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Wolf Fang wrote:They are not good for the dinner table! Their coop is a cage on the wall of the shed

Don't know what kind of quail or quail eggs you are eating, but quail is one of my favorites.  I've never fooled with laying quail, but have raised quail for both meat and dog training for many years.  I found them quite easy to care for and quite hardy.  To me they are a good poultry for small areas and can be kept on a small lot with few problems.
3 days ago
I'd hazard a guess of too much nitrogen and not enough light.  I also have to start toms off really early in order to get a crop and have to grow them in the GH at that.  I use commercial potting mix when I start them off and never give any fertilizer until a week after I transplant them into three inch pots.  Then it is only a dilute amount.  They will go from three inch pots to either gallon pots or the final growing space depending on the weather and whether or not I can open the GH up and keep it warm enough at night.  This year we've been blessed and I've opened my GH up about a week earlier than typical.  Your toms look like they got  too much N and are getting leggy looking for more light.  Next year try using coir mixed with perlite or just straight coir, give them more light and feed sparingly with a dilute mix of your favorite fertilizer, whatever that may be.
6 days ago
My quite large pile always freezes solid each winter.  Once it thaws out I add the cleanings from my chicken coop to it (deep litter method) and turn it thoroughly.  It'll be cooking again in just a day or two.  It will be hard to jump start until it is thawed out.

ETA:  If you can cover the pile with clear poly it will help thaw them faster then you can add some greens to jump start the process as soon as the piles are thawed.
1 week ago
I'll take a guess at cottonwood.  Just going by your location and where it was found.  I've seen cottonwood have that coloration on branches before, but this is just a guess.  Hard to tell without bark or leaves.
1 week ago
WOW, Those are nice looking pans, but that price....OUCH.  I thought I paid a lot for some of my Griswold pans.  I really do like the look of the Marquette pans, both the carbon and the cast iron.  That company is in a good place as the UP is iron country.  Maybe I'll put one on my wish list.
2 weeks ago
May be able to get them from the American Chestnut Foundation.
2 weeks ago
Where did you get your field skillet.  My wife would love a lighter weight cast iron skillet.  ALL of our cast iron is old vintage Griswold, Wagner, or inherited family pieces that are close to 150 years old now.
2 weeks ago

Zach Muller wrote:I have always thought of compost tea making as a way to multiply your good compost. My household does not produce enough worm castings to cover the entire growing area, so multiplying the goodness with tea making is a good option.

I'm not putting down the idea or use of compost tea, but I have been building my soil here for many years and it is in VERY good condition.  Good tilth, great mineral balance and great fertility.  I am now only adding compost every other year.  My decision to not use compost tea stems from the fact that I noticed absolutely no difference in how my veggies grow, fight off disease, repel insects etc, or other positive response with or without it and decided that in my case it was a waste of my time and resources.  Others have and do see benefits in using it and I would never discourage its use if it works for you.  Its just easier for me to spread a two to three inch layer over my garden and raised beds every other year and add the amendments that my soil test indicates.
2 weeks ago
Dig down into the bin.  You should find lots of worms in an active bin.  They don't like light so you seldom see them on top.  Also you can check for worm eggs.  They look like small gelatin "bb's" that are a clear to yellowish tint.
2 weeks ago
I have an eco pump with two airstones that I initially bought for compost tea, but saw no real benefit of the compost tea over just using the compost in my garden.  I repurposed the air pump into my hydroponics set up. The pump works very well in adding air to a system and I had no problems with it in my compost tea brewer.
2 weeks ago