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Wrong time of year for me, but I could have supplied thousands upon thousands of flowers late spring and early summer.  They are considered an invasive here in my state and really grow like gangbusters.
1 month ago
They are possibly aborting.  May not have been pollinated.  Not sure with watermelons, but I know other plants like pumpkins will grow and then abort fruit that was not pollinated.  Are all your melons on the plants doing this, or just one or two?
Try digging up the tomato's that are in the peat cups and removing them from the cups.  I found that those cups are problematic to good growth.  I started tomato's in late Feb they went from seedling tray to six pack to three inch pots.  I've planted a few into my final containers for the season, but my "extras" are still in three inch pots and are growing well and a few are starting to form blooms already.  I also water with softened water up to the point that it warms up enough that I can drag my two hundred feet of hose from the house to the  shop/garden/greenhouse area.  When I can water from the hose I am able to bypass the water softener.  So far I've never had any troubles that can be traced back to the salts in the water.  My softened water only registers about .02 EC (100ppm total dissolved solids) on my Blue lab EC meter.
4 months ago
Just from your description I would not think that you have overdosed your tree on nitrogen.  I've used Miracle Gro in the past and have never been able to burn a plant, much less kill it, using Miracle Gro even with doubled the recommended rate on much more tender plants than a dogwood.   One question that I have as I have seen this happen on more than one occasion.  Did you plant it too deep?  A soil PH of 7 is a neutral ph.  Dogwoods generally like a bit more acidic soil than that, but I wouldn't think that the ph is the culprit.
4 months ago
Travis, What brand is your log loader/trailer?  Wallenstein?  That would be a very handy piece of equipment.  I'm sure you get a lot of use from it with all the additional capabilities.
4 months ago

William Bronson wrote:Autumn olive is sweet/tart then?
Should it make a good beverage?

And astringent.  Needs LOTS of sugar and/or mixed with the juice of another fruit.  That said I like the flavor. 
4 months ago
Autumn olive makes a very tasty jelly.  It is also good as  autumn olive/apple jelly or mixed with any other berry.
4 months ago
I give this seed source 10 out of 10 acorns.   I've been getting seeds from them for several years and have always had good luck with their seed.  They sometimes have varieties that I cannot source elsewhere.
This is what I found with a quick google search: http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/2011/05/guelph-stove-company-and-genealogy.html

The Guelph Stove Company began in 1897 as the Guelph Foundry Company and was incorporated as the Guelph Stove Company in 1904. According to Artefacts Canada, the initial owners were Dr. Reid, Mr. Frank Nunan, Mr. Christian Kloepfer, Mr. Joseph Brown and Professor Doherty.

The early products were the Idea steel stoves and ranges, and the Kelly hot air and combination furnaces. In 1908, the T. Eaton's Company began to purchase stoves from the Guelph company.

In 1919, Eatons purchased the company. Ontario Archives holds many of the original ledgers and documents from the Guelph Stove Company, all of which can be viewed on site in Toronto Ontario. They are part of the T. Eaton Co. fonds.

The company was located on Paisley from 1897 until about 1929.  The original building was located just west of Norfolk and on the south side of the street and is probably where the parking lot for the plaza (with Simply Wonderful and Market Fresh) is now. In 1929 the company built a brand new plant at the corner of York Road and Victoria Road.

The company was sold in 1964 to the Studebaker Company. Studebaker sold the company to White Consolidated Co. in 1968 and they no longer manufactured stoves.

Good luck with any restoration or use.  I imagine that parts will be hard to source.
4 months ago