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Anna Conley

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since Mar 13, 2016
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food preservation
I'm a 35 year old northern lass form West Yorkshire, England.
A mastermind of online business management and now a permaculture student. Adores traveling, nature, encountering new cultures and all the good things in life.
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rowan eisner wrote:Hi, I've been thinking for a long time about providing a service for people interested in investing in private reserves internationally. At the moment if you're interested in buying a reserve there is no way to find something that best meets your conservation objectives (eg rainforests, tiger habitat, primary forest) or aims to provide best conservation value/$. And there's nothing for small investors - you have to buy the whole reserve yourself

I have a business plan but it would need three areas on knowledge which I don't have: legals (to set up land trusts), financial management and web development. I can provide the conservation prioritisation.

I don't have money to pay people up front. I'd like to find people willing to get involved as partners, but I think it could provide an income in a couple of years, if we get it going. And it wouldn't require a lot of time at first.

I'd be interested to know what people think. How should I go about finding people for this? Thanks for any suggestions.

Sounds interesting, my partner and I can do web build/design and I can do financial management to a certain extent.   Let us know if you'd like to discuss further.
4 years ago

Destiny Hagest wrote:

Deb Rebel wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:Anna sent this hilarious spoof of the cover.

Now if it was Paul stomach down with his hair combed just so, I'd vote for that cover. Feel like being permie beefcake?

This has been a very popular request!  

Many lady Permies have cried out for a sexy man ad for something - perhaps some glamour shots of some of our permaculture handsomes are in order!

I can sense a premies 2017 calendar idea coming along, we'd be more than happy to design it!!  
4 years ago
Ian, thanks for all the info.  We are currently in Borneo and sadly witnessing the distraction of the rain forests for Palm Oil plantations.
We spent only a short time in Java but plan to head back there after Borneo.

Annie, we do plan on making our way to Bali, I don't have a fixed date yet, what is the best way for us to make future communications with you please?
5 years ago

Ian Taylor wrote:I will be visiting Indonesia in June for 3 weeks. Mostly going to be on Sulawesi but willing to travel to any of the other islands. Anyone have anything going on in this part of the world and wouldn't mind a visitor coming to take a look?

Hi Ian, I am about to follow in your footsteps. Did you find any Permaculture farms/projects whilst you were there?

5 years ago
So, now that we have a new homepage, it only seems fitting that should get a makeover too?

But before Olof picks up his wand and starts his graphic design wizardry we want to know what you’d like to see on the new rich homepage.

Please use this thread to send us your wish list, share your thoughts and help us to create a new rich homepage that ticks your boxes.

Currently what do you think is missing?
What do you like but you think we could improve?
Is there anything that currently niggles you on the homepage?
What do you love and want to make sure we keep?
If you are new to richsoil, did we meet your expectations?
If you are a frequent visitor, what is it that keeps you coming back?
If there are any websites out there that you feel we should be taking inspiration from please share the links.
Anything else?

Be honest and tell us what you think, I’ll be reading all of the feedback and comments to ensure they are taken into consideration for the new design.

Thanks in advance

Destiny Hagest wrote:Oh my, how tired was I when I wrote that URL?

Sorry guys, it should work now - thanks for letting me know.

Yep, all good now, I've liked it twice

Hi destiny, I have just clicked the link in the post, I get taken to this URL: and get a page not found message.