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that is a very educational link on worm production
2 months ago
It has been 3 years. Just wondering if you have any 'after' photos. Would love to see the results from you labors to transform the land.

4 months ago

Sad that oftentimes appears the ‘cure’ is worse than the original issue
9 months ago
Hey Eric,
Just wondering if you have an update on your project and how did your cost to build vs. buying a unit turn out? Besides the obvious enjoyment and satisfaction of DIY did you realize any savings?

11 months ago
Be careful on the $1 ebook. When I looked at it there was an additional monthly fee to be charged at a later date.
Not sure if this has changed in the four years since the original post
1 year ago
Getting excited about how close this is getting to hitting the dehydrator stretch goal
2 years ago
I was able to see the video from the 2017 kickstarter link
3 years ago