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Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
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Recent posts by Chrissy Star

I am a qualified Environmental Scientist who worked as a Research Assistant (ie. Research Scientist in a team of researchers) at Australia's leading water science research centre.  Here, I was able to have an impact on the scientific community through my contributions in my work.  My work went towards the scientific journal articles which scientists use to share information.  Each journal is peer reviewed to ensure the work is true (both the methods & results analysis).  Together, the scientists of the world eek out the laws of the universe and it's applications.   It is a big and time consuming job - afterall, space and time is infinite.

I left this job to pursue an honours, followed by doctorate degree...then got sick & underwent a form of chemo, which threw me WAY off course.  Maybe I will return and get that PhD, maybe not.

Currently, I teach permaculture and plan to have my own research lab open to my students, the permaculture & my local community (landowners & business').  I feel that my knowledge & skills can better serve the public at this time.  We will see if it works, or if in reality - will be too hard for people who have not been trained in the field (both the knowledge & skills).  We will see.

As far as science goes this is all good on a superficial level...but when it comes to something really solid and important = it won't work...I don't have the wealth of information behind me via a global team of scientists through the research journals (the method the scientists use to communicate their findings).  I won't be able to submit any findings unless I affiliate with a reputable research facility.  I guess I could do this?  But for the (relatively) light (scientific) work/knolwedge that goes on with permaculture...I'm not sure if it is needed.  Research is cutting edge, finding & refining what has not been done before.  

But then agian, so are many aspects of permaculture.  Wish me luck?

3 weeks ago

Tereza Okava wrote:I translate and edit scientific/medical research for publication, and in my experience many researchers have research ability or writing skills, but only one.

Maybe what you are observing is people who know it's going to you (an editor) and thus don't bother taking it to it's finished state - they have research to do!  Thus, are taking advantage of your presence - because that's what you job is & why you are there?

In my experience (as an environmental scientist) the 2 jobs (research work and writing it up as a scientific journal article) are not separated, the same person does both (actually a group of people collaborate on it) - if you can't handle the format, you don't become a research scientist (you fail from the beginning through your uni degree & certainly can't go on to honours or a doctorate)!

I'm curious, as someone who writes up research, do you have a background research science?  If not, how are you able to understand the topic details, research methods, data analysis, conclusions & recommendations?  I assume you do not review the work itself (a team of research scientists would do this) - it comes to you (the editor) before being sent to the journal?

3 weeks ago

Dave Burton wrote:How would you define effective scientific communication?

Providing the correct amount of information for your audience to:
- understand the significance of the info
- be able to repeat it to another person accurately (ie. they understand what was communicated)
3 weeks ago
Yes, I am interested in being involved - this is something I have planned to do also and (after posting the idea of Simbi) have an impressive list of people who are willing to help from the field of IT!  Email me:

P.S.  I am an environmental scientist who currently teaches the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) course.  
3 weeks ago
Find a university that specializes in plant biology or human health.  Review the list of individual professors - the ones who are doing work in this field are who you should send this to.  This is not a research project that fits in the field of permaculture, but in the field of:

- plant perception or Plant Gnosophysiology (the ability of plants to sense and respond to the environment to adjust their morphology, physiology, and phenotype accordingly. or similar.)
- neurobotany

3 weeks ago
I have found 2 answers for you:

1.  Each topic in each field of science has it's own language and knowledge base.  To communicate your findings to your audience (in particular, the layman) requires the inclusion of adequate background & explanations (of words used).  This often transforms (what started as) a single topic into multiple topics and the reader can get lost or overrun with information.  There is only so much a person can learn (or grasp) at one time.  The original information gets lost in this process - or interest wavers to something else.
2.  The peer-review process requires multiple individuals with high knowledge of the discipline assess the work (to assure credibility & accuracy).  If this is not done, there can be no assurance that the work is factual and the methods solid.  This process is time consuming and dependent on being able to access individuals with enough knowledge in the field.
3 weeks ago
Thank you for your replies.  How do I notify the moderator - where do I message them from?  Do I do this via the"report" button?  I have tried this to find out - with an explanation that I am trying to delete it.  Also, it occured to me that maybe if I delete my profile (cancel my membership) to - my posts may dissappear.  Do you think this would work?

The other option is to edit the post (which I have done a number of times before) - but there is no longer this option (the "edit" button has disappeared) can I get it back?  Why has it disappeared - does it automatically disappear after a certain amount of time has passed?  

Thanks heaps for your help with this, I appreciate it greatly!
Yes, please delete from the singles forum...the post is called "Sunshine Coast (QLD, Australia) - 38yr old woman (environmental scientist turned permaculture teacher)...This is me and I no longer want it displayed. Please Moderator, can you delete this? Thanks.
1. How do I delete a topic I started?  
2. I have edited this post before - yet the "edit" button is no longer visible and I can no longer do this.  What are the reasons why this button would no longer be available?  
3. There is a button called "resolved" - does this remove the post from visibility?  If yes, am I still able to view it under "my posts".
4.  How do I delete something from "my posts"?
5.  Where is the "help" section or forum to explain how to use this site?


Thank you.
If you need to kill bacteria use coconut water from a fresh coconut.  This is how we protected ourselves from Hepatitis B when I lived on a boat (anchoring at a different island each night).
9 months ago