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Recent posts by Margaux Knox

Not able to take the COVID risk.
An online event sound compelling...
1 year ago

Looking for more permaculture information, and community? You're on right now. Hit the menu button on the top left of your screen, and take a look around our forums!

1 year ago

Mike Whitley wrote:Is the Grill/Oven combo included in this package? For me, that would be the best of both worlds

In any event, I would have ordered the Bundle except I don't use Crypto [Canada proved how risky that can be], I refuse to use the Political hacks at PayPal, and know nothing about Stripe.  If you'd just accept credit cards {Visa/MasterCard} I would have ordered the Bundle

Hi Mike! Stripe is a reputable third-party payment processor that takes credit card payments. A huge number of web stores process payments through Stripe, along with many service providers. It's trusted by companies like Amazon, Google, and Kickstarter. Take a look at their website and see if you're comfortable with it, but it is significantly more trustworthy than Paypal, and is one of the more prominent payment processors on the web at the moment. It's not unlikely you've used it before and not even known, as many sites have it seamlessly integrated.

Chris Kay wrote:Nicely done! Generally friendly and clear with well readable font and clean images and graphics. Are those SVGs? I love SVGs.

I am a bit puzzled by the extensive negative space under:
- What is a Rocket-Powered Wood Oven?
- Why Rocket-Powered Wood Ovens?

It may just be my browsers rendering of those particular bulleted paragraphs.
Using Brave Version 1.49.120 Chromium: 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Slackware 15.

Hyperlinks to your other sites seem to colour coded in some fashion, interesting but unconventional.

I'm reserving opinion of the affiliates listed in the javascript plugins until I have researched them more thoroughly.

Hm! Those images should only show up on tablet view... interesting. I had added them in to fill the negative space added when the screen size shrinks.
Are you on a chromebook?

I'll maybe just deactivate the images altogether if they cause weirdness on different screen sizes.
Oh! And I tried something out to clean up formatting in the 3 pricing panels. James, does that look better on your end?
Made some changes!:

- Font size changed on footer; I worry this will look wonky on different screen sizes... I had originally adjusted it to 15 to avoid wrapping, but I was on a smaller monitor then, so can't tell as well now. But take a look.

- Switched up the copy in the header based off of suggested edits; it's a bit different than suggestions, but I totally agree with the sentiments expressed by all, so I mashed together the feedback and came up with something else. Does this feel more clear and punchy?

- replaced "J-tube" with "burn chamber"; I had the same thought with that one, but wasn't sure what else to change it to. Excellent suggestion.

- moved the box with the image of the oven plans with text "get cooking with wood ovens today" to underneath the pricing box; I think this works better as sort of a summary, with redirect back to pricing.

- added a few more pictures under the "need inspiration?" section; we need more cooking pictures! The page is now using all images I was presented with when I jumped in, but maybe there are more somewhere.

- I kept "rocket-powered" in header after changing the header copy to include "super-efficient" below. I went back and forth on this one... I think it's good to keep the language consistent, and using the term straight out the gate does build curiousity... But I do agree it might confuse people, and could be better to use more familiar and clear language here, so I may change my mind again. Open to thoughts. I had waffled on that one earlier as well, but decided to keep it because the video in the header says "Rocket oven" so I felt that built some consistency and context.

- adjusted some margins and formatting things, mostly on tablet and mobile views.

Thanks everyone for your feedback so far! Keep it coming if you feel so compelled.

Exciting news everyone!

Everybody who backs the Kickstarter before Friday, March 31st at 2pm MT will get the Outdoor Kitchen Bundle! Check it out!

1 year ago

Outdoor Kitchen Bundle

Everything you need to kickstart your super-efficient, low-tech outdoor kitchen!

Get cooking with:

- Lorena rocket stove with optional cooktop plans from the Free Heat Bundle at
- Cooking with a Rocket Oven microdoc from the wood oven bundle at
- Building Your Oven excerpt from the Backyard Bread & Pizza Oven eBook by Brian Thomas & Teri Page

(Note: This bundle was crafted as a bonus goodie for the Low Tech Lab Movie Kickstarter.)

1 year ago
Thanks Liv! So much more I could have said too, haha. It's been such a big adventure.

Those earrings are my current favourites. They're made with porcupine quills!

Hope your season is spectacular too! And I'll have to be sure to post garden updates around here
1 year ago
I was recently invited to talk about my homesteading journey on the FarmHopLife podcast!
The Twitter homesteader community is always so excited when I pop in to share about what I'm up to, which has been so sweet and fun. I don't post much, but I caught Matt's attention, and was super excited to blab about my rabbit breeding project, my garden, and my amazing community.

Wanted to share!

Listen to the podcast
Watch the interview on Youtube
1 year ago