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I rinse through a stainless steel screen and put the seeds on a plate. It's very dry where I live, so the seeds dry very well next to a window.
10 months ago
When I was 27 back in 1979, 13 of us hippies bought a 120 acre private inholding in the Cleveland National Forest. We paid it off in 1992. It is a remote canyon with a year round artesian spring and live oak trees. We own it as a non profit mutual benefit corp. We pay $35 a month each for taxes and insurance. Cost of land plus dues to now is about $21,000 for each member. Only 3 of us now use the land regularly. We all make weekly 50 mile trips to San Diego for supplies and socializing. In 2013, I took Paul Wheaton's class when he was down here and built a hugelkultur. It works! Last year, I got peas, Egyptian spinach and squash late winter to early summer. Rainwater drains off the fire road into swales on the high side of it and forms a pond for a few days. In 2015, a student of Geoff Lawton almost joined us, but chickened out. I know, it's a weird deal and you have to get along with other humans - yuk! But, if anyone wants a tour, I will show you around. My vision is of a tiny house village. Not sure if a wofati could be made from gnarly dead oak trees. Good luck in your search everyone. Maybe this story will help some how.
3 years ago