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Madeleine Innocent wrote:

Sarah Elizabeth wrote:

Heather Sharpe wrote: Makes me think of this scene and feel really grateful they're not six feet tall. Respect, chickens.

Love that scene.

Yeah, six foot chickens.  Imagine the feathers when they molted.  Imagine the poop..    


I think I can imagine that much chicken poop.
My uncle used to keep 16,000 laying hens.  That produced a crazy amount of droppings.  Made great fertilizer for his fields.
2 weeks ago
Years ago I took calls for AAA and dispatched the appropriate service.
One day I got a call from this elderly woman who lived in a rural area a few miles from town.
One of the neighbors chickens had gotten loose and was under the hood of her car.  She couldn't reach the chicken, and, her husband's back was bothering him.  So, she needed our help to get to the store without shredding a live chicken with the fan blades of her engine.
I sent out a truck with the following instructions.
If you can get the chicken out of the engine compartment, great, you're done.
If you can't get to the chicken, take it to the shop so the mechanic can get the chicken.
We got strange calls fairly regularly.  That's the only one I remember about a chicken.
I have a much longer story about turkey hunting if someone requests.
2 weeks ago
I've been teaching my 11 year old grand daughter woodworking.  This is a jewelry box we are working on.  It's about 10inch by 10inch by 3 1/2 inch.  I'll tell and show her what to do, then have her practice a few times on scrap wood before doing that particular task on the actual project.  She cut the wood, cut the finger joints, cut the dados for the lid and base, chiseled the hinge mortises, did the glue-up, and most of the sanding.  I taught her how to make her own wood filler to match the wood of the project.  She picked the stain color and stained the wood.  The only part I've done is drill the holes for the hinge screws, put in the hinge screws, and about 1/4 of the sanding.  We still need to put on a final coat of finish, add a latch and add the lining to the interior.
Why is it in this thread?
All the wood was scrounged or left over from another project.  The stain and finish were scrounged thus free.  The fabric lining will be from old clothes.
We could have used hinges I already had.  But, they were too big and bulky for a 6th grade girls jewelry box.
1 month ago
At this point, I'd say Pterosaur.   I'm not enough of a paleontologist to say which one.  
3 months ago

Shea Loner wrote:The easy reply of Dinosaur doesn't count?

Without a measurement and a better image, it's hard to say which one.
Unless you are way better than me, or know what rock layer that is from.
3 months ago

Kristine Keeney wrote:Is it a type of rare bird?
A type of bird?

If it's a mammal, I'm way off, but there are only so many critters that are limited to certain areas with the Isle of Sky being one of them ...

I'm thinking something before mammals were big enough to make that track.
I'm think something between 70 & 180 million years ago.
3 months ago

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:Thanks, Phil.

Question: When I worked in a guitar repair shop in the '80s the tech would mist the wood with water before gluing and clamping. He swore this made a much stronger repair, since the glue would seep into the pores of the wood. Since he was repairing high end instruments, I believe him -- but adhesives have changed a lot since then. Is lightly dampening the wood still a good idea?

Wetting wood can make it conform to a shape better.
But, the only musical instrument I've made is wooden kazoos.  So, I don't know about guitars.
When glueing end grain you can get better bonding by adding watered down glue to the end grain several minutes before the actual glue-up and letting it soak in.  This might be the idea behind wetting the guitar parts.
5 months ago

Abe Coley wrote:I'd use Titebond III and clamp it really good with hose clamps for 24 hours.

I do woodworking and some of my own auto repair.
Hose clamps are easy to get from auto parts stores.
I've used Titebond original, Titebond II, and Titebond III and have NEVER had any of them fail.  I've had the wood fail after the glue cured, but never the Titebond.
Titebond III is more water resistant than the original or Titebond II.
Wood glue like Titebond DRIES in a few hours.  But, it isn't fully cured for a few days.  So, glue it, clamp it, then give it 3 to 5 days before putting under much stress.
5 months ago
We have several bamboo utensils.  They work just fine for most things.
5 months ago

Carla Burke wrote:

Pearl Sutton wrote:

Eric Thomas wrote:And to think, down here in OK we just jump in the river and yank 'em out with bare hands.  I know, I'm off-topic but I couldn't resist....  

Ok, now THAT is a sport I can get behind! Fair fight, no tools, just man vs fish.
Thank you! That's fun!

In Kentucky, they called this version of the sport 'noodling', and the human participantsoften came up bloody &/or half-drowned, often, without a catch, to show for it.

We call it noodling here in Kansas too.
But, here it's illegal.
6 months ago