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My current issue also has to do with homesteading and children but slightly different. We have been on our property for over 16 years. Our son was 2 when we bought the place and our daughter came along a few years later. We probably bought bigger than we should have, slightly less than 44 acres of very hilly woods with very little flat land. Like many others on this thread we experienced the struggle with slowed homestead development due to prioritizing time with the kids (no regrets). One thing leading to another, I now have an 18 year old and a 14 year old who have no real interest in things homesteading. Oh, they like to walk in the woods now and again, and they like the fresh eggs and the bacon but they don't get involved by choice. My wife always supported my dream of homesteading but the reality is that it has been my dream, not one that she shares. I gave up my herd of Katahdin sheep and my dairy goats a few years ago because it was simply too much work for me to do decently (I do work full time teaching at a local state college). Now having recently turned 56 and with some post-Lyme health issues, I am considering selling the place and downsizing. I hate the idea of doing that but how much work can one middle aged man do without jeopardizing health and wellness? I want to continue to keep bees and a few hens at the very least. The thought of living close enough to neighbors to hear their conversations distresses me greatly.
On reading through this post, I see that I've just been venting. So here's a question - is anyone else in a similar situations and if so, what have you done in response?
3 months ago
Well, it's been a decade or more since this topic started. One point mentioned many times in the thread was that it would take 10-12 years to get fruit from apple trees started from seed.
Paul Wheaton - did you plant those seeds 10-12 years ago? If so, what came of them?
Inquiring minds want to know.
3 months ago
Like Dan Boone, I frequent sales, with estate auctions being preferred. I usually buy "vintage" yard equipment that was manufactured years ago to different standards and is still good for many years. Maybe the previous owners also bought junk, but got rid of it when it failed so it doesn't show up at the estate auction.
4 months ago
Greetings Permies!
I sometimes use a piece of gear from the '70's - the Chopper #2, for splitting wood when I only have a few pieces to deal with. It's great. It belonged to my wife's late father. Just this morning I saw listed on Craigslist a Chopper #1. I couldn't see any difference from the photos that accompanied the ad. So my question is this- does anyone know of the difference between the Chopper #1 and the Chopper #2? And please, I know that the mathematical difference is 1 so save that response for someone who will appreciate it.:-)
5 months ago
Welcome Dre!
Is it possible to have too much gear? Asking for a friend.
5 months ago
When we bought our place 16 years ago our son was just 2 years old. We named our place "Talon's Glen" after him, Talon John.
5 months ago
Wayne, I have had similar problems here in Zone 6B (with some Zone 5 microclimates). I don't know about Paw Paws being unfavored by deer, but my goats sure had not aversion to them. That was my first attempt. My second attempt was a failure due to a flash flood when an upstream dam broke. My third attempt I think I had them in too much sun. Next year will be attempt #4.
Wish me luck.
7 months ago
R Ranson, Please help me with some mild confusion. For the photo challenge, which already has several photos posted, you said that the photos should be taken on or after Oct 31, 2019. Is this right?
7 months ago
I'm rather jealous. My kids and I were invited to pick fruit from a neighbors orchard last summer. Apples, plums, peaches. I made a huge amount of jam and saved all the pits from the stone fruits. I kept them in the freezer until this spring. So far I have a zero germination rate. Maybe I should have compromised the outer shell in some way before planting but IDK.
9 months ago
Chris, thanks for the input. Oats and buckwheat are my go-to green manures. Based on what you've stated, I've been cutting the weeds too early, nowhere near the bloom stage. And yes, the mulch brought in more weeds than it smothered.
11 months ago