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An article about some science to support some of the claims made throughout the permaculture community about chemicals that cause us to get fat!

Are everyday chemicals contributing to global obesity?
7 months ago
Who needs chat GPT when you have Jules??!
8 months ago
I agree with Dan. However, I have an 87 toyota van in California that I would sell (to Dez) for super cheap. It's super reliable in that it has almost 200K on it and still purrs like a kitten. It does have some quirks, and it sips oil as well as gasoline, but it's 4wd, got a full camping setup and one of my favorite vehicles ever.
11 months ago
Cool idea, David, I'm gunna make one too, thanks! So are you bootin it now?!
The modular rocket engine kiln attachment is being assembled by a diligent team of kilted metal workers.
Paul blows minds and directs efforts towards a novel stratification kiln module for the 8 inch rocket engine built by uncle mud and company.
It's finally happening! I'm going to the PTJ next week :)

I'll be driving down from Smithers, BC, through Jasper, Invermere, and Missoula. I'm planning to start driving tomorrow and arrive in Missoula on the weekend. I will not be driving back up until a week after the end of the PTJ because I have to make a trip down to Colorado first. If that schedule works for anyone who wants to carpool please let me know!!
1 year ago