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Recent posts by Jeannine Cook

Hi there permies!
Appreciate Jerry's communion...
Hoping there are permies who may be interested in creating a community in central Texas!  Have areas to accommodate tiny homes in the beautiful country!!!
Give me a shout!!!
Thanks Jeannine
2 years ago
Failed to tell you Happy Birthday yesterday!
Hope it was Great...!
2 years ago
Hi Jerry,
Thanks for the reply!
A little more about me: an RN since age 19, working in most areas of medicine.
The last 20-30 years in administration, the last 13 years working for the state...
SO happy to be retired!  One year now!
Raised 4 kids, divorced and now happily raising chickens, guineas, ducks,    puppies, kittens.  Planning to add goats, miniature cows and raising quail!
Have grandkids and friends out here on the weekends - love it!
Hoping to develop a community here with everyone contributing and enjoying the fruits of our labors.
Just planted 30 fruit and nut trees - SO many projects!
Let me know if you'd like to chat more, possibly via email!
Later! Jeannine
2 years ago
So, here I am, on 20 acres in central Texas looking to become self-sufficient and off the grid within the next 10 years.  I am financially stable, have family involvement and yet looking for that male who is capable, knowledgeable and kind.
Willing to share his insight, skills and   humor! Age is unimportant!
If you are financially self sufficient, kind, and anxious to be a part of something bigger than you ...  let's talk!
Just know I am not looking for someone to support me, nor to be supported, just to share a love of the earth and it's creatures while making a living doing so...
2 years ago