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I noticed that the stem of the fruit is how I tell ripe fruit. It "dies" thin and dark stem is yummy fruit.
3 years ago
Asparagus grows well from seed. My artichokes grow but find new and unusual ways to die every year. Rhubarb asl grows easily from seed.  Do walking onions count?
3 years ago
I am in zone 6 and of course asparagus thrives. Polk is seldom mentioned as it is a weed. My neighbors eat it like it is great, cooked with lambs quarter (wild spinich) and curly dock..  I am a big weed fan.
3 years ago
Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic, non-segmented roundworms that occur naturally in soil throughout the world. These microscopic predators locate flea and tick larvae in the soil and enter the prey infecting them with toxic bacteria killing them in 24 to 48 hours.
These have been a big help here.
6 years ago
So to those interested in the walking onions here is a small patch that has grown out of bounds. I just took photo today 5/7/16. I have plenty to plant and trade
8 years ago
Thank you. I will show to hubby. That last part is super important, don't look and fret over how much to go, look at how far we have come.
Good day
8 years ago
Wrong time of year but that video is gold. I have got to try to remember come May...we get an early start on bug season here.
8 years ago
Also some seeds will be in more than one place and that is good.
As for time start with catalog advise then jot down on folders which time/place did best with each kind of seed. I use sort of a shotgun effect. I throw a lot of seeds out and what grows well where.
I try to keep my seeds dorted by when to plant, peas and others first. My subcategories are zones, by house, in garden,in yard, orchard, mailbox, that
4 years ago I put in our first garden here then I had to leave it with hubby. He had major invasion of bugs. He sprayed them but still stripped plants overnight of all foliage. Next year I saw them critters and could literally herd them. They swooped around the yard like birds in the sky all going right and left. Amazing. Was super dry year and could see them and chase herd them. Put out powder barriers and hubby sprayed. I finally too shop vac to them and the new invasive pests coming to visit. I had seen a praying mantis so didn't want to spray. Shop vac worked good. Chased them with it sucking up all I could. So last year all I used was shop vac. Worked a charm. This year so way way less pests!! No I also sprayed out benificial nematodes
8 years ago