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I second some of the beforesaid, especially friction causing calluses and sometimes unconscious movements causing that friction. One question that I would ask, though: Did the wart disappear before or after you went shoeless? I am asking because plantar warts can be pushed into the skin to a point, where they can be completely overgrown by callus. So maybe your wart is still there, but "underground", leading to more friction in the surrounding skin. Regarding treatment, I would recommend urea cream, at least 10%, to soften the callus. Often, it rubs off on its own after that.
5 months ago
After some googling: Roman medicine spoons? The suspense is killing me! And what about Raven's picture, do we have a solution already? This is great fun.
6 months ago
Cosmetic spoons? Used for different powders, oils, and ointments. I have seen some from ancient Egypt that look similar in shape, but with different embellishments.
6 months ago
Peters picture could be some kind of specialty plane with changeable blades. The ones in the picture could be used for making grooves, maybe? Ravens tools could be used to weave belts? or make some kind of cordage?
6 months ago
Old thread, but I have to add geckos. They make nice pets and seem to love cockroaches.
7 months ago

stacey rosbury wrote:..guess i shouldnt test it right?

I would test it and probably eat it, but not sell it. I can asses the risk for myself, which I think is very low, but I wouldn't make this decision for others.
7 months ago
With pickled vegetables, which have a reliably low pH, you have quite a margin for error. I would eat them, as long as the seal holds. Having said that, I would try to use them up fast and would surely not sell them.
7 months ago
The way I understand air pruning pots, just poking holes will not be enough. The pots have a special shape to lead the roots to those holes, otherwise they would just run in circles and bypass the openings. I would strongly discourage you to use styrofoam cups anyway. Too much ick.

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
The plums are very photogenic...

Well that is an understatement!
I just had to look at this picture for some minutes. Absolutely stunning! Almost hypnotic.