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Recent posts by Phil Swindler

I start by wiping away anything that will come up with a rag and water.
Then I mist the oven/stove top with hydrogen peroxide.  Over the peroxide sprinkle a heavy dusting of baking soda.
30 minutes / till it's dry / the next day when you remember it
Wipe up with a wet rag or sponge.
It will eat away a layer of whatever is burned on.
It may take a few applications depending on how big the burnt on mess is.
But, it is really easy.
2 weeks ago

Mike Jay wrote:I use ethanol free gas in small engines.  I have no experience to the contrary but that's what I've been told and it's worked for me for quite a while.

I agree.
My mower died.  Turns out the gaskets in the carburetor were made from a type of rubber that breaks down in alcohol.
I've been told that is quite common in small engines.
So, I only use ethanol free gas in small engines also.
1 month ago

Jan White wrote:Different glues come off with different methods, as well.  After you've done the hot water thing and removed the paper part of the label, check if the remaining glue will just wash off with water and soap.  A lot of them will.  Some come off best with acetone, some with Goo Gone, whatever that consists of.  My husband gets pretty obsessive about getting labels off jars and has different products he uses.  I've started just ignoring the labels and glue.  They'll either come off with washing eventually or not and that's good enough for me.

I have a degree in chemistry, have worked in labs, and taught chemistry for 20 years.
Jan is absolutely right.
Different adhesives need different solvents.
Some come off with water, some need acetone, some come off with "rubbing" alcohol.
Just keep trying different things until you find one that works for that particular glue.
2 months ago
I know there are several books on the subject of making wooden toys.  I used one 2 1/2 decades ago while making toys for my son.
I was living near Wichita, KS and picked up a couple from the Wichita library.
As I recall the books ranged from simple enough for a monkey to stuff so complicated Roy Underhill and Norm Abrams would find them challenging.
4 months ago

F Agricola wrote:I appreciate all music ... except RAP, primarily because it isn't - just a lot of untalented people with dubious connections that have nothing worth saying but do so regardless. (Eminem is just funny)

I don't like RAP either.  But, I work with teenagers and have seen some lyrics to some RAP.  A little of it does actually show some talent at putting together some fairly complicated rhymes.
Now if they just could write music.
4 months ago

Kate Nudd wrote:Oh David all those wonderful pumpkins....
I hope you'll try
baked stuffed pumpkin...using a bread or rice stuffing
as Burra mentioned...crustless pumpkin pie....I love it.
I've been making pumpkin leather for using up softening ones...stores & travels easily and a yummy treat,too.
I'll look up the recipes if you'd like.
Matu..I will definitely be trying pumpkin with sage on my next pizza..sounds great
All the best

A stuffed pumpkin recipe I enjoyed as best as I can remember -

Brown hamburger
Mix with veggies, seasoning, a few eggs
Fill small pumpkin with the mixture
Put the stem back on
Bake a couple hours at 350 Fahrenheit
Slice into wedges

I imagine you could use a large pumpkin.
However, that would take a lot of filling.
4 months ago
I've been listening to Roomful of Blues quite a bit lately.
They've been around since the 70s and are still touring.
They have a very strong horn section.
Try listening to "Boogie Woogie Country Girl"
5 months ago

Anne Miller wrote:Old timers always used white wash to make the barns look nice ...

This guy has some good ideas ...

I live near Wichita, KS in Sedgwick county.  The county runs a household hazardous waste facility similar to what he mentions in the video.
I've gotten gallons and gallons of paint there.
5 months ago

I think all that fast driving costs you. I have read that every five miles over 55mph costs you 3% in fuel consumption.

On the Los Angeles city streets i drive the people behind me nuts because i don't drive fast just to get to a red light. Sometimes the car behind  me will change lanes just to be able to pull in front of me. To my mind all part of city sickness.

Absolutely right.  Wind resistance is an exponential function of travel speed.  So a 5% increase in speed will mean more than 5% more wind resistance.  It depends on the vehicle how much more.
6 months ago
The bunk bed idea can work.
My aunt and uncle raised 4 daughters {my cousins} in a 2 bedroom house.  It wasn't a tiny house.
They had 2 sets of bunk beds in the girls' room until the oldest ones left for college.
People raised families in small spaces for centuries.  Having your own room is a relatively recent thing, except for the wealthy.
6 months ago