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Born 1958 in San Francisco, CA. Parents hippied back to the earth movement 1970.

Learned to love the mountains and living rural.  Became a Professional Forester to live in the woods while supporting myself and layer to support my family (two grown children).  Retired from 9-5 job at the end of 2014.

Subsequently have renovated and sold one home; Traveled Internationally hiking and camping abroad; WOOFed in New Zealand;  been vegetable gardener on a family friends farmstead; currently working on a new little homestead of my own.

Have not been lucky in love, but am still open to trying!

Am more of a Do-er than most (not the introspective type), so my skill set is varied, to do with my creative urges: Carpenter, cabinetmaker, organic vegetable gardener, cooking farm to table, food preservation, hiking, camping, life in the great outdoors, sewing, quilt making.  Have lived with wood heat most of my life, splitting, stacking wood and building fires is ingrained, but I detest running the chainsaw (noisy, smelly and dangerous to the unskilled). 

Learned about Permaculture as a philosophy while browsing the organic gardening section in a bookstore about 10 years ago and have been trying to incorporate more of those ideas into my ongoing projects.  Hence the WOOFing forays etc as a way of traveling  while also gaining knowledge.
Trinity County, Northern California
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Recent posts by Robin Bryant

I live in one of the most beautiful little valleys in our beloved mountains of Northern California.  
Two years ago I bought an abandoned place, house and 2 acres.   Have been rehabilitating the house and cleaning up the land.
Finally finished the chicken area and have my first little flock of hens in progress.
Thought a man might pass by, see me at work, and want to join this little experiment.   But dang! he has not happened yet.  
It’s a challenge dating in a village of 300 people, not many new individuals in my age group joining the mix!
I think a nice 50-60 something year young male, with some life skills, permie skills, and lots of motivation would love me.
I was raised with a fair number of homesteading skills, virtues, and love.  That is what I have to share.
The most important qualities I look for in a partner are humor, joy, passion for life, open and accepting, self motivated, has lived a relatively healthy lifestyle, must be of liberal political persuasion, and generosity.

If you already have your own place, we could split the year to share our combined seasonal abundance.
2 months ago
How about hacking a dishwasher? I like to use the dishwasher as a drying rack too - it is large and keeps things out of the way. When cooking large or complicated meals in a small space I wash everything in the sink as I prep, and just keep putting the clean dishes in the dishwasher to drip dry - or at the ready. When I was a kid we had a portable dishwasher (on wheels and had a butcher block top). We would roll it over to the sink and hook up the hose to the tap, plug it in and run it. When not in use it also functioned like a small island for prep-work or extra surface area. At one point we lived in a very small cabin and Mom still figured out a way to use it. So, even if you are moving to a place with a small kitchen could you hack an old dishwasher and incorporate it into an island? Then just run the drain hose outside ( through the floor to the outside ) there will not really be that much water from drip drying clean dishes but you don't want to create a mildew/mold habitat.

In my current house the window over the kitchen sink was changed (by a previous owner) to a greenhouse style pop out window. It's about 16 inches deep counting the window sill, I use that area for drip drying some larger items...
4 years ago
Hi Veronica,

Thank you for pointing me to this site. Exactly what I needed to know about! So thankful to become a part of the growing permaculture community here in the beautiful North Valley of California.

I have a question about your community vision. First prefacing my question in the context of my own interests: I am a healthy omnivore and love my hens, all that they provide for my well being… also think that animals like goats/sheep are well suited to our ecosystem here in Northern California. So now the question: why Vegan only and why raw food only for the community you envision? I would enjoy being the cook and a gardener, and a furniture builder for the community, but am not interested in limiting myself to the vegan lifestyle. I can cook vegan/vegetarian dishes, and I can do plenty of raw foods too, but I also love to bake wholesome breads (using grains from the local miller) and a wood fired pizza oven would be a lot of fun and enjoyment for the community… Just asking what is most important to your vision? Will you find enough vegans who share your same vision? If not would you compromise to include healthy omnivores and their hens?

I could easily join your experiment and put my shoulder to the wheel with you, instead of my own little petri dish here just down the road.

Hope all is well up at your place. Another beautiful gift of a day to enjoy,
4 years ago