Leila Blair

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since Feb 23, 2016
I am a single senior woman living on 4 acres in SE Arizona.
I am trying to create a perrenial permaculture oasis in the desert.
I started 20 years ago, so my evergreens are now 40 ft tall.
Now planting fruit and nut trees and bushes as fast as I can.
I have 7 dogs, 3 cats, and 10 chickens.
I am in heaven when I'm in my garden planting something.
Palominas, az
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Recent posts by Leila Blair

Malabar is an edible vineing plant that is heat tolerant. I grow it in a pot under a huge pine tree with a trellis.  But I do have to water it. I live in the high desert in SE Arizona, summer temps to 105 F.
3 months ago
I recently saw some ornamental kale and purple ornamental cabbage at the nursery. Decided to taste a leaf of each, tasted good, so bought & planted some. Hoping they will become perrenial ornamental edibles.
4 months ago
I deal with the Arizona heat by putting tomato cages over sensitive things & covering with lace or sheer curtains. Keeps the birds & bugs off my tomatos too.
Since I'm 73 I only garden in containers....metal trash cans, washing machine tubs, stock waterers, etc. No digging, no weeding.
11 months ago
I  occasionally sprinkle a little on my dogs kibble to control parasites.
1 year ago
I grow purple sweet potatos in large metal trash cans. No digging, no weeding, no bending over to harvest. It's not a huge yield, but im.only 1 person, so dont need alot.
I have wild sorrel growing where it gets water . It dies dimown in winter but comes back.
Asparagus, rhubarb, artichokes, sunchokes, berries, wood sorrel, opuntia cactus, purslane, wild mustard. All perrenial on my 4 acres in SE az.
100 degrees in summer, down to 10 degrees in winter at night. I protect chard , kale, mizuna, by using tomato cages and throwing quilts over.
I live in SE Arizona, and I have a forest garden. The 4 acres came with mesquite and yucca. Over the years I've discovered globe mallow, sorrel, desert marigold, purslane, daylilies, mullein, dragontail, wood sorrel, pepper plant, devils claw , amaranth, and lots of things I cant remember right now. These all arrived uninvited.
But I started planting 20 years ago, so now have 45 ft pine trees, fruit and nut trees, medicinal herbs, cactus, agave, and lots of perrenial and annual vegetables.
I stopped mowing about 15 years ago, unfortunately not before I could stop my ex husband from mowing before seeds were set. One of the many reasons hes an ex.
Cant help but wonder how many plants I lost because they didnt have a chance to propagate.
I love my desert/forest/jungle. Its wild and prolific and beautiful!
2 years ago
Moth mullein is a good respiratory tea. I have COPD, so I ad it to the desert mallow, lemon balm and yarrow I have growing and make herbal ice tea.
2 years ago
We have wild mustard greens everywhere here in SE Ariz, and I love them, in soups, salads, or just in my mouth as I'm walking.
I juice the prickly pear fruit, freeze it, then add to mineral water to make prickly pear soda pop.
We have lambsquarters but im.not crazy about the flavor.
Also alot of moth mullein, desert mallow, amaranth, sorrel, wood sorrel, dandelions.
We also have alot of lizardtail. Dont know if its edible to people, but my chickens LOVE it!
2 years ago
I've been using spent oyster mushroom bags from a grower to grow mushrooms.
She has stopped selling them, so will have to buy spores online now.
For substrate I'm vacillating between Bermuda hay I buy for my goats, very old wood chips, or oak leaves I can gather from An oak forest. I used all of the above to make my starter bed, o g with coffee grounds. Looking for advice.
2 years ago