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Several species living here. Hobby beekeeper, swineherd, forest steward, etc.
SW Pennsylvania
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What an amazing build. What an amazing family. Watching this made my day. Thanks.
1 month ago
Interesting and thought provoking topic. I have not yet read Jesikah Sundin's Biodome Chronicles but look forward to doing so. I am struggling to find a way to discuss this without veering into politics.
5 months ago
I am with Paul on this one. In fact, a Pyrex measuring cup and a small strainer designed for tea that sits on the cup is what I've been using for the past year. I don't know the exact number of French Presses I have broken over the years, but I do know that the percentage of owned that were broken is 100%. I had both the strainer and the measuring cup on hand so $0 were spent specifically on this. And if you don't have a glass measuring cup on hand, there are common at any thrift store, flea market, or yard sale, Unlike French Presses. Because the French Presses have been broken.
6 months ago
I'm thinking of a greenhouse with the north wall made of earth bags and possibly knee-height wall on the other faces. I'm a little stuck on what to do for a proper foundation to go under the earth bags though. I 'm in Zone 6 in SW Pennsylvania. Snow load is a concern but not as much as wet and possibly heaving soil that the structure would sit upon.
8 months ago
I have in my minds eye an earthbag-based greenhouse. I hope to learn from you.
8 months ago
This related thread may be of interest:
10 months ago
I realize that this is a 4 year old topic but the question of raising insects was recently brought up when I posted a question about SBG and vermiculture or composting. Are there other edible insects besides BSF that can be raised relatively easy on spent brewer's grains?
11 months ago
A new micro-brewery is opening near me and they are looking for an outlet to dispose of their spent grains. Like the amount would be around 350 ponds per week. I only raise a couple of cows, about 10 goats, 15 laying hens, and 2 pet PBP's so that's more than I can use. But I was wondering about using the spent grains in a vermiculture operation, with casting and compost being the desirable products. I welcome any experience-based feedback.
11 months ago
I have been stockpiling my plastic feed bags for about a year. I have a earthbag passive solar greenhouse project in mind for them. We have a couple pet PBP's that get most of our scraps but the chickens (which were gifted to us by someone who had to move right after they started laying) get any scraps that are of porcine origin. The chickens also get any leftover fat as the piggies are pets and we aren't trying to fatten them.
1 year ago