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Recent posts by Philipp Mueller

One more question: Other than producing no fruit, did the tree do well? Does it look healthy and grow a decent amount every year? If not, there may be a problem with root growth altogether. Do you have voles?
2 weeks ago
More than 70000 now!
So, should I lower my pledge now to 40$ by moving to the Virgin Islands, or should I keep it at 65$ and get the pie or WDG deal? Or can i decide what i like best? Thank you for all the proposed solutions, but now I am confused.

EDIT: I read your mail and everything is clear now. I will leave it at 65 and wait for the candy. Feels a bit like christmas.
3 weeks ago
For me all of Pauls mentioned substitutes for the DVDs sound sweet. If you could make it happen, I would gladly spent sleepless nights over the decision between pie and WDG.
3 weeks ago
Now i had to upgrade to gloryglory to get the plans. The reason I did not do this anyway is the shipping fee. For me it is much more convenient to just download the files. 25 bucks just for shipping seems a lot. And it is not even furthering the cause. So I am asking Paul: Can you just keep the DVDs? So you can keep a bit more money and i don't have to pay shipping. Of course, if this is a Kickstarter thing or really complicatetd or bothersome for you, please ignore this request.
3 weeks ago
There we go! Dehydrator plans!
3 weeks ago
Does prickly pear grow in your region? I find it to be the most intimidatig living fence I know. If you put it behind your fence, i would surely not try to cross it.
1 month ago
First kiln, close second ferments.
1 month ago
I think Kickstarter has gone totally nuts. For me it is only at 30,215. Is there a way to look at the pledges as a graph over time? This is about the same time of day that I got the wrong number.
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Philipp Mueller wrote:And it just hit the 30.000!

Currently at $29,461 US dollars.  I think kickstarter converts to other currencies for folks not in the us.  Maybe you are in canada?  Or australia?

That is strange. I am shure it showed dollars, because i raised my pledge to get it above the 30k Mark and doublechecked if it worked. If it had shown Euros (I am in Europe) the amount should have been lower, not higher. Now it has dropped again. Can you pull back pledges in Kickstarter?
1 month ago
Just yesterday I had my first daylilly blossom and was totally shocked at how good they taste. I had planted them for purely ornamental reasons and now I want a lot more so I can eat them and still have some to look at. Do they have differing flavours? Mine taste crunchy, slightly sweet and with a hint of chives, that gets stronger in the stalk.