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since Apr 15, 2016
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Chris Watkins wrote:Thanks Adrien - I like the idea. The capitals in APPROPEDIA feel shouty, but something along those lines could be good!

I can't stand all caps, either.  The only thing you really need is a "Visit now" added to the banner,  beside the current text - preferably at a 45 degree angle.   That communicates the 'go here' nature of the banner & the "now" generates an element of urgency.

Also. No animation.  No auto-sound.

Nicole Alderman wrote:I would think it would depend on the tropical fruit. We could probably get away with growing tropical plants that live in the understory: coffee trees, turmeric, vanilla, chocolate, etc. Those that live in the full sun probably wouldn't fruit for us unless we supplemented lighting... Here's some sites with shade loving tropical plants: and I do know coffee trees will merrily fruit indoors (my mother-in-law has one in her living room), but I don't have any experience with the others. What tropical fruit are you looking at?

Thanks so much for the link. I'll check it out. I'm not really going for commercial use or any extensive capacity. I just want a few different things for my own consumption, so I don't have to pay exorbitant prices at the store, and just for the fun of it. Here are some things I would love to try:
Paw Paw
Satsuma orange
and a few others which elude me at the moment.   I'd only want 1 or 2 of each - not a whole orchard or anything like that.

2 years ago
You think I'd be able to grow some tropical fruit trees in the year-round solar Greenhouse in the Pacific Northwest? Even though we don't have as many sunny days?
2 years ago

John Weiland wrote:This may have been brought up before but was wondering of any successes in moving Paw Paw's up north...

I'm in Seattle.  I thought I heard we used to have a native PawPaw around these parts. Anyone know anything about it? Or its name?  Also,  I got a cutting from a neighbor that is now growing in a pot. She doesn't know if it's a male or female.  At one time, she had 1 plant & a neighbor had the other & they used to get fruit. But years ago the new owner of the neighbor's house ripped their's out & she doesn't remember which tree fruited - hers or the neighbor's.  

How do I figure out if the tree I've got is a male or female so I can get another of the opposite gender?
3 years ago
Hi, Peter. I'm really interested in myco-remediation (sp?) Which fungi are better at clearing out petroleum products from the soil? Radiation? This topic just fascinates me. How long does it generally take for the little critters to do their thing?

Kimberly Wolfe

P.S. I'm crossing my fingers & wishing for a copy of the free books you're awardsing.
3 years ago