Leila Blair

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since Feb 23, 2016
I am a single senior woman living on 4 acres in SE Arizona.
I am trying to create a perrenial permaculture oasis in the desert.
I started 20 years ago, so my evergreens are now 40 ft tall.
Now planting fruit and nut trees and bushes as fast as I can.
I have 7 dogs, 3 cats, and 10 chickens.
I am in heaven when I'm in my garden planting something.
Palominas, az
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Recent posts by Leila Blair

I have a 40 ft "volunteer" peach tree. The peaches take forever to ripen. They are still completely green in July!
The birds don't wait for ripening, they peck holes, then the bees, wasps and beetles start in on the holes. If I want to eat a peach I have to chew around the bad parts. Thats if I can find some that actually had time to ripen.
I usually just pick up what's on the ground, cut off the good parts and freeze in small one serving zip locks to make compote for French toast.
8 months ago
How do you keep birds, bugs, mice, rats, from eating whatever you put in these solar dehydraters?
I was all ready to build one to dry mesquite beans when I remembered how fond pack rats are of mesquite beans.
8 months ago
I make my own tintures, so I collect all the blue bottles I can find to keep them in. Edgar Cayce said the color blue is very healing.
There is a certain brand mineral water that comes in blue bottles.  And a vodka and a kefir.
The blue beer bottles don't have reusable lids unfortunately.
Im on the way out to collect roses to put in vodka for tincture this morning.
10 months ago
I have 3 of them I use for growing greens.  I put a tomato cage on top and cover with sheer curtains to thwart birds.
10 months ago
I've been saving some large metal horse watering tanks with the thought of doing an aqumonics system. But
theres no room in the house, it would have to be in an unheated out building. My yard gets down to 10 degrees winter nights. Yesterday it was 18 degrees. In April!
I'm assuming this is not doable in my case. If I'm wrong, somebody please educate me. I'm a 70 year woman who has to pay a handyman for stuff like this, so dont want to make any expensive mistakes.
The good news is, my new outside oyster mushroom garden is doing GREAT!
11 months ago
Read about that method,  too lazy to drill all those holes.
11 months ago
No. The local tree trimmers dropped off big piles of chipped up trees and I've  been using it for mulch, so I put about a 4 inch layer of that. I've also added several bags of coffee I found on sale.
11 months ago
I just built an oyster mushroom garden !😄
I put it under an oak and pine tree.
I started with a thigh bed if wood mulch from tree trimmers. Then sprinkled lots of alpaca poo over it. Then I bought a bunch of spent straw mushroom blocks I bought from a mushroom.grower for 50 cents each.
She told me they wouldn't grow mushrooms.
But im.the eternal optimist so just proceeded with my plan. Since I luvebin Arizona I added a sprinkler for easy and often watering.
They're small, but DELICIOUS.
And still coming up. I gather and add to stir fry every other day.
Just ordered some Morel spore syringes.
And bought some shitaki mushrooms with roots still on and planted them. Cross your fingers!🤣
11 months ago
Even Oprah was filmed saying "namaste" several times, then saying "What does it mean, anyway?
11 months ago
As I understand it, it means " the God within me recognises and greets the God within you."
Lovely sentiment. If we all adhered to it there would be more love and less fear, anger, judgement.
We were made in His image, remember?
11 months ago