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Can put coffee in the strainer and use it like a teabag in the hot water, less mess yet.
3 months ago
Awesome, welcome, Owen! I'm trying to acheive that goal in my back yard (inner city). Chickens paved the way (a-hem, e.g. decimated lawn for me) to stsrt this adventure. How do I get rid of what is left of city lawn-grass? That is my new weed; grows taller than the flowers etc. My nemesis. Do you have a good way to get rid of that type? Live in MN, probably a bluegrass mix. Thank you.
4 months ago
Hello, I did this several years ago; my problem is the darned weed called grass didn't torally die off. Now I have a lot of perennials planted and am trying to get ground cover to take the place of the grass, so really can't start over with the first method, and if I double dig probably uproot things I'm meaning to grow, right? The whole area is surrounded by cement so I was a bit disappointed the grass roots stayed alive. Any solution you can think of? Or just continue to uproot what I can as often as I can?

Sally Munoz wrote:Strawberries?They spread like crazy here in zone 7. I didn't mean for them to be a living mulch but in that area of the garden, that's what they've become and they are doing a great job.  It's all an experiment over here!

I can relate to that, Sally! I am in zone 4 and they are taking over my little garden patch, beyond where I intended. However, never thought of the possibility of just letting them be and planting in between! Great idea! Thank you.
If it were just an area that could be mowed, oregano takes over as well; it has spilled into our grass and is overcoming it, a nice thick mowable ground cover. The only thing my DH has against it is it makes him hungry for pizza every time he mows there  
3 years ago