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jack spirko wrote:Here is how I explain the Third Ethic when I teach it.  

[youtube] [/youtube]

I am pretty much done with this at this point.  In my view if you want the third ethic to be "giving stuff away" that is fine as long as you don't attempt force others to do so or tell them they need to, etc.

I see Permaculture as an anarchist movement and cite Mollison's quote of,

"Permaculture is anti-political. There is no room for politicians or administrators or priests. And there are no laws either. The only ethics we obey are: care of the earth, care of people, and reinvestment in those ends."

You can see the citation for that here,

So Paul how the hell do you post stuff so a youtube video is embedded.

Awhile back I saw a video of Mollison where he said pretty much the same thing and explained himself.
I totally agree.
If you want to give away all your surplus, that's up to you.
If you force someone else to give away all their surplus, you are stealing from them.
You are also taking away their ability to reinvest in making permaculture better and stronger.
My wife and I had a dismal failure with our eggplants years ago.
My wife read about companion planting and realized we had put them too close to something they didn't like.
In the process of learning what to do I stumbled across Paul's and Geoff Lawton's videos.  It all made so much sense.  I realized my dad, and I, had been so wrong for so long.
I checked out and found it to be a priceless wealth of information and advice.
Now I watch Paul's videos, check out the dailyish, and peruse  "All the time".

Oh, and I pledged some $$$ to get two copies of the "How to build a better world" books early enough it hadn't been fully funded yet.
1 week ago
Lyda  I like the levels too.
Some of us are hampered by spouses who aren't prepared for the level we would like to live in.
So, we do what we can and gently nudge our spouses toward a more sustainable lifestyle.
I figure in a few years I will have inched us into a higher level.
3 weeks ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:I wish I knew what makes something "popular." We've got more backers and more funds raised than many of the "popular" kickstarters.

We're on the third page of "most backed." When going to publishing, we're third for "most funded" and second for "most backers." I don't understand why we're not "loved" or have much "magic"...

Here's my take.

Kickstarter makes a touch of capitalism available to the little guy.
Permaculture by its very nature just doesn't look or sound capitalistic.
So the kickstarter staff just don't GET IT.

It would be like a guy dressed like a hobo walking into the home loan office of a bank.
The home loan officer just wouldn't take them seriously.

That's my opinion.
1 month ago

Bryan C Aldeghi wrote:Out of curiosity, what are people’s plans on how they are going to share and disseminate the copies of the book they are getting?

I have a few people who seem interested in permaculture, to one degree or another.
I plan on loaning them copies.  If they like they book I will offer to let them keep it and get myself another.
1 month ago

r ranson wrote:wowzers!  That's a lot of books!!!

I would say a lot of us have faith that it will be worth the investment.
1 month ago

Molly Kay wrote:

Chris Kott wrote:


whether it's not believing in the message as much as others or something else entirely.

At the end of the day, Paul and Shawn have to do what works best for them, makes the most sense, and doesn't have them killing themselves trying to meet all of the stretch-goal-swag obligations. You can't please everybody, and the most important part of all this is to get the book out...the rest is frosting.

Yes, something else entirely - like their spouse not being as sold on the idea.

Do what is best for them - exactly.
Technically it is their book.  They should be able to do what ever the &&%^$*& they want.
1 month ago

David Huang wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:Shawn and I have talked about how when the book is done with the professional editing process, to send it off to another professional editor.   It seems like that could be a high up stretch goal.  This might make the final product 0.7% more polished.  

Click on the thumbs up for this post if you think this would be worthwhile.

Personally I'm going to vote that this would be a waste of money if not detrimental to the book.  I envision that the role of the editor is to first catch all the little typos and grammatical errors, admittedly a very hard task since everyone so often seems to read right over them.  Of course, if everyone is missing them then it means the writing is still conveying the information well.  Anyway, while a professional may be slightly better at this task I would think that all your own polishing work, and the people reading and providing feedback would have caught pretty much everything.

The second major thing I think editors are about is editing for clarity, that is shifting wording around a bit to make the underlying concepts more clearly communicated.  This is an important job.  However, if you already have a professional editor going over it, AND you've had many people reading it to offer feedback, not to mention the kickstarter supporters at the high enough level who also get to see an advance copy to give feedback, then I'd say that if a section isn't reading clearly by this point you would have heard about it!

The downside that you can run into with editors is that they may feel a need to be changing things just to justify their fees.  What can happen is that your "voice" ends up getting stripped out of the work and the resulting document has zero personality.  I've had this many many years ago when I did a bit of professional writing.

I'd say, have confidence in your writing abilities and save the money on dual professional editors.  :)  

I agree.
I find Paul funny.
Why mess with that???
1 month ago
IMHO more content sounds better than more polish.

Unless you are talking polish sausage.
1 month ago
I haven't seen ecosnippets, of course I read through the lists pretty quick.
1 month ago