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I currently run a Permaculture center named Love Grows, I studied my PDC with Geoff Lawton and have a BSc in Plant Biology. I am in my 40´s and love to help improve our world
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You are invited to attend our global virtual event running January 31 to February 2. It’s all about regeneration and how we can do this together. 2021 is here and our generation, everyone alive today, has an opportunity to be the Regeneration Generation. The summit has amazing speakers you can see the full list and register to view the live event free by visiting our website summit Generation Regeneration We have speakers talking about Permaculture like Geoff Lawton, Morag Gamble, Looby Macnamara, and. Mike Hoag , we will be looking at regenerative practices like yoga, breath work and hypnotic trance with reggae! We have a Mamo from the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia sharing their knowledge to the planet and how we are connected, we will have a marketing specialist help you to transform your regenerative business into a successful online enterprise plus much more. It will be a fun engaging 3 days! You can watch it all or just the speakers that sing to you. Registration and to view the live events is free, or you can become a supporting member and have access to all the replays. Some of the speakers are giving more than just their time on the day, for example Ben Missimer and Geoff Lawton have teamed up to talk about mapping systems using drones and LIDAR to create amazing permaculture designs, they will give one lucky winner a free permaculture design! Imagine having your property designed by one of the best permaculture design teams on the planet for free!
My name is Russell Manning, I have created this event so that we can create an amazing regenerative planet, one that we can be proud to call home and she is happy to have us. Can you see it? I can, during the run up to this event I have talked to so many people and I see us making a difference, local solutions become global solutions. I live in a hut in the Colombian Jungle, my project is named Love Grows webpage Love Grows ,I look forward to seeing you at our live Permaculture, regenerative agriculture, urban farming, spiritual diversity conference...
Welcome yuri, looking forward to reading your posts.  Is Em better for tropical soils with facultive bacteria or good for temperate soils with more aerobic bacteria dominance?
3 years ago

Gene Short wrote:I use Scott toilet paper and have good results with it breaking down. I never knew that medicines would be bad for composting because I thought you're body would use them and change them.

Same thing when using animal manure for composting , if animal has been medicated it can effect your compost results... ask owner of the animal if it has been medicated recently..
4 years ago
So I have a couple of composting toilets I live in the tropics and things decompose really fast here.

So remember that good compost is a ratio of around 25:1 carbon : nitrogen so our pee and poo are high in nitrogen so we need to add a carbon source, saw dust, chain saw cutting, small dead leaves  are what we use. Depending on your setup you need to advise users not to fill up your containers with the carbon material as that just fills up your container faster than the composting can work.  Toilet paper seems to disappear really quick as do The cardboard rolls.  I recommend using a composting toilet rather than a dry composting toilet, the difference being if you separate pee at the pan level and it goes off to a different container(that’s a dry toilet) composting works better when it’s wet but not too wet as then it goes stinky and anaerobic so the same for a composting toilet , everything goes in together (so it’s wet) then excess liquid is drained off (avoiding smells) ... composting is a bacterial process so if we consume antibiotics and then pass them, this will effect our humanure. I would not recommend nappies or tampons in the system.
4 years ago
Hi Greg, looks like an awesome system. Thanks so much for your sharing, can you tell us how long do you keep the water in each of the tanks? I read how does that work for the first tank as there is always new deposits going in. Do you notice any smells from the system?
We live in the tropics and most people just have a septic tank, then heavy rains come and things get mixed up!! So looking for solutions that we can bring to the local population whom are basically poor with limited financial resources and then hotels whom have more resources, your system looks ideal for the latter
4 years ago
Hi, just been on their website and a search for Permaculture shows no results.  Perhaps they finished this course?
4 years ago
We are planting trees on our farm in Colombia, the farm used to be a beef farm and so most of the trees were cut down. Now I own it, and I am planting trees. We have 13 hectares to plant, a lot of it in difficult terrain, I prefer using swales and heavy mulch to plant a variety of fruit trees and natives. Planting trees is easy, but maintaining them for a couple of years is labor intensive and this is where I need your help.  We are a Permaculture and self improvement centre, we accept volunteers and get involved in many local conservation projects and teach courses.
We have a crowdfunding project currently open and accepting your help, you can sponsor a tree for 20 Dollars meaning we can plant and maintain that tree on your behalf or you can give that gift to someone else over the festive period, we will send you pictures and updates on your tree it will be part of your heritage. We have other perks also available, take a few minutes to watch our video

The photos below are taken on our farm of us doing reforestation. We are making a difference, planting and educating, be part of our team, let’s make a difference together. Thanks for reading
5 years ago
I want to share some photos of our project that we are crowdfunding for, one of the major things apart from teaching Permaculture is planting trees and designing systems for the local farmers to use to give them an alternative to farming coca which is made into cocain, I have found that sacha  inchi is a great alternative..  this is tropical permaculture things move quickly any body who has experience in tropical permaculture is more than welcome to share any ideas they may have we are still currently crowdfunding you can sponsor a tree or invest in one of our courses what a fantastic gift . Lots of love from our farm Love Grows
5 years ago

S Bengi wrote:Thatched roof? Most of our roofs are palm but you lose the shape of the geodesic design.. so trying to think of alternatives

With a Gabion stone wall or a earthbag(gravel) to act as a stem wall.,

Pond liner on the outside, chicken wire on the inside
Ferrocement the inside.
Then remove the pond liner ferrocement the outside.

Then Cover with moss to make it a living roof

5 years ago
We were given the metal frame s to build a geo desic dome on our Permaculture Center in Colombia, ok so I got given it for free, so I built it, great the skeleton of the building is complete, now I have to make a roof for it. I have considered chicken wire as the support between the gaps and then using old clothes dipped in a cement slurry to the do a kind of paper mache roof, but I was advised it would crack and probably super hot, usually we use cob to build walls as the indigenous Indians (Kogi) still do, so now I will attempt to make a cob roof dome and then waterproof it with with a kind of tar based sheet which is flexible.. we have a super long rainy season  so always my concern is rain, anybody with experience of geodesic dome roofs in the tropics, would love to hear your comments
5 years ago