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I was wondering where you are?
We are in Willits, I think you may be pretty close to us.
1 year ago
We have been privileged to live next to Bill and Betsy Bruno for almost 14 years, they have been running bountiful gardens seed  program.

The most delightful people, it has been really beautiful being able to go to their tiny store in Willits and talk about the garden and plan...
We have been fortunate in that they have had many previously hard to find ancient grains etc.
Their shop will be greatly missed, but they will still
be our neighbors.
If you are not familiar with Ecology in action, the parent program here in Willits,ca , look them up and you will be amazed at all that has been accomplished literally around the world.
They will still have the demonstration garden nearby and will still be conducting the sustainable agriculture program here in Willits.
as far as finishes go, soy will not work in a really rainy environment, I have used it and it mildews horribly.
tung oils beautiful finish is much appreciated, but you must use some kind of citrus oil to help in the drying, put it on thin and really buff it in. you will need two or three coats.
1 year ago
Hi there,
best regards to paul, I am so sorry to hear of his' health issues.
So I have been a registered nurse for twenty-two years, much of it in the emergency department.
During that time I have seen every conceivable type of injury and hundreds and hundreds of people that suffer from some form of chronic pain syndrome.
I also happen to have many back problems that starting occurring after being struck by a car in my twenties.
Blah. blah, now on to you Paul; first valium really only helps mask the pain, and is really prescribed to combat pain that is caused by muscle spasms , it s in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines.
cervical radiculapathy is a term used to describe in general terms , pain , numbness and tingling caused by pressure /swelling on the spinal cord.
Most people that have these symptoms can trace them back to either a repetitive motion or in many cases being "hunched over all the time.
Think about it, sitting for long periods of time in from of the computer, the way you drive, the way you stand and use various tools in the garden.
When you are always in flexion, as in bent forward you put undue strain on your neck and upper back.
As a person who has suffered for years off and on and never took narcotics for the pain, I just had to learn other ways to deal with my problems, yoga, swimming etc. but I found that many of these activities really did not always help.
Then this year I discovered a way of working out that to me seems revolutionary, based on Joseph pilates program, however tweaked a little, sometimes referred to as somatic pilates, takes out a lot of the pure flexion aspects of his work , while learning to really work your core, get back your balance, and overall strength. I am actually taking a class at the mendocino community college, where the woman teaching is using pilates principals modified by some principals from the woks of Liz Coe on somatics.
I know this really long-winded but I would suggest you look into those works to get out of that horrible rabbit hole you are in right now
Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.

best regards, Skip

3 years ago