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Mary Lamond wrote:Hi,

I've helped on farms before (wwoofing, various farm communities) and I've been really missing it.  Missing it the point that I'm realizing I just want... it to be my whole life...  and for it to never end.  To have roots somewhere, close to nature, with someone I'm useful to. With someone I can respect. And follow.  And just live a very simple old fashioned kind of existence... that would be heaven for me

I miss following the rhythm of nature, feeling connected to something greater, outside of myself, being of use, receiving guidance, having a purpose to my days. I miss how meaningful everything felt.  I miss having someone to try for.  And getting to fall asleep exhausted but happy.  I miss the centering, and peace, and grounding I found in this lifestyle...  I just want to go back so much.

I'm really sensitive and honestly.. this big bustling modern world overwhelms me enormously.  I just want simplicity.  To be safe somewhere, living with meaning, with a man I trust.

I have good work ethic, and lots of experience in the kitchen and garden, and some with animals.  I take direction well... I don't really like being the one in charge though, and feel rather anxious when I'm not sure what to do or what is expected of me.. maybe i'd calm down eventually though haha.

what else?... I would love to stay somewhere very long-term.  Maybe even forever if we get on well. The only hobby I care much about is playing the piano sometimes, so if you wouldn't have an issue with that, I'd be pretty content. I could relocate anywhere, although I'm in Canada, and love it here.  

Oh, and I'm sorry... I would find it hard being with a vegetarian to be honest.. I hope whoever I end up with would like eating meat as well..  I love animals, and have so much respect for them, and am so thankful for the energy and sustenance they provide...

I'm very very simple at heart.  So if you're into simple, great... but otherwise I may completely bore you!  I'm naturally very quiet! I mean, I'm super friendly and polite, but....... we could just be silent for ages and I'd love it haha... and talking makes me kinda tired... after.. well.... not very long at all haha... so... maybe you wouldn't like me if you prefer someone super extroverted.. ?

And... I'm kind of weird and I don't really even watch TV........I kind of live in a bubble..... I'd honestly be happy without electricity... and I don't really pay much attention to stuff going on in the world at large. It's just that I have adhd issues and... just... focus on whatever is going on right in front of me the best? if that makes sense... But, I thought i should add that, since my ignorance may be offensive to some, and may mean I am not exactly your cup of tea. and that is okay!

Oh, I guess I could also add that I love consistency and rules and having a set routine to follow every day. Hopefully you wouldn't find this boring.  I guess it's comforting to me..

As far as physical details, I'm 5'2, 108 pounds, long brown hair, green eyes, fair skin.  People seem to think I'm cute enough.  I feel weird about putting a picture on here, but I'd gladly send you one privately.

Anyway, if you got through all of this, thanks for your time, and feel free to message me if you might be interested.  I'd love to hear from you

sounds like someone I would be aiming to team up with for sure just wish i was 20 years younger! Oh and had a homestead already!
5 years ago
personally,i am a big fan of first evaluations.Sounds like the moisture has made the ground un-moldable.
If time is not a concern,what if you drained excess water by digging a hole in the middle of pit so that it
could collect water,then once side walls dried out you could re-shape the footers?
just my two cents, Marc
8 years ago
Ten four to that verdict,thing I've learned is take fertilizer slow,it's easy to overcompensate.
You Also said "new garden?"
8 years ago
The strain we find on the east coast of Canada is edible,yes and the leaves won't win flavor awards.
Ok in a pinch,bitter.The immature seeds however,not that bad,if you get them while still white in the pods.
8 years ago
Looks very familiar to what I normally kill as a weed,
Any smell from it?
8 years ago