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Recent posts by Richard Force

I was just curious if anyone know of or has seen a way that one could freeze food without using a freezer (or any for of electricity produced cooling) or pre-made ice to freeze foods for storage.
I'm not looking to just refrigerate but literally freeze the foods like meats for long term storage if possible in a sustainable local way.

I have no idea if this is even possible without living in colder areas but if it is in areas that are temperate or even up to the tropics that would be awesome to know.
1 year ago
Does anyone know of a copy of Permaculture A Designers Manual in audiobook form free or paid that I could find and download?

I own the actual book but I find that I have little time to read it but plenty of time to listen to audio books so this would be a great option for me as well as for may people.
2 years ago
Yea sorry I haven't posted in awhile.
No I haven't found nything as of yet. I'll give the link a shot.
2 years ago

Giselle Burningham wrote:A scholarship is a good idea but there are huge other issues.. who will run it?  Where will the courses be undertaken .. just Tasmania, or the whole of Australia or worldwide. This CAN all be done. I have experiance of dealing with trusts, scholarships etc world wide and these fall under philothropic trusts ... .   I would suggest a lawyer needs to work with the family. This will take at least!!! a year to work out, as it is a major commitment.  I think the family needs to space to grief first.  But over all I love your idea but not sure of the execution.

Honestly I'm not sure of how to go about it either that why I'm here to get comments like yours pointing things out and making suggestions.

I would like to see it globally set up and with a application process that proves ones inability to pay for a class themselves.

2 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:Do you have a sculptor to make the likeness?  I'm a professional sculptor so if you don't have one already chosen I would like to submit images of my works for consideration.  Please let me know where I can send images to be evaluated.

To answer this question a little more directly no I don't have one but I'm sure one would bee needed.

I'm just glad to that someone has already shown some interest.
2 years ago
No so far it's just an idea and I was wanting the permie communities support in this idea before I went anywhere with the idea as well as get ideas people have.

If you would really like to share some ideas of how to do this here on permies I'm sure it would be a great place to start to get some input from others in the community as well.

2 years ago
Hello my name's Richard and after hearing about Bill I was greatly saddened but wanted to think of something to do to honor Bill's memory.

So here is my idea:

I would want to start a Kickstarter to start creating and selling silver and gold Bill Millions Memorial coins where the funds would go towards a scholarship program for students that a less able to afford a PDC in person or online. As well as help people start their Permaculture projects of their own if possible.

The coin in my mind would would feature Bill's face on the front with the words "In Memory of Bill Mollison" with his date of birth and death.

On the back I would need some help figuring out what to put on it I was thinking a small quote or the image (if possible) on the permaculture designers manual.

I would want the support and okay first of all from the following people.

*Bill's family
*Geoff Lawton
*Paul Wheaton
* And other top figureheads in the Permaculture community and people close to Bill.

Even if I couldn't do this myself I would want this idea to turn into something to honor Bill and help the Permaculture movement grow larger and larger.

I sent the above to Geoff Lawton website. I have no idea if he will get it but I also want to share this here.

I just want to say that if this idea grows and develops into a reality I want no credit.

2 years ago
I'm just now hearing about Bill Mollison and have to say it's a sad thing to hear I've never been one to say I had heroes in my life but Bill was that exception. So I find this as a heavy blow and I don't know what I'll do right now but what ever I do it will be for the one of few persons I can truly say was a hero in my eyes.

So when I get my own plot of land I will not be dedication the first tree to Bill instead I will dedicate the first food forest.

I had already planned on dedicating a tree for each of my children (5 of them) but they will be part of my personal Bill Mollison Memorial.

2 years ago
So I have heard about a project in New York where they use what I'm guessing is a form of fiber optics to pull natural sunlight underground to their park their building.

What I'm wondering is how could one do this at home assuming they had the means to do so without excessive costs? Any ideas?

I'm at a loss and my reasons for asking are for a site a friend and I are working on where we will be talking about permaculture and survival/SHTF situations and this seems like a great subject but there is little about the technology that I can find online to write about a diy sort of project.

Thanks to all who help.
2 years ago
Hey Paul quick question.

Is the care and feeding video suppose to only be for the Kickstarter backers.
I only preordered and the video states " this video is for the rocket mass heater 4-DVD set Kickstarter campaign"
2 years ago