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Recent posts by Steve Smyth

Thanks for all of your input.

The reasons for buying a pellet stove instead of building a RMH:

My current residence is temporary. I may be here for one more year or two more. I don't know.

I cannot have a chimney visible from the street.

The pellet stove is vented below the fence line and is easily removable.

If I do try the barrel I will be certain that it is completely sealed and make provisions for cleaning.

2 weeks ago

Bill Haynes wrote:So for max bang for the buck,.....
Could ya put stainless racks in there, and a temp monitor, and use hardwood pellets, to smoke the Thanksgiving turkey, and the Christmas ham!

Hmmmm... Max bang for the buck?

Out here, I can buy a 40# bag of softwood pellets for $4. I can buy a 20# bag of hardwood pellets for $16.....

I'm not very good at math but my gut says stick with the softwood pellets.
2 weeks ago
For a number of years it was legal for me to grow marijuana to supply the medical dispensaries legally here in Washington. It was great until Inslee figured out how to tax it.

I would have little reservation buying land that had been used to grow previously. Remember, marijuana is consumed by people and you don't want to put anything on it that may be harmful.

We NEVER sprayed any pesticides other than very modest use of neem oil. I did also use diatomatious  earth and borax as needed. Anything that went on or in the plants could be mixed in a bowl and eaten.

Unfortunately with the new taxes came new licensing requirements and red tape that I could not deal with.

Good luck with your quest for land!
2 weeks ago
Hello Everyone,

I am looking to the future wanting to pick a spot for my "last" home. A place to grow old.

This quest has me looking at affordable land. I have narrowed the search down to Southern Missouri, Eastern Oklahoma and Northern Arkansas. My vision is an off grid homestead with like minded, but not too close, neighbors.

I have seen a few parcels that are fantastic except they are a bit large for what I need and a bit more $ than I want to spend. The thought occurred to me that I may be able to buy a larger parcel and lease or sell lots to right minded folks. I could offer a lease/purchase, rent or buy outright. The price for usable ground would likely be in the $3000 - $5000 an acre.

I have no clue what a reasonable rent would be on, for example, 10 acre parcel. Any thoughts?

What do you all think of this idea? Is there enough demand to make it viable?

Any thoughts on the location? I have visited the region but never lived there.

Thanks Everyone.


2 weeks ago
Hello Everyone,

I had grand plans for an RMH in my shop but circumstances have kept me from building one. Instead I bought a second hand pellet stove. It has proved to be almost adequate. I am frustrated with the amount of heat that goes out the exhaust.

As the unit has a forced air exhaust, draw is not a big concern. I am considering plumbing the exhaust from the stove into a steel 55 gallon drum then venting the drum outside. That would give me some "hang time" for more heat to be kept inside the shop.

Do you see any problems that may arise with this setup? Do you think that it will make enough difference to be worth the trouble?


2 weeks ago
Hello Everyone,

A few years ago I looked at building a RMH for my workshop. I found that circumstances dictated keeping a low profile and keep the exhaust from being visible from the street.

I failed to find a suitable solution and wound up installing a  pellet stove. It has turned out to be a disappointment. Pellets are too expensive and the stove is very inefficient.

Now I am looking again to see if I can find a better solution.  

Does anyone have any suggestions for a RMH with a "stealth" exhaust?  If I can keep it below 6" tall or exit through the roof and keep the termination "low profile".

Any thoughts on stubbing the stovepipe out of the roof about 6" and then coveting it with a "whirlygig" attic vent like this:

BTW: My workshop is a common metal pole building. Roof is metal.

3 weeks ago
I lived not too far from Kingman for several years in the Bullhead/Ft. Mohave area.

Is the weather/climate similar?
1 year ago

Alley Bate wrote:A sharp hand plane will leave a surface finish that would take a lot of work to approach with sanding. Chisels, planes and draw knives don't require hand, eye or ear protection and of course no electricity.

Making a long shaving with a hand plane is magical thing.

I really like Paul Sellers on YouTube for woodworking by hand instruction.

I agree with the merits of draw knives and hand planes as well a scrapers.


I nearly lost an eye due to not wearing eye protection while operating a very dangerous tool in my shop... A broom.

Any time you are generating dust, sawdust or shavings good eye protection is necessary. Being too lazy to put on eye protection is an F'ing stupid reason to endanger your eyesight.

1 year ago
Where can we find this kit?

My Google-fo is failing me....,
1 year ago
My parents did not have that delimma when I was a kid.

We ate what was put on the table or went hungry.

It's a different world today...........
1 year ago