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I would second Amelanchier. The consistency and level of tart and sweetness are somewhat similar to blueberry. The seeds are bigger, crunchy and taste like almond. The blossoms are beautifull white stars, like small quince blossoms. Most Amelanchier species have a really nice leaf colour in fall. Birds love the berries. The shape of the leaves varies between species, so I can not be shure from those pictures.
2 days ago
After reading the books of Sandor Katz, i have the impression that lactofermentation improves everything :). But seriously: I can not think of any evil that can come from one day of lactofermentation. If it does not smell rotten and tastes good, it is probably better for you than before.
1 week ago
As far as i understand from only scanning the article, this is nothing really new. Many drugs today (for example insulin) are produced in bio-reactors. These are basically farms for GMO-yeasts that are genetically altered to produce the desired substance. They look and function a lot like a brewery. For me, this sounds pretty close to GMO-mushrooms.
2 weeks ago
Plantago indica seeds, one teespoon stirred in one glass of water and taken before every meal, is really good for stool regulation. It forms a gel that binds a surplus of liquid and creates a favourable consistency.
4 weeks ago
I like siberian tea (Bergenia crassifolia). You can collect the died off leaves (even in winter). They have a nice aroma and pleasant tannin. I read the fresh leaves are more adstringent tannic, but never tried those.
4 weeks ago
My go-tos are: Loose fitting, long sleeved (because of the bugs), light colours (because of the bugs). My preferred fabric is linnen, i find it less clingy and cooler to the touch than cotton, exept for a thin cotton scarf/bandana, which i dip in water (cooling your neck helps cool your body, lots of big vessels close to the skin). Of course a hat. Barefoot, fllip-flops or avarcas for my feet, if circumstances allow. Avarcas are really nice. Mine are made of bike tires and leather, i had them made to fit for around 15$ and wear them almost every hot day for the last 10+ years. They look much nicer than sandals on my feet (Size 15) and are really light.
1 month ago
If you should find out that pollination does not work with the trees you have, you can always graft one twig of a different cherry as pollinator into your tree.
1 month ago
The way I remember active and passive voice is: If somebody or something does something, it is active. If somebody or something suffers something (something is done to them), it is passive. So 'planting times were governed', 'flax was planted' and 'flax was sewn' are all passive. This might be the three alleged errors. Having said that, i do not think these are errors at all. It reads just fine and in my opinion things that are mostly passive, like inanimate objects or abstracts, can be used with the passive voice once in a while. Especially if the person being active is not in the sentence, like the people doing the planting and the sowing.
1 month ago

r ranson wrote:There's a PIE feature that takes you to the last post you read in the thread.  You can activate it in your profile.  Would this help a little?

When you activate the email notification, it does the same thing. The link takes you to the last post in the thread. You still have to wait untill all the pictures are loaded, though. On my computer this is a minor problem, because once all the pichtures are in the cache, the next time it will be faster. But on my phone it is a real PITA.