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Recent posts by Lynn Russell

I bought these recently because they seemed to be zero lift. I took out the insole and they are working for me. I replaced it with a thick, flat felt insole. I’m sure they won’t hold up as well as traditional gum boots, the upper is quite soft and the sole is soft as well. They are made for boating so not designed for rough terrain.  They sure are comfortable to wear though! Like bedroom slippers - very light. Natural rubber upper. They fit large, especially taking out the insole. Very wide toe box.
VW26 Viking Mariner boots.
1 month ago
I tasted a moonglow pear last year for the first time. It was very sweet, juicy and tasty! I would get a tree if there was room here. I haven’t grafted before - perhaps I’ll try that. The tree lives on the south coast of BC and is 10-15 years old and doing very well. It is listed as being very fireblight resistant.
2 months ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Lynn, she has it for sale on her Etsy page! There's also a lot of other amazing fibre arts stuff there for sale!

Thank you Nicole!
8 months ago
I live in Canada and when I tried to buy and download this, it said the digital downloads are only available to residents of the US. Is there another way I can purchase this?  I’d love to read it and to support Raven. Thanks!
8 months ago

Nikki Corey wrote:Lynn,

My iPhone did the same thing. I clicked the blue thing when it was finished (super fast) and it showed it had already worked (thrice, actually since I thought it wasn’t working and overclicked). I clicked on the book name and it took me to iBooks where it was waiting...
Hope that helps!

Thank you Nikki!
Also thank you to Kurt King for your suggestions.
1 year ago
Thank you Paul.
I live off grid with no WiFi, so was hesitant to use my computer. But I just tried it on that and it worked! Can’t wait to read it.  Thanks for all that you do. Permies rocks!
1 year ago
Thank you!
I have an iPhone 7. When I press “download this attachment”, there is a brief (1second) indication of some activity (blue line at the top of the screen) then nothing. It wasn’t long enough for the download and no error message popped up.
1 year ago