyles).
I want people that are reliable, who understand that judgement creates friction, and that everyone has needs that need to be met. These people, I will come to see as Family.

I feel that a community needs to be based on the Non-Violent Communication teachings of the late Marshall Rosenberg. Familiarity with these concepts would be a necessity. Also, I have much experience with the amazing results of the Emotional Freedom Technique. I feel that between these valuable life skill-sets, a community could work through most any tensions.

I really respect Paul Wheaton's Ant Village Project and desire to use it as a template for the creation of our village. For the current time being, a yearly, very affordable fee would be asked in exchange for off-grid 'membership' (access to use the electricity may require more) and a place to create on (home, garden...etc.). All monies will very likely be invested in the structural needs of the community. Lifetime 'memberships' would also be available if the shoe fits.

I have 5 yrs experience on my small Ohio farm (of which I've already crammed 10+ yrs of experience into). I can do nearly anything my mind can conjure up, but I don't want to do it alone. I am a mother, a gardener, a shepherdess, a tree grafter/plant propagator, biologist, beekeeper, wood-worker, animal trainer, wool spinner/knitter/weaver, energy sensitive, musically inclined, poet. Knowledge excites me, and so I collect it. My most prized possessions are my books and old tools. I was a vegetarian for several years, but now hold a different opinion about death and so now raise and harvest my own meat.

I greatly desire sustainable living models, but also can appreciate the helpfulness of modern technologies.

As a mother, other families including children are welcome (especially if home-schooled).
Religion has no place in my life, Nature is my Church. You can have whichever you like, as long as you remember that pressuring people to accept your religion makes people uncomfortable, and will not be your purpose in this community.

If what I have said resonates with you, you can contact me best at

Be Well.

2 years ago
Danny! Danny! Danny I am beside myself with excitement at your post! I am looking for someone just like you, as I share many of the same attributes and am trying to form a community in eastern TN on our large wooded property (with pasture). I am a mother, a shepherdess, a permaculture plantaholic, I spin/knit/weave wool from my sheep, wookworker, beekeeper, etc, etc. I love LEARNING too!! I am always working on too many projects and need HELP! OK, I need to take some deep breaths! We MUST talk!!, but I think I found you on FB.            
2 years ago
I'm looking for some black alder saplings that can be shipped through the mail.Anyone have an suckers they can dig up? I will pay. Hoping for 5-10.